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    I just turned 25, and I will soon be kicked out of my college. I'm not getting kicked out for GPA or disciplinary problems, but for taking a leave of absence that is longer than the school allows for. School was ok for awhile, but I'm not sure what I want to be when I "grow up", meaning, for a career. I could later reapply to my current university, or transfer to a different school, or simply return to my current school in February, and I would be 3 semesters away from graduation. I haven't graduated yet because I keep taking time off from school to pursue other things, because honestly, I don't want to work for someone else for the rest of my life, and a degree is pretty much only good for convincing someone else to hire you.

    I've learned a lot from attending classes, but probably even more from researching things on my own. I hate when people tell me "reading things on the internet doesn't make you an expert", it really pisses me off. I never claim to be an expert on anything, and I certainly know that not all information on the internet is credible. I am tired of stupid people arguing with me, and when I explain how I know something, if the answer isn't "because I took a class on it" then they don't want to believe me. People don't like to believe that you can learn things on your own, if they're aren't capable of doing it themselves. Being confronted by people with this attitude, very frequently, makes me want to take an alternate route to success that much more, so that I can throw it in their face, once I become more successful than they are, especially if I did it without a degree.

    I've always thought outside the box, and when people who are incapable of doing so, see that I am outperforming them by using untraditional methods, they become angry and they often want to discredit me or have me disqualified, or at the very least, they want to down play my success. I really can't stand to have a conversation with someone who feels like there is always a "RIGHT" way of doing something, and anything that deviates from this route is "WRONG". I want to achieve financial success so that I can back up my methods with my wallet. What I mean by that, is when someone wants to question my work, I want to just be able to say "Ok, well that's how I did it, and I wasn't criticizing you or trying to compete with you, but since you keep coming at me- Let's look at the scoreboard. Here's how much I made last year, and there's my car, look at my house. I think I'm doing pretty well. Maybe you're "Right Way" is the right way for simple minded people of a lower intelligence, because my way, that you say is wrong, not only worked for me, but it worked better for me than your way worked for you. " The point is, when people run their mouth about me not taking traditional approaches to everything, I want to just be able to say, I'm successful, too bad if you don't like. Then I can just walk away, and they can just sit there dumbfounded and confused, stuck in their life of mediocrity, while I continue to live my successful life.

    I have just recently found blackhatworld, and I am very excited about it, and I'm sure you can see why I feel so excited, from what I've written above. I would love to be successful working for myself, without finishing college, and I'd love to be able to make a career based on methods that require thinking outside the box, and that at the same time, trample on top of those who want to force everyone to conform to the same old boring conventional methods of doing things. But those traditionalists (to put it nicely), I won't be showing them what I did to become successful, I'll just say I did it without graduating, and I developed and executed a plan, using what I learned on the internet.

    Besides making money through black hat marketing, I also want to sell my own product online, and I want to sell and promote it primarily white hat, in order to make this into a legitimate business with longevity. I've already begun developing it. I however need more money to launch it, I'm hoping to generate the initial funding for this business, through black hat methods.

    So, if I had $5000 CASH, here's what I would do with it.

    I would get up with BHW forum member uptownbulker, and I would speak to him about setting up anonymous corporations. I would tell him what I plan to sell, whitehat, and ask what he recommends as far setting a corporate structure, for keeping blackhat and whitehat business separate. I would then purchase the corporations from him.

    I would use one of the corporations to setup my white business.

    I would then use another corporation to apply for CPA networks, and I'd use this corporation to generate black hat revenue.

    Part of the $5000 would be used to pay for registering domains, as well as hosting, and private proxies.

    I would also be purchasing xrumer, and a good CS Script (Although I don't know much about this, yet, I'm still not allowed in the CS section on BHW, but I know getting there should be one of my goals, as that is where the real money is).

    I would use xrumer for CSing. But also for CPA. I would also use xrumer to generate link juice to sites that were linked to my whitehat site, but I would be careful about how I did it, ie, I would also promote decoy sites so it's not so obvious as to who is using xrumer, and what site they are promoting.

    I would probably put about $1000 of the money into sample products, from my whitehat site, so that I could get photos of the products, and people using the products, to display for promotional purposes on the website that I will sell my products on. I would use some of the safe blackhat methods for promoting my whitehat site.

    The rest of the money would probably be spent on programs and methods available on blackhatworld. Not only as a means of generating more revenue, but because I'm always curious when new methods come out, and I think it would be fun to learn about a lot of these methods. I used to spend a lot of time playing video games, but I don't any more, not for the past 3 years, because the progress made in them isn't real. If I had the money to purchase and properly use new methods when they came out, using these new methods would be like getting new video games. And as far as methods for sale on BHW, any method for sale, that's been endorsed by Harro really grabs my attention, I just don't have the money to purchase them right now.

    If I had enough money left to pay for a few months of membership to BlackHatUniversity (and if there are still openings, then I would probably join that site, because I am dying for knowledge)

    I wouldn't just sit and read these methods though, I would take action. I hate reading books, but I loved playing video games. The point is, reading about the methods isn't enough, to even enjoy them, I must take action (like with a video game) or I don't get anything out of them. I just wanted to clear that up so it didn't sound like I would just waste the money and then never put what I learned into action.

    My goal is to start a legitimate business with my own product, while earning money and having fun with blackhat methods at the same time, as well as using blackhat methods to promote my whitehat site, when I feel that I can safely do so.

    That is what I would do with the $5000 cash if I had it.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and best wishes to you and your family.


    Many congrats to you on the upcoming birth of your child. Nothing like it in the world... Mighty generous of you with this give away, but I'm sure you wouldn't be doing this if you weren't in the position to be doing so. I'm anxous to be in the position to start giving something back as well. I ask to be kept anonymous by name if possible...

    Preface: Short Background Story
    25 years old. My Journey thus far has been ironically soul sickening and disenchanting but I refuse to give in as I do learn a bit more from every exhausting yet glorious failure. Every time stability and normalcy appear to be within arms reach a stroke of luck seems to move that light at the end of the tunnel further and further away. I've been fascinated with entrepreneurship as far back as I can remember and I've been working non-stop for several years now and I've yet to have a break not followed by an immediate equal but opposite disaster to set me that much further back..I digress.

    Currently after much brainstorming, years worth, I've devised a list of 3 or 4 different directions I'd like to go in business-wise. First and foremost I began running a web/graphic design business which had shown some small returns as I've been pushing new marketing ideas to elevate the income from this, but it's been mostly friend of friend business and not much from my own advertising. I'm wanting to venture out into doing some event photography under the same graphic design name which is guaranteed to earn you a decent paycheck in a weekend, but I just haven't had the capitol to buy the equipment since I had the idea a couple of years ago. My credit has been tied up/wrecked in just trying to keep my family's head about water, which no pun intended after hurricane Ike destroyed our town home apartment was the finally nail in the coffin regardless of my best efforts. Now I'm trying to get us back out on our feet with bank accounts, credit cards, and bills in the red as I'm working 2 jobs 75 hours a week with little or no time for my business efforts, much less my family. When we had our first daughter March of last year, my wife quit work to be a stay at home mom (the more affordable solution to daycare) and our situation has been steadily downhill since then with the Hurricane finally knocking us completely off of our fixed income feet financially. Things never quite go according to plan. This money would allow me to invest in the necessary products plus have the time to begin just the first of my many business venture ideas. I also have created several white hat websites earning a small income ($200-250 a year) and this time would allow me to crank that up towards more websites. I assure you I've done plenty of research and have organized a game plan for all areas of making money online, webdesign, ebay, whitehat, blackhat, adsense, CPA, PPI, and I have and I'm currently tweaking and have been implementing each idea. Time is the issue. I'm never home to work on these ideas anymore because I work so many hours .I'm currently sending this email from work as we speak. Not to mention I've gone to about 3 or 4 interviews for new jobs that haven't panned out yet. Sure things that don't happen are always a frustration. At the risk of this being all over the place, let me outline this in a more simple fashion.

    Business Idea #1 - (Service) as mentioned - Webdesign/Graphic Design - banner's business cards / event photography, etc - Also this includes doing some of my own whitehat/blackhat site methods.
    Verdict - Need Capitol and time.

    Business Idea #2 - (Product) - Online auto accessory store - Electronics ie DVD players, radios, HID lights, K&N filters, MSD products etc., as well as some original products that I need a small amount of capitol to begin production. These original niche products are the ones I have a good feeling about. I was making decent money off of this as my site began reaching more and more traffic from much SEO for a few months. Totally legit with tax ID number and merchant account, and business bank account... but scam customers make this more of a hindrance than a help as the average $100 a month profit I was seeing wasn't covering the cost of running the business when customers report to their credit card companies that they haven't received their product and immediately get a refund no questions asked. Small business loses everytime and it takes you 2 weeks minimum to prove it was shipped and confirmed delivered. Meanwhile you're missing hundreds of dollars from your business checking account that you have to cover with rent money while you have to borrow money to feed your 3 month old daughter. No one ever said starting up a business on your last time was easy and glamours I suppose... But I never expected it to do more harm than good.
    Verdict - Need more start up cushion capitol and time

    Business Idea #3 - I'm a musician at heart and have 2 CD's out, but haven't had the time to do more music in years. My website would be the perfect place to do online guitar lessons while promoting my CD's. I already have somewhat of a fan base online thats unfortunately been dwindling over the past few years in my constant absence due to working and when I am home, I devote my time first and foremost to my wife and daughter. Whatever is left over is usually spent on online business ventures. I also do flash animations and this website would be the perfect spot to do those as well and possibly venture towards something similar to Nothing like making money doing what you love. This one would be on the back burner until the other's took off.
    Verdict - Need more time...

    As you can see I've done my homework and I've been implementing. I've got several blackhat ideas up my sleeve as well you'd be proud of but so far the 4-5 I've implemented haven't shown any returns yet. What it all boils down to is I just want my life to be normal again, for my sake and for the life I feel I deserve, but more importantly for my family and the life my daughter deserves, and she deserves a lot better than her father's best efforts have produces thus far. I've worked myself sick and I'm feeling very old and tired in my young age. I need a few fresh start. Words alone cannot express the passion behind that statement.

    My goal is to have us in our own home with some amount of stability by her first birthday, March 31, 2009. I've already had to see her learn to crawl in a home that was not our own (thanks to hurricane Ike and other numerous by chance instances that bashed our fixed income) and I'm probably going to see her learn to walk in a home that's not our own, if I'm home from work for it. I'm sure this all sounds like a pity party but I'm jaded, I always believed that those that work hard for something get to have it better than those that sit on their asses watching those infomercials during daytime TV about making money being a clerical assistant, but lately I've noticed dropouts making out better for themselves than this run of bad luck I've had. I'm to the point to where I'm telling my life story to a total stranger now but I'm going to keep on trying and I'm determined to make it whether or not I win this "contest," I just feel its a disservice to my newborn daughter that isn't getting the life I had planned for her to have, one better than the one I had growing up.

    Thanks for your time and if nothing else, this email has provided me with some amount of clarity.


    Hello , I am glad your actually doing this Nevarc . Now , what I would actually do with the 5 k is basically black hat cpa stuff and autoblogging as you can see at , that I am having problems because i dont have enough investments this has burden me by a lot and causing me not to earn money it's the only excuse i got for not taking action :D . With this money , basically i'll get hosting for CPA + ppc method and autoblogs and a normal blog to cookiestuff people :D . I will also outsource people to post on forums with a cs script . I will use this cash for setting up great landing page that can convice people , LIKE free movies or xbox or iphone lucky draw ! nothing needed to be done just leave name and email ! and get traffic through ppc . Tham i'll set up another landing page like for new and popular movies or music videos outsource people to download watermark and upload back trailers and music videos . As for autoblogs i'll do it normally following UG's ABOC package . LOL , i am 100% real you can ask the people on IRC they all know how much i need the model and this would definately boost off my BH career i spent 3 whole months just reading on bhw and practicing on free hosting and domains of course never had enough cash yet . This 5k will be used for CS , CPA + PPC and autoblogging , I can imagine the cash this 5 thousand can get me ! Thanks ! i'll be also using the spare cash for outsourcing someone to create a software or new type of website and using ppc to get people to find about it ! Also link building. going to buy xrummer :D


    My mother is in the gainsville healthcare center in alachua florida.She has stage 4 dementia.Also cancer in the lungs and spreading to her bones.
    I checked on burial & cremation and the price is very high.She does not have the money and i dont eather.I lost lot of wor atmy job and oing ebay and all else to hang on.
    I didnt realize it costs so much to die.Well good luck with your giveaway,thats really nice of you,and have a great day.



    I'll keep it quick and to the point. For your investment of $5000, you can expect the following:

    * Your investment returned in full within 90 days
    * A bonus of a minimum of $1000 for providing the required capital
    * And a beer for good measure!

    You may think this is unrealistic, however, you know a lot more IM than most, so I'll presume you think this is achievable!

    I intend to do this via contextual (i.e. adware) PPC advertising of CPA email-submits. Adware PPC is suprisingly cheap, and very, very targetted!

    I will use adware traffic to promote these offers at a cost of $0.015/hit (however it is possible that for some keywords the cost of $0.02/hit may be required). I may require webhosting for a DMR if the network does not like this traffic, however I'm sure you already have hosting available. I will also use a tracking script (I can easily code one if one isn't available or use a system like prosper) to help maximize ROI, and to hide keywords from affiliate managers.

    Due to the highly targeted nature of the traffic and ease of the offers, we can expect a high conversion rate. I would expect anything from 5% to 10%. To retain a profit we would require a 1.5%-2.0% conversion. 1.5% if we can acquire keywords for $0.015, and 2.0% for keywords at $0.02.

    Assuming a $0.02/hit cost (probable worst case), and a 5% conversion, we would expect to see a $12,500 turnover. At 10%, this doubles to $25,000. Although unlikely, it is possible for this. Even if we only received a 3% conversion, we would still have a turnover of $7,500. These figures are based on $1 per single page email submit.

    Of course, there would be multiple campaigns (approximately 3, depending on offers available) over different niches, with the majority of work carried out being placed upon market research, keyword analysis and the setup of the campaigns.

    The whole system is whitehat (if the CPA network accepts the traffic), as far as I'm aware, COPEAC accepts adware traffic and pays reliably. All links however will be cloaked anyway.

    Each campaign would be run initially with a small balance (say $100 over a 7-10 day period) to check feasibility. This would be 5000 hits. Assuming this represented a random selection of internet users (as it does), and it is profitable, we can then scale the campaign up by simply using a larger advertising budget.

    I know that some legitimate whitehat PPC campaigns get over 20% conversions (and blackhat even more), but even if 3% is reached for a simple $1 email submit, you'll have your capital returned to you, an extra $1000, and I'll have made $1,500 to be able to create more campaigns and scale them.

    I'll understand if this isn't how you think the capital is best spent, but thank you for taking your time to read this.


    I want to invest money to this project

    How its working you can see on my site :)

    Soft+Cpa =$$$ :) this is my idea


    Hello Nevar!

    $5000 is really allot of money so I probably won't know what to do with it at the first point... I guess I would first try to see what the opportunities are with that amount of cash. I would try to find a small market / niche and probably buy some of the websites so I can dominate the spot.

    Offcours that won't even cost me $200 so I will still have like $4800 left! Because life isn't all about computers and Internet I would probably buy something for my girlfriend, nothing to expensive, just a nice dinner and a small jewelery that just shows that I love her and don't really need money to be happy.

    So that would be another $200 off (even less I guess) and I will have $4600 left to spend! Then I would try to see if their are people who want to joint-venture with me and I would be the "money" part. Probably nothing too big because I don't really like that, you can't really hope that you will make millions on the Internet when you are just starting...

    I would also deposit some money on research for multiple scleroses because my mother has and she doesn't have the dangerous one but at some points she is also very tired and just can't handle to do much of a job, so I would think it would be something good for her if I can help her back for all the times I was an asshole as a puber.

    I would also buy xRumer because I think it is a powerful software tool that would help me allot in getting higher PR and traffic. I wouldn't abuse it by spamming just random boards but would be more directer and only let it post on boards with PR 2-5. I would even try some new GPT techniques with it.

    I also have the silly dream of having my own server with a dynamic IP. I've tried to search one but I just can't find one so I guess I would buy my own small PC (very cheap one, running with Linux so it will be really stable and cheap at the same time) and buy a Internet connection with a dynamic IP. This would be great for some spamming methods I'm currently trying out.

    Another thing I would do is buy my girlfriend a new laptop so she can work again for college because her current one is really a pain in the ass for her and she is using my computer all the time for her assignments (not that I hate it, just sometimes a bit annoying :))

    After that I would buy the donator status on BHW :p just to support the forum because it helped me allot for learning things about the internet and how people really are :p

    The rest of the money I would keep a side of me so in any time of need I just can use it to help anyone close to me or to buy something I need.


    First Of All Congrat's For Your Upcoming Baby.
    I Am 19 Year's Old and i live in Pakistan,PayPal doesn't work here so it is very difficult for me to earn on internet i have just bought a Verified Indian PayPal on credit from ParulMehta and i promised Tarang his boyfriened that i will pay him whenever i will have credit in PayPal and he also gave me Indian Ebay Seller Account on credit for CSing i owe him 100$ the price was 25 For Ebay Seller+PayPal and 10 $ for verified PayPal and on 10th January i listed my first auction on ebay using the ebay seller account he provided but he told me to use US Proxy for Indian Seller account and Ebay Suspended my account.Sorry Man for adding this story but if i will get the 5k i will pay him as promised and i will start doing CPA offers and will invest 2500$ on internet and will pay 1500$ College fee's and will do charity with the reamining beside's this 5k will be everything for me because then i can prove myself to my dad because he want's me to quit studies and join family business so if i will win then i will be able to continue my studies Besides if i had my Stuffing Thing working i would have not asked anyone for help and i also have some blogs running which i wan't to promote so long story short this 5k can change my life.
    Beside's It Is True God helps those who help themselves.

    P.S. Sorry Man My English Sucks.May God Bless Us All


    Page 1
    This is an Itemized list, with details later for My Income Plan
    $750 Saucekit subscription 3 month, [flash]
    $700 100 domains: [over 3 months will check for best pricing]
    $1500 [over 3 months] autoblog installation with cookie stuffing installed on 100 blogs [have
    someone doing this for this price]
    $600-hire someone to backlink to all my sites[blogs,hubs,squidoo, bookmarking. etc], 200/ month 3
    .........months [Philippines my wifes home country]
    $500 deposited to Traffic Vance
    $125 for incorporation [llc]
    $100 for business site for llc [getting accepted to networks]
    remainder to put into Our website we are doing for trucking backhaul site [details are private, ask if
    you need to know]
    Here is how it would unfold. Start out with autoblogs based on autoblogs on crack [owned already]
    goal would be to have 100 set up within 3 months or sooner. Start promotion of the sites, backlinks
    from the personell that I hire.
    At the same time that is started, get my llc, and professional marketing website set up, Phone and start
    applying to ad networks.
    The goal is to get as many websites up, and generating traffic asap. Monetize with adsence [I have] and
    epn, amazon [have those also] CPA's as they come available, as building traffic, then employ saucekit
    to the traffic.
    I have everything set up on 3 month so that earnings can build, and can keep going while waiting on
    payments. As payments come in, 50% goes back into building the income streams unless more is
    I have hosting, hostgator, and seo-host for blogs so that is taken care of. This plan is already in place,
    but will take longer than 3 months with funds available to me now, this is where the 5k you are putting
    up will put me ahead of schedule


    Hi Nevarc,

    I would buy ********* and hope that i can make even more money from it.
    Since that is how much ********* costs thats all i would be able to spend but
    i would work my ass off implementing the method and attempting to milk as much money
    as i can from it. Then i would love to donate to BHW, pay off my college loans/tuition, pay my
    rent and have another contest just like what you are having to give another average joe a chance
    like me to make it big. I know $5000 may not seem like a big deal for you but it may
    mean a lifetime of income and financial stability for me and i would love to give back
    to the community for it.


    Thanks for the contest, Nevarc. You really know how to get people moving. :)

    My essay is below and my .signature follows after.

    Well, I own a credit card affiliate site for applications and I'd buy a better TLD and set

    it up for it, first off. Couple that with another turnkey venture I'm working on, a gaming

    dropshipping business for off-market gaming accessories. Cheating devices, psp de-bricking

    batteries and the like, which sell really well when advertised. (So do sim cards and sim sms

    retrieval systems, by the way.) So, next I'd clone a shitty version of my dropshipping business

    using the same backend systems but a different domain, hosting service and site design.

    Then, I'd toss the majority of it to advertisement on social networks, adsense and adbrite for the

    my two aforementioned sites using 2,400$ for that. I've had some success recently with social

    networking ads, paying .20 for 1,000 views so that would carry out quite far.
    Secondly I'd use 1,000$ for .02 per hit cheap traffic sources via Zanga and other traffic

    generating sites. I'm being fair to myself in responsbility not to try to monetize pirated content

    (streaming t.v. and anime) and applying zanga ads or a similar service to drive traffic to the cloned

    gaming accessory dropshipping site.

    At times I need potential income, not cash, so actually having 1,500$ around would be perfect

    for elance. It's safer than a bank, in my opinion. Outsourcing a copywriter team from there to

    produce a number of articles for me would be the best investment I can think of. I'd look into

    selling them as PLR in a package or have them for safekeeping on several storage mediums for a

    good try at a few bucks from Associated Content. I've been getting most of my supplementary

    incomes from getafreelancer and Associated Content for the last two months. I spend a good

    amount of my time writing and there are desperate people out there who might or might not give

    you original content for a 1500$ sum. If I were sure about the originality of it I'd do it with

    getafreelancer or settle with hiring college or highschool students to do it, but elance is the most

    honest method and definitely the most professional and method to attain original copy in quantity.

    Using this copy for minisites and petty cash would be a nice dual use bunch of copywriting to have

    stored up to dispose of as I see fit.

    Wow, 5,000$ can go that quick.

    At this point I'll be waiting for the end of the day to take a shower that night with all

    the tension and promise packed into the day and probably have the same every day for the rest of

    the week the same until the copy is done and the ads have all played, then it's rinse, let lather

    and repeat. I'm doing this now, slowly and on a smaller scale to generate petty cash income for a

    pizza or flowers for my fiancee pretty often.

    p.s. I hereby sign over all rights to everything in this email but my handle and that which doesn't

    belong to me, (ex, the BHW forums, your BHW forum handle and the links below in my .signature)

    so you can do what you like with it, even sell it! (I count this toward my feelings of accountability

    and owing you something should I be the recipient of funds to enact this plan with. I also accept

    paypal and could start instantly after receiving it with my shiny new previous paypal debit card I

    just activated that expires at the end of 2010. )

    If I lose can I have a copy of ******** free of charge?

    Either way,

    GL with the essay collecting and thanks for raising my spirits!!


    With the current times the United States is facing, millions are desperate for a miracle to happen for them and their family. As a 19 year old and attending college I am looking for a miracle. My family and I have run into a difficult time with our financial issues, we have been notified numerous times that if we do not pay rent on our home, we will have to seek another place to live. I have grown up in this house all my life, many great memories have been made here and it would be heart breaking to be living elsewhere.

    I am not asking to be bailed out, the US already did that to corporations and they abused their powers. What I am asking for is the $5000 to turn that into more money. Desperation led me to make the greatest investment over a year ago, this investment was a freebie incentive website. I have been successfully running a freebie site for over a year but it has come to the time where I need to start to spread my earnings around. I have a notebook full of ideas, Black Hat and White Hat. These ideas all come from Black Hat World but I have put my own twist to them to target small niches that are active. In fact these niches are my hobbies I enjoy doing each day and because I am known on several big forums for these hobbies, I will have success.

    The money will be used to higher programmers to complete the ideas I have in mind. The ideas I have will cost me more money than I am currently making with my only white hat site that generates money. With the sites I will pay a programmer to create, I will offer the service free of charge to Black Hat World. This idea will work, simply because it is an effective method and because I will be putting the time behind it. I am never satisfied with anything less than perfection.

    Another area the money will go towards is having iPhone/iTouch applications developed for my niche, there is currently ZERO applications for this niche and by being the first, I will be able to capture all of the niche and profit easily from this. There are two applications I have in mind and I am currently trying to teach myself how to develope Apple Applications for the iPods. However, I would much rather prefer to pay someone who is knowledgeable in this area.

    With out Black Hat World and my desperation for money, I would never have been able to pull myself and my family out of the financial problems we are in. At 19 years old, my parents are depending on me to bring the income in, I pay for the rent, the cable and food bills... Which leaves me nothing left to start up my other projects I have in mind. If you want to see a service that will benefit Black Hat World, I will need the money to hire a programmer to carry out my idea to perfection.

    I would just like to take the time to thank the many users who contribue to Black Hat World and post informative information that has helped me be successful. I would like to thank UpTown for incorporating me and answering the million questions I had. I feel it is my turn now to develope an idea that will benefit all of Black Hat World and offer it for free.


    OK, what would I do if I win the money..

    I will try to use all money for buying your time to teach me for 1 on 1
    private coaching, to help me achieving my ultimate goal: have $ 179,600.00
    in my bank account at least by the end this year.

    Thanks again for your generosity for the noobs.


    I've always wanted to have enough money to set my brother up in a multimedia course. He's a great creativity minded & definitely would do well with his own studio, but is very nervous about starting a course (Coz, the course fee is so much valuable as on today & some years ago and it failed, leaving him quite badly off financially).

    I'd love to have the cash to set him up, and provide a float for the year or two it would take to see a regular flow of cash coming in.

    Oh well, one can dream!


    Well, the first thing I would to is, to give $1000 to another one on BHW xD

    Then I would take my girl out for a long night, where I would spent about $300-400 :D

    $600 I would give my mom, cause I'm 17 and need her bank account for Google AdSense, so she can't work, due taxes. That would be enough for this month.

    $400 goes to my cousin, for a new laptop, cause last summer I brocked his new HP, which he got as a gift from someone else.

    The rest I would invest for more money..
    Nr. 1 on my list is - A social website I'm trying to get done. It's a Community site like Facebook, but just for Albanians. The site is about 70% done, and I have some other sites who could drive about 2.000 targeted visitors a day to it. Some AdWords placements would be great, for a good success. I have also a 1 month Mail-list with about 3.000 related emails I collected, growing from day to day.

    Nr. 2 - XRumer - After 600.000 reviews I read, I'm sure this one is going to help me alot. Not only for links/deeplinks to my blogfarms, also for some nice CPA's to promote, which I found on CJ.

    Nr. 3 - A nice Doorway Pages Generator which works, for some mass-site creating and to rank for german missspellings - Already done the Keyword research, made some sites, but my currently doorway page generator is crap, not even one doorway created site was indexed.

    Nr. 4 - I would buy 10.000 YouTube Accounts, and a lot of proxies. Then I would buy a new, cheap computer and run YTIncreaser + YT Booster all day long for uploading YT videos, ratings, and views. I see a great potential in YouTube Marketing, for Traffic, Sales and other stuff.

    Except of my 300-500 AdSense earnings, I'm not making any good money yet, but the thing WAS that I just don't took action, but I have a big book with a lot of notes I make all the time, and I am just starting out with it. Already made a few bucks on Paypal + some CJ sales from YouTube Marketing

    I swear, I will not buy a DP ebook with the money :D


    What I should do with my $5000?

    First of all, thank you Nevarc for this chance! I hope your son will born well, and will be your great boy in the future!

    Now, if I win those $5000, I will definitely spend it for my future investment. Not only in Internet Marketing, but in Offline Marketing too.

    I want to make a cafe, and I already got the concept. The only problem is, I don't have enough capital to make it real. Yes, I already talked to my friends, we do our Joint Venture, but of course, I want to be the leader, because I hate, really really hate being scolded or fined if I do something wrong. If I am the leader, I will certainly never get scolded or fined for anything, all we might get is the loss of our money, or even loss of my business, which I will never imagined that! I also have some more offline business that I want to do, and plan to make it autopilot too! But, the cafe is my first priority, because I really want to own my very own cafe.

    I plan to get that cafe, so I can even support my parents, since they are getting older and older. I want to get them go overseas, go on holiday, without thinking about money or job, because they already have a son, that they can proud of!

    And in Internet Marketing, I will certainly invest my money in anything that will give me more money. Autoblogging, Cookie Stuffing Script (but I still don't understand, what it is), joining the DIM (lol, I haven't join DIM yet), etc.

    Oh, I also want to be the regular donator at BHW, since that forum is helping me a lot!

    So, in general, I want to spend that $5000 for my future investment, so I can generate twice, three times, or even a hundred times of that amount of money, so I can make my parents happy, make my brothers proud, and increase the value of my family among the neighborhood.

    I think this is the end of the essay, I cannot write very well, but I hope you get my opinion. :)

    Thank you once again for this opportunity!


    The contest that you are holding is beyond generous and definitely shows how much you appreciate the site. Congrats on your new baby, I just had one on Nov 3. Below won't probally be long enough to be considered a essay but will write as I feel.

    I am a 27 year old stay at home mom and I have been on the internet since 99. I have read over everything that I can get my hands on as far as earning online. Being a female does have its pros and cons when the internet world is concerned. I have bought the get rich schemes which only lost me money but rewarded me with some common sense. After this I decided to learn how to do things beyond the stupid Get Rich Quick crap. When I first started I wanted to learn how to do web design and when I made my first website with the old yahoo host I thought I was hot shit. Of course I didnt do any of the html because it had buttons and images for you to use. From there I learned what domains and hosting was. I purchased my first domain in 2000 and from there I ended up purchasing a dedicated server to provide hosting to others. I did that for awhile but it wasn't really profitable. Then I read as many tutorials as I could over the next year or so learning how to do basic html, graphics, logos, and headers. I started doing google searches for people that may be interested in this type of thing. This is how I came across my first BST forum which was Digital Point. I read over this site quite a bit until I actually understood it. From there I started doing articles, forum posting, blog posting, blog creation, directory submissions and anything else basic I could do to earn cash. The hours that I spent working became crazy and at times I didnt even get a ton of sleep to meet deadlines. I was making maybe 500 or so a month which isn't bad but definitely deserved for the hours I was putting in.

    Then about 4 months or so ago I came across a post about blackhat methods. When I contacted the seller they told me about BHW and suggested that I visit it. I sat down for about 2 hours reading over the making money area and within 3 days I was making $30 a day. I am now making close to $1500 a week by one single method that I saw on BHW. It only takes me about 3 hours of work a day and gives me more time with my kids. I have realized there are tons of good people on here with knowledge and the fact that everyone is happy to share with others makes me love the site more than any other I have ever been a part of.

    Aside from occasionally visiting sitepoint this is my new home and where I plan on staying.

    If I win this essay there would be several things that I would do with it.

    1. Take a much needed vacation lol
    2. Purchase some of the more expensive tools that I could use to make more money including Xumer.
    3. I would donate $500 to BHW just because they have helped so many people.
    4. I would probally donate a few hundred to a Charity of some kind.
    5. I actually would like to have some extra money to outsource a few things and to also give back to the community I would choose people from BHW to do the work I need. It helps me out gives those who make their money by offering services.
    6. The rest I would stick in the bank for a rainy day.
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  2. shabang

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    Emerald Isle
    ..............paraphrased for obvious reasons
    ding ding ding we have a winner :yield:
  3. Destiny90

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    this is a nice contest.
  4. darklegion

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    I see my essay up there and for obvious reasons I will not disclose which essay is mine. Now that I look back on it, I could have written it way better.

    I particularly like the attitude of 42.

    I am the same way, everyone keeps telling me to go the typical route that millions of people go... Why not separate yourself from that crowd and make yourself successful and happy the way you want to be.

    Just because everyone else you know does something, does not mean you have to do it too.
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    Ironically, you're right. Thanks for bumping this thread, because if you hadn't, who knows if enough people would have found my essay or not.

    and btw, the uptown thing, I would have never let him, or anyone that I didn't personally know, control my bank account. that was just one OPTION available in his thread. One that I wouldn't have taken.
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    Thank you! Couldn't give thanks at the time of your post for obvious reasons!
    I'm glad that so many members agreed with you, and with me!

    Sorry that things didn't work out for you, but I think you have the right mindset, so you should be ok anyway. Just don't let the sheep distract you. And don't settle for being a wolf either! Be a Sheppard!

    Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I made a THANK YOU post here:
  7. trhodes12

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    And just a reminder to everyone:

    Please don't turn this into a flame thread. Nevarc can't respond to you, and he's already banned (NOT for scamming anyone) So what's the point? And if you want to know why he's banned, you'll have to PM a mod, because making posts to ask why someone is banned is against the rules.