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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Jenbarn76, Feb 21, 2008.

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    Let's say someone wanted to use a wireless card, to change IP addresses periodically. How would you go about changing your geographic location (different states). Just curious....

    Hope someone can help!!!

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    You can use the Tor network, which is a distributed network of nodes around the world that let you proxy through them, thus changing your percieved IP address. It is easy to use and install (google 'Vidalia'. Download and install-this will automatically set up Tor access for you). This also comes with a neat little plugin for Firefox that lets you essentially change your IP address at will, within the Tor network. Websites and such will see you as coming from somewhere else. You can even see your percieved location on a world map.

    You can select to have Tor supply you with a new IP for every request, which makes your signal bounce all over the place. You can even have some moderate control over where your IP address comes from; there are tons of Tor exit nodes in the US.

    Keep in mind, though, that these are not secure proxies. I have often checked my IP and discovered I was routed through a chinese IP address-you gotta think that they're watching! There is always a risk that someone on the exit node is sniffing your traffic. Never use a password or log into any accounts of any kind while on the Tor network! This is where the neat little plugin for Firefox comes in handy-you can disconnect from the network and browse through your regular IP address with one mouse click.

    Hope this is answers your question (if I understood it right).

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