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Winning The IM Game Part II: Playing To Win & The Miracle Comeback

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by infinitehorizons, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. infinitehorizons

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    Mar 8, 2011
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    SEO | CRO | Global Strategic Sourcing and Partners
    This is part II of III

    You can read part I here: Winning The IM Game Part 1: The IM Game - $126,248 later

    If Part II was labeled as part 1 with a number it would read with another $12,000 at the end of it.

    These posts are meant to explain my philosophy and how you can use it to win no matter what sector of IM you want to zoom in on.
    These are not made up numbers I’ve really done this, I am really in India right now building Market Mongoose
    I’m really a humble yet talented IM guy who just quit his job earlier this year and has been “failing forward” as John Maxwell calls it for over 6 years now in marketing.
    I REALLY met a guy on the plane on the way to India that invested a large 5 figure number in a project that is getting completed this month.

    And I really REALLY want to give back to this place what it has given to me – the insights, the mentors, the team, the strategies, and the practical insights I needed to get my shit together and kick some internet marketing A$$.

    I’ll use my story as an anecdote to demonstrate this:
    From My Comments in Part I:

    “I will talk about specific stages that most people progress through along the path to becoming a winner (or loser) and get into a bit of my own story and why I know I am no rare snowflake.”


    The principles in Part I apply to EVERYONE whether you like them or not.

    In terms of Part II – I will preface it:
    There are people here who my story might not resonate with completely – Facebookdude –guy will be a movie star or subject of a reality show one day :D (I mean it as a compliment). Facebookdude has a natural gift that has been nurtured from birth he is a young ass kicking money making woman magnet. I am not an ass kisser – I am student of human nature and Facebook dude is not the only badass on this forum who doesn’t really need to read this thread. However that doesn’t mean naturally gifted people won’t benefit -- some people will share many of my experiences and hardships—some will not. This thread will still be entertaining and pertinent by the time you get through it.

    Grab a snack and a coozie – before we get started I want to mention the rules from Part I:

    Rules of The Game - In no particular order

    Here are the rules of the internet marketing game.
    1. This game is played alone
    2. Teams can be formed in the game of any size
    3. You can choose to work with a coach
    4. You have finite time to dedicate to the game
    5. You can sell ideas
    6. You can sell products or services
    7. The web is built of code
    8. Professionals outside the game typically (but not always) don't understand code
    9. You don't have to write code
    10. You must do your work in code or systems built upon code
    11. There are a finite amount of combinations of code in existence at any one time but new code can always be created from that which exists
    12. In this game certain audiences will cross - certain audiences will remain segregated from other audiences
    13. The right kind of Research gives you an advantage
    14. The Wrong kind of research can put you on the wrong path forever
    15. Tools are available for assistance in execution or abuse
    16. Networks are available for assistance or abuse
    17. People are available for assistance or abuse
    18. If you choose the wrong [use of] or wrong [type of] (15-18) you can wind up on the wrong path forever
    19. A PC and internet connection are needed to play the game - The player doesn't have to own or even use these things
    20. There is ALWAYS more than one winner
    21. There is ALWAYS more than one loser
    22. You MUST ACT to win the game - no amount of thought will make you a winner
    23. WINNING can only be defined by the player
    24. LOSING can only be defined by the player
    25. A player cannot win or lose until one makes that declaration
    26. A player must win or lose but can also win after losing or lose after winning

    Let me dive right in to my story now…

    If I were to show income statements
    (I won’t because it’s too cliché and everyone knows marketers fudge them most of the time anyway!)

    Instead, I’ll share my debts.
    $57,285 in Credit Card Debts 2007-2011
    $117,291 foreclosure 2010
    $4,230 pissed away on shitty Odesk providers 2010-2011
    $25,500 in IOU’s to family and friends 2006-2012

    $ X,XXX I’d prefer not to count on shiny objects I would never use 2005-2012

    And still….
    I am winning…
    And there is not a DAMN reason in the world you can’t win too – if you can’t find one—after reading that—then you give up too easily. And if I ended Part II right now that should be good enough to give some of you a big kick in the ass to get going, get going again, or keep going until you make something happen. But I’ll keep writing because it’s been a long time coming that I put this story down where people can read it J

    You can see from my start date I joined BHW at the beginning of 2011. Like most people who get here I felt like I fell face first into a goldmine. After jizzing all over myself and awakening from the concussion of the impact, I proceeded to walk all over the goldmine rubbing my hands on every bumpy gold chunk I could touch!

    Then, I decided to grab a shovel and actually start digging so I could do something with the gold other than marvel at its beauty and elegance. It felt strangely familiar but new at the same time. I knew I found myself a “digital home”

    Like most I proceeded to spend MORE time and MORE money on the wrong things. I had been studying marketing, sales, technology (on the job) and internet technologies and platforms in one form or another since 2005 (I’m 27 in case you are wondering)

    I proceeded to ride the merry-go-round of mental masturbations and got scammed a bunch of times, I tried to do [method]s in every imaginable class and category of im – after all, I read The Four Hour Work Week, I watched some of the most famous speakers convert 30% of a crowd of 1000, I watched and went through the sales funnels of the internet’s 10+ MILLION DOLLAR LAUNCHES. I knew that I knew something nobody else here knew. I KNEW that I was smarter than the whole bunch of ya!


    ExtraWinner proved me wrong, IndianBill007 proved me wrong, BassTrackerBoats proved me wrong more times than I have slept the last year :D, Taktical proved me wrong, LukaB and Georgebg proved me REALLY wrong, BigBuddy proved me wrong.

    Here were “normal” people that I could actually have conversations with, doing HUGE things on an internet marketing forum that I had just learned about. I clearly had a long way to go. And if you are reading these posts – don’t study me – study these guys—they are the heroes of black hat world. And from normal people who dedicate themselves to something worth doing I finally KNEW I could do it too, but only if I humbled myself enough to recognize that there was a little more to learn and a whole SHIT LOAD more to DO.

    No amount of knowledge or knowing can create results. To turn thoughts into things we must act in a way that is proven to create those results. I learned things from all these people and MANY MANY more that I cannot even begin to name (I sincerely apologize if you have influenced me and we have talked about it and I missed you here – bitch me out in the comments ;)).

    The unspoken progression of an imer….and…what happened to me…
    Step I. I gave myself too much credit for what I know, and not enough push to use any of it for any revenue generating activities.
    Step II. I made my first dollar online….FINALLY…and things shifted – I knew it was possible for me too.
    Step III. I lost my first thousand online and thought this im bullshit is a fucking waste of my life
    Most people quit here or develop a narcissistic attitude that cannot be undone without a major force putting them back into action
    Step IV. I realized I had the bug and could never quit until I had proven to myself (and a innocent taunt from a mentor at the time) that I could make it.
    Step V. I picked something I could stick with
    Step VI. I overanalyzed the hell out of it
    Step VII. I put just enough action in that it was painful to work a job and my business at the same time
    The SEO Palace Was Borne

    Step VIII. I got serious, and there was no turning back, I cut myself loose from my cushy $60k/yr job and I went for it
    Step IX. My dreams felt real again though far from fully fulfilled

    Step X.


    At some point the words of a mentor at the time – who made a lot of money selling an offline product here – sunk in:
    “[my real first name], I have good intuition about people and I just don’t see you making it.”

    A kick in the ass – and the inspiration I needed to prove someone successful wrong.

    People like Taktical put me in my place too. I talked to these people on the phone – because I picked offline as my niche – I wanted to meet the guys doing it biggest in my chosen field of endevour.

    Truthfully I am not quite singing “I Made It” from my Aston Martin Virage Versante with the top down just yet.


    I did make it in the sense that I am free, that I built up enough APPLIED intellectual capital that I can never go broke or need to rely on a job again – so long as I never give up and follow the rules of the game and will outline below….

    From Part I:

    “Why it's important to never give up and what separates someone who makes it online (or anywhere for that matter) from someone who won't make it.”

    If I did not show why it’s important to never give up yet, let me try again.
    You undoubtedly know someone in your life who had potential, or still has it, they are pushing 40 or 50 or 80 and
    Ø He is still jumping from one thing to the next with marginal or no success.
    Ø She is still talking about why it is not possible
    Ø He still has more to discuss about what is wrong with life than what is right
    Ø She still does that same stupid ass thing that leads to the rut that she just climbed out of
    Ø He still works too hard without ever getting anything profitable accomplished

    WHY. What is it that separates the “winners” from the “losers”
    I can’t wrap that up and package it for. I’m doing my best here.

    I CAN tell you this:

    The things that have made all the difference in my life:
    1. Faith in what I cannot see
    2. The vision to create what is not yet there without any reassurance that it will be real before I get there
    3. The willingness to trust that there are good people – even after I’ve been fucked more times than I could count
    4. The balls to push myself a little further and further out of my comfort zone.
    5. The desire to grow, and the humility to understand I don’t know everything
    6. Giving heartfelt thanks and appreciation when appropriate

    I OWN it and I LIVE it and it was FUCKING difficult and it still is. It was difficult to ignore certain people in my life that supposedly knew what they were talking about, and to find my own path and the way to people like IndianBill who share my workaholic mentality and desire to build something incredibly different, dynamic, and beautiful against all odds. I traveled 25,000 miles to a country I don’t understand completely in a place I stick out like a sore thumb and had to land (what was then) my biggest deal to fund the whole thing.

    How’s this apply to you?

    Ask yourself 1 question: Am I following my own path or someone else’s?

    FUCK the guru’s. FUCK the “teachers” who teach things they have never accomplished themselves.
    Beat your own path to success – take the meat (some of the content and execution models) of those more successful, and leave the bones (the bullshit upsells and façade of complacency of the “successful”).

    It’s HARD to make it in this business. It’s HARD to create a good life for oneself. It’s HARD to win when you don’t have the right path to follow.

    Trust me, if you read this thread – you found part of the right path.
    The rest of the path is right here on BHW. Read the rules. Play by them. KEEP GOING NO MATTER WHAT.


    Bolded portions of Part II touch on insights into most of these rules.
    Part III will be more practical knowledge that you can apply DIRECTLY to whichever game and class of internet marketing you want to play in.
    Part III coming… 1/15/2013 ask some questions…create a conversation around this in the comments…

    Thanks for being part of this.
    DO something uncomfortable and uncharacteristic today—you could start by sending a selfless pm to someone you admire or starting a thread here to share something that could help someone else – the most powerful form of learning is teaching when we teach from a place of experience.
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    Woah this looks awesome..Repped before reading :)
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  3. MrRippley

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    Apr 11, 2012
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    wow, long thread...great advice
  4. inumel

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    Sep 3, 2009
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    Every and Anything
    its real... Nothing is never easy and the truth of the matter is " How bad do you want it? Are you willing to give up everything to achieve it?" Great Post Infinite-horizons.....
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  5. ascura

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    Mar 1, 2011
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    great thread mate, thanks!
    I need this.... i really need this...
  6. twilightofidols

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    Nov 11, 2011
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    This says it all right here. Sometimes people think they can buy a system to make money. It doesn't work like that. It took me a year before I saw any money working every day tirelessly sometimes around 60 hours a week. Hear me out newbies! I worked every day for a year making 0 dollars, when I came here I didn't even know what a proxy was, but I kept going even though I thought it was hopeless. Now that very same site that was completely destroyed by Penguin earlier this year is making me enough that I could live comfortably ALONE in a Manhattan apartment if I so chose to.

    All the best lessons I learned was from trying and finding out what works for me. I haven't downloaded a WSO or anything of that sort in probably 6 months now. That information was a great starting point for me to pool ideas from, but the real money came when I stopped listening to what everyone else was saying and just doing what I KNOW works. Sometimes I refrain from giving advice because what works for me in some instances goes against common SEO knowledge and I've gotten flamed on a few boards for defying the almighty gurus. But you know what? I don't give a damn. Because I am paying my bills.
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  7. voljin

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    I can't rep you twice, so i thought i would reply here to say thank you very much Infinitehorizons for creating this thread. I can relate it with my IM journey. Failed, broke and fucked again and again. Heck, even it seems hopeless for me now, i will never ever give up. I'm going to made it real soon.

    Thanks again for the inspiration and word of wisdom :)
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  8. jascoken

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    Nov 1, 2010
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    IT/Web Systems & Development...
    The problem is that most people coming into IM are sold on the fake dream of easy money with little effort...

    Once you realise that you're going to have to work just as hard (or harder) as you would in any bricks-and-mortar or traditional business then you have a 'chance' of succeeding. But only a chance mind you.

    If you're prepared to work 12-18 hours per day when you start (like most new business owners do) and expect massive failure and a steep learning curve in the first 6-12 months, together with a bunch of wasted money from all the things that you have to try and learn from, then you're chances just got higher.

    We all create our own 'luck' in some way; or rather we create the conditions for luck to manifest. But never ever believe anyone who tells you that you don't need lady luck on your side; in every business you need 'breaks' - but they can only happen if you're creating the conditions and cicumstances that allow them to manifest for you. And then you have to 'spot' them happening and move on them... big time!

    Business is also cyclical; it's rarely constant. Your income will cycle up and down; don't expect to land a 'retirement' site which will pay you forever. You need to constantly evolve and add/change/cycle/diversify your income streams to give yourself as much protection as possible.

    And don't fool yourself; if you need to stay in a shitty job for a year (or more) while you learn - then do it...

    But remember that the biggest part of IM/learning is experience; and that doesn't mean reading posts and ebooks. Take action/Try... Then test & measure. Rinse/repeat.

    As is clearly stated above; ONLY massive action and effort will create the conditions to allow success to find you. I'm one of the 'lucky' ones (Read: Worked my ass off to create the conditions for luck)... I made over half a million dollars this year personally (it would have been closer to a million if Google had left Panda and Penguin in bed for another year!) and there are plenty of guys on here doing over a million a year.

    I remember what it felt like when I started; I wondered if it would ever happen 'for me'. It CAN be done; but only if you work/learn/practice/push harder/smarter than you ever thought possible... Otherwise; do yourself a favour and stick to a career/job that you have a chance of a good future with.

    The 'honest' truth is that this isn't for everyone. I expect the vast majority of people who try IM will fail; but may go on to have successful businesses/careers in other areas. This isn't your only option! I know SO many successful people who look back over careers and say that they kinda wished they hadn't spent so long on THAT particular idea/project - because it was only after 'letting go' of that concept that they alllowed themselves to move onto the thing that eventually worked for them. It's SO easy to fool yourself that you're doing what's required; the worst mistake you can make is not be honest to yourself.
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  9. emilex

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    Playing Football
    Very nice and inspiring posts! Thank you for spending time and writing all this. Many people need to sit down and read all of this if they want to understand how all this works :)
    Play the game with a smile on our face ;)
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  10. infinitehorizons

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    Mar 8, 2011
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    SEO | CRO | Global Strategic Sourcing and Partners
    Thanks for your thoughts guys, and for reading.
    jascoken - good point on the commitment.

    Let me not forget how much I have worked my ass off.
    This post is not as "sexy" with the big number in the headline.
    It's raw truth - which is not as sexy sometimes!
  11. SweTech

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    SEO freelancer
    Stockholm, Sweden
    infinitehorizons is an awesome guy. I have learnt tons from him during our private chats @ Skype.

    Listen to his advice and I'm sure you also will succeed.
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  12. hoanggiaquang87

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    Mar 28, 2012
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    another great post. Thank a lot :)
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  13. infinitehorizons

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    Mar 8, 2011
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    SEO | CRO | Global Strategic Sourcing and Partners
    Thank you for your comments and thanks!!!

    Part III will tie together parts I and II and attempt to turn this philosophy into a standard of excellence.

    Really appreciate the thoughtful feedback and long replies to the thread - it's always nice to be inspired while attempting to inspire.
    Sometimes what we give away we get to keep even more of :)
  14. Saint-Hero

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    Boston, MA
    Great Thread OP! + Rep
  15. psytrance

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    Jan 20, 2012
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    the moon.
    1. Faith in what I cannot see
    2. The vision to create what is not yet there without any reassurance that it will be real before I get there


    Keep it up...i cant wait for part 3 ^^
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