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    This is my entry in response to your request for an essay that
    provides a detailed explanation of what would be done if given $5000
    in cash. I am writing this as if I already am in possession of the
    money, as I do not particularly enjoy the attitude of the "if only I
    had" mentality. Besides seeing the negative effects of such a mindset
    in others, I have been guilty of possessing the same mindset myself. I
    have no doubts that my efforts are always the most productive when I
    imagine the end result of what I wish to accomplish, and no matter
    what minor problems arise along the way, do not allow myself to become
    disheartened. I have found procrastination and laziness to go hand in
    hand with each other, serving only as a temporary distraction from
    dedicating yourself to your goals. I would also like to point
    something out, despite the money being appreciated, being helpful in
    getting me off the ground somewhat, and the outlining my progress
    being truly interesting motivation. My goals will still be
    accomplished regardless of whatever happens to help or hinder me along
    the way.

    Rather than dive directly into my explanation of how I will put money
    that has been given to me to use, I will first briefly describe my
    background. The primary reason for this being that personification of
    my character will add an element of depth to my essay, as opposed to
    having the details of my response able to be compared to a meaningless
    structure of fragile glass that was lazily put in place in order to
    conceal the weak foundation of greed that it was founded upon. In
    1990, I was born into a family where any significant monetary gain was
    looked down on; the justification for this absurd concept having its
    roots in quoting biblical scripture completely out of context. There
    was no TV in my home, music was denounced as a thing of evil, and for
    the vast majority of my life I had no social life to speak of
    whatsoever, save interaction with a bizarre cult my family was and
    still is actively involved in. Most of my own desires, interests, and
    ambitions were explained to me to be evil. For example, my wanting a
    guitar, desire to play on any kind of sport team, take up martial
    arts, or even leave my own yard to go to someone's house. My father
    always justified the pain and disassociation I experienced as a result
    of his demands by informing me how lucky I was that I had someone who
    knew God and what he wanted for me in my life. My creativity was
    almost completely stifled. When you add in the variable of being
    homeschooled onto all of this, the result was a very lonely, unhappy,
    isolated child.

    The one thing that I did find solace in was computers. It was 1994
    when my family purchased a computer. I immediately took interest in
    it. To be precise, I really enjoyed computer games, as they were the
    only form of escape available to me. Comparing my childhood to mostly
    anyone I know is an extremely strange thought to me. When taking into
    consideration the huge amount of those my age whose technical
    expertise is limited to navigation of popular social networking
    websites, I feel very odd when I reflect upon the thought that before
    I had even reached the age required to attend kindergarten, I was very
    comfortable with doing what I wanted while using the almighty
    Microsoft Windows 3.1, let alone how proficient I was with navigating
    DOS. As I grew older, I began to get into other computer-related
    interests, such as programming, graphic design, animation and such.
    Finally, I began to attend public high school in my freshman year.
    This was because I felt that it was completely necessary for my mental
    health and future to get some interaction with others my own age. I
    was extremely socially awkward at first, and felt like I had no one
    who I could share any common interests with. It was painful, but I
    forced myself to never let anything get in the way of accomplishing my
    goals; I didn't. I was very outgoing and well-liked in general by
    graduation. As odd as it may sound, that was personally one of the
    hardest things I've ever endured. But I forced myself through it. I
    fully realized that if I didn't take continue to take action when
    desiring something, I would never get what I wanted.

    It is now the year 2009 and I find myself graduated and preparing to
    attend college. The internet is where I find myself drawn towards to
    make money. I have already generated some money through the use of
    adult affiliate links, writing articles, and some freelance work. I
    have purchased a domain and hosting for a website with a portion of
    the money I have generated. The site will not be named, given the
    seemingly shameless, cold-hearted business model I am about to
    describe. The website is, to put it simply, a relationship advice and
    discussion hub targeted towards an audience that generally suffers
    from self-pity, poor self-esteem, and lack of confidence. To put this
    in other words, the kind of people who will consistently return in
    hopes of finding a magic solution to their ongoing problems. The
    advice given in the articles wrote are somewhat sincere, albeit
    possessing a somewhat superior, sarcastic tone to them. I have
    monetized this site by a mix of a clever placement of a CPA offers,
    advertising, and ongoing hype towards an upcoming eBook. I am somewhat
    talented at animating in Flash, and taking advantage of YouTube and
    similar video sites, will upload short, humorous cartoons that at the
    very least will pique the curiosity of viewers and give them a reason
    to check out the site. Even better, the cartoons could themselves
    develop a following of interested viewers, effectively opening the
    doors to all kinds of other opportunities.

    I happen to have recently acquired a gift of $5000 cash. I do not take
    this gift for granted; it is not there to directly satisfy my shallow
    whims and desires. Rather than being a chunk of cash that may as well
    reside in a pocket full of holes, it is there to allow me more freedom
    in my investments and ventures. And although I?m aiming at the same
    target as before, this extra money allows me to more rapidly reach my
    goal of financial freedom. Overall returns from my investments made
    possible from this money will ultimately leave me with a decent
    profit, which will in turn be used by me to invest even more back into
    the money-making cycle. I am fully aware that unnecessary spending,
    while no doubt providing a temporary sense of satisfaction, will in
    the long run only cause me grief. The reason behind this being that I
    realize such shortsighted, irresponsible spending would only hinder me
    from reaching my goals. As my available funds begin increase with my
    profits, I will strive towards my goals with a mentality of always
    making more money from what I have already earned. If for some
    unforeseen reason I happen to run into a snare (e.g. when the dust
    settles, I am left with less money than I had before investing) then I
    will regain the lost money, plus extra, through means that are
    independent of money I may already have. I strongly feel that with my
    mentality of constantly reinvesting the money I earn and never
    allowing a negative return to have a negative influence on my overall
    income, that I can have no final result other than success.

    Although being relatively new to making an income online, I can not
    help but to take notice of the limitless earning potential available
    through CPA offers. Through my observation of trends found in social
    networking websites, I have mentally put together a PPC campaign that
    by making use of cheap, seemingly insignificant keywords will generate
    a very high conversion ratio, aided by the general stupidity of the
    target audience in general. As a heartless and cold as that sounds,
    the action I'm taking is inspired by my love of money, as opposed to
    my general apathy towards the mechanics behind some packets and an IP
    address. If one venture happens to "fail," I don't have any worries.
    It's not going to keep me from my end goal of making massive amounts
    of cash. It's all a learning experience. Through a mixture of
    perseverance, responsible management of my time and money, observation
    of trends, intuition, and intuitively placing my finger on the pulse
    of what "feels" right, I will bring financial success upon myself
    through use of the internet, regardless of my external circumstances.

    I have saved this closing paragraph to mention the single most
    important key to my success; giving my all in what I have faith in.
    Having this attitude in all of my efforts is an extremely valuable
    tool to my success not just in internet marketing, but in all aspects
    of my life. From my observations of the "internet money" culture, I've
    noticed a certain trend. If there is one thing that I believe will
    prevent anyone from tasting fruit as a result of their desires, it is
    an attitude of thinking there is some sort of "secret" that is being
    withheld from them, and that they are a special case in that they
    somehow deserve to helped along every step of the way. This is not an
    independent attitude to possess, and as a result of aspiring internet
    marketers believing they are somehow dependent on others every step of
    the way, that is what is quite obviously manifested as reality. The
    BHW forums provide a ridiculously rare opportunity to learn from and
    communicate with others who ultimately share the same goal, which
    happens to be money. This kind of information being public is rarer
    than some may think. A helpless attitude indeed carries with it
    nothing positive; if someone believe you're helpless by yourself, then
    there is no chance anyone else will be able to help them. No one can
    make their life happen save them. I wish everyone the best of luck in
    reaching their goals and sticking to the work it takes to get there.


    Here is my essay:

    If I get $5000 I would spend some money getting "Become a Hacker
    classes". This thing always attracted me. Then I will hire 20 guys who
    will work 6 hours per day and rewrite articles and scan newspapers and
    magazines and change them into articles. In India It will cost me only
    $150/month to get someone type for 6 hours, it is that cheap.
    According to their average one would write a article in 10 minutes, so
    if I have 20 guys working for 6 hors then I would have about 430
    articles. If I get $2.5 per article from AC then I would make $32250
    per month. After that I would Increase my workforce and keep on
    increasing it till I am making $10000 a day. Then I would surf around
    BHW for some good method apply my tweak on it and launch it in a grand

    I hope i win.


    Hey Nevarc,
    Well my english isn't that good because i moved to the US few months ago, so don't expect a good essay.

    If i had $5000 right now, i would first pay off my dad's hospital bill which is $1200 for the person who operated him and $650 for the person who gave him anestesy, he was suppose to pay 6k but they reduced it to 3k and i already paid off about %50 of it. Then i would have about $3200 left, so i would go and buy your son a present and pay my best friend the $600 i owe him for the rent from last month. Then i would most probably save the rest in the bank and invest some
    on a method i like.. i haven't decided any method yet as i just registered with black hat world.

    Well this is my life, bills more bills every month and im trying to make some extra money online.. i have a job in this ad printing company but i don't make much money... $450 a week if i work all week but sometimes i have to take my father to the hospital for exams and stuff like that so they don't pay me those days off.

    The $5000 would come on a perfect time. I don't really need 5k.. about 2k would be perfect to pay off the bills.
    Well i know you probably have people with worse situations than me so i hope your money goes to the right person that really needs it that bad.
    I know my situation is bad but i can still survive.. 2k would be a big relief for me, imagine 5k!


    What to do with five thousand dollars?

    The answer most people would give to this question is: "Invest it, grow it into a lot more money", but doing that is a lot harder than just saying it.To some people, five thousand dollars is a lot of money and at the same time it is nothing for others.

    If I won five thousand dollars for just writing a small essay I would divide this money into a few categories, there is no way I would invest it all or spend it all. Out of the $5,000, at least $500 would be used to party, I earned some money for doing almost nothing therefore I deserve to celebrate it, so going on a short trip with some friends would be one of my first activities with that money.

    After the celebration, I would use at least two thousand dollars to outsource some sort of profitable job, such as article writing, it is pretty simple but a goldmine if outsourced correctly.The profits would start coming after a couple weeks and the process could be done again and again, using only my profits so that I would eliminate the risks of losing everything.

    Another thousand would be used in an offline marketing attempt. I would do some niche research and pick some USA newspapers and buy advertisements on them, that way I would generate affiliate commissions, the risk may be high but it might worth it, advertising on some famous newspapers is not as expensive as it seems, I believe some great money can be made with that.

    After all that I would still have $1500 to do something. I would not put it into anything that has a risk, that is the part of the money which would go to a bank and sit there, growing slow, until a very good opportunity comes up or an emergency. I know that $1500 is a lot of money to be kept but I have missed opportunities before and that's gonna happen again.

    I know what to do with my $5.000 dollars, I'm a student, trying to get into a federal university, some people need this money a lot more than I do but I deserve it, and will make good use of it, for sure.


    Dear Nevarc,

    Well i really need money nowadays...

    I have many skills and i am not getting paid as much as other workers around. So thats not fair for me... I cant quit my job because it is so hard to find a job in my city...

    So i look after my family with my bro. I live with my mom and bro. We have some debts that comes from past and we are tying to pay them but the money we earn is not enough...

    Anyway if i had 5000$ right now. The only thing that i would do is, first of all pay all my debts, secondly i would make some investments on making money over internet (csing maybe). I have great ideas on my mind, but i cant get them into action because i dont have any money to invest :) When i have money to spend, i would upgrade my comp, first of all my monitor, because it is 15" CRT. I am using it for 12 years... :)

    Hope i can win it but first of all, i wish that who needs this 5000$ would win this giveaway


    My name is Rouf, im from Lima , Peru. I'm new user of BHW forum, i saw you post and writing down if i have luck for your prize.

    Well, till now you will have thousands of emails, im sure with defrent stories about " how they gonna use that moeny"

    I have no more words...... where and how i gonna use money if i won

    I'll spend all money for my sick mom which she is waiting her finishing life day by day, she have Cancer which bringing her day by day near to end. I know money cant do any thing if God's will is this, but its my desire.. if i have today money, i spend all at her , may God give him new life.I'm earning $500 per month and far away from my country, no way to help her , so this would be a perfect way..what i always pray for only one any opportunity for getting any money that i can spend for treatment of my mother.

    Thats all, this is only plce, where i'll spend my money, im younger, im living maybe - down grade life, but im happy with all what i have, just wanna save some more years of my mother's life, if i could be possible.

    Thanks and waiting how luck i m.


    What would I do with $5000 when I would have it

    Finally I see an opportunity which could change my life and that is the main reason why I am writing this essay for. I am from a small country named Estonia, its next to Russia and we were occupied by them for the last 50 years, but now we are free and we all are trying our best to survive. Just to give you a hint how big money $5000 is you should know that a good CEO in any Estonian company earns aprox. $3000-$4000 per month (minus taxes). Since I am in High School and most of my time goes to studing and paying my school fees I dont have any extra money to learn and earn online.

    If I would some magical way win this money, then I would invest it into 1-on-1 PPC /CPA coaching like whiskey199 offers at the moment, but I just dont have the $2000 needed to enter this course. I think you know where I would spend the other $3000 ? paying AdWords. The reason I would choose such path is that I know that AdWords and Overture work, but I need tutoring from people who are working with it every day. I once ran campaigns on Overture and AdWords which were profitable, but all this money has gone into high school. Now I am looking a new chance ? I just cant collect this money in a million year to effectivelly use AdWords and Overture and get my life onto tracks.

    I know that the competition will be hard and my essay is nothing special either, but I really hope that I have done something right and I can hope for a chance that would mean the whole difference for me. I just want to stop thinking about how will I survive this month and You have the opportunity to change it.

    Thank You for Your time and effort in reading this essay and I really hope the best from it ? hopefully You can give me some advice also in the future.


    ?With Only Your Support, Knowledge and Dedication, You Have Already Given me $5,000 and Much More...?

    After my first year in high school. I had a family vacation to Pakistan. Everything was going great and we were having fun, even though I didn't like to go there since it was really dusty, sandy and dirty. In the 3rd day that we went there, Well my dad had a "little" talk with the family. He told my mom, sister and me that he lost his job. His boss had called him and he was laid off. He told us that we were going to stay in Pakistan for a whole entire year and go to school there. Well to cut a long story short, my dad was actually lying. He never lost his job.

    So I went to school in Pakistan and I made friends with two kids from Brooklyn, NY. They had come there because they caused trouble and were involved with drugs. Well, I remember hanging out with them, they had a car and got a hefty allowance. I remember how I felt embarrassed when I didn't have any money to even pay for dinner in the nice fancy restaurants they took me too. Yes, they paid food for me and I didn't like it when they did that. I stopped "rolling" those kids after a while, They used to smoke and also tried to mock me. Probably to make themselves feel good. One of them, got married at 17 years old and I was over at his wedding.

    Anyways, school in Pakistan was pretty boring, The teachers were illiterate themselves and didn't have much teaching ability but nonetheless, I didn't complain to my parents. That said, I didn't get anything at all. Just food, shelter, water and no allowance or any type of nice things.


    I did have a computer and I loved the computer, It had tons and tons of information. I was grateful for the internet.

    One day I typed in "make money online" into google. It was 2005-2006 back then and was very early launched. I found the rich jerk website. I thought it was pretty cunning and compelling but...

    I thought it was a scam but back then that ebook was worth a lot of money for marketers. Apparently, I didn't buy it because I didn't have the money too. So I moved on. Big mistake on my part now that I look back to how many people made money with it.

    Well finally in July, I was sent back to the US. Lived in New York. And I was pretty happy once that happened. I had to go to summer school, otherwise I was going to get left behind one grade. So I made through there with all A's. Everything was going great once I was back.

    This time I was getting $30/weekly and I was extremely happy. At first I looked at my parents like they were idiots. I'm not lying, $30 weekly made me very happy. I would save up that money and not buy lunch. Instead I would eat food at home and pack it for school.

    By the end of the year, I got all A's, saved up over a $1,000 from my lunch money, and everything seemed to go smooth. But there is more to the story. My parents had divorced. They were in the middle of it. Everyday they were fights and this one time there were 8 cop cars in front my house. I simply didn't let it bother me, I just tried to mind my own business.

    I gave $1000 to my sister because she was going to the prom and my dad wouldn't give her any money for her prom dress, nails and hair. It was a loan basis not as a gift and just as you expect, she never paid me back. From that day forward, I never lend anybody money. Neither should Nevarc lend money to people and give handouts.

    The reasons why parents got a divorced was because of money matters. My dad was a pretty greedy person. He would make close to $200,000/ year and told my whole family that he only earned $5,000 a month and then say that he saved nothing in the end of the month.

    In fact, my mom used to work and he would take her whole entire paycheck.

    Again, I can't prove this over online, but it's all true.

    This part will make you pretty pissed: My sister found a bunch of perverted chat conversations on yahoo messenger with women that were 18-21 years old. And he would chat all day to them while we were in Pakistan.

    He also never lost his job. He said that because he actually wanted to get rid of us because it cost him money keeping his family in the US. And what's really sad, is that he even told the women online that he's getting a divorce. He talked about how his family is after his money when we were in Pakistan.

    Anyways, the divorce settlement for both parents has costed them over $150,000. A lot of money? Yes, it took them over a 1 year and a half. The reason for that is because my father won't leave my mother alone for jewelry she got in her wedding. He wants her jewelry and he wasted time over small issues in the courtroom which raked in $150,000 in legal fees.

    While, me and my sister are both going to the same community college because we don't have money for more than one car. I could have gotten into a much better school but my dad wouldn't want to pay. The divorce should have been only 3-6 months.

    Now here to the present. I don't rely on my father at all or my mom. As of right now, I'm going to community college for marketing. I'm at least thankful that my dad is paying for it but he's only going to do so for 2 years.

    After that I HAVE to take out a loan for school and I don't want to be broke for the rest of my life paying off some stupid loan. In fact, I doubt I will get much money for college because of banks reluctant to lend out any money.

    So what's my game plan? Well Internet Marketing. I remember I first set up my first adwords campaign. It was the summer and I was 17. It was 2007 and it was august. I read a book called "Beating Adwords". After reading that book for 1 hour, I decided to set up my first direct linking campaign out of nowhere.

    Yes, a 17 year old kid with no internet marketing experience. All I did was direct link to And in 2 days I made 100 bucks with two sales. I can show screen shots of my adwords account and my affiliate account to prove this. Heck I can show anyone a video of this. I picked the singing niche because I liked singing.

    At the end of 2008, I made only $2500 bucks. I wasn't too successful. But all that money is GONE! Where did it go?

    In April, 2008 I had some hormonal imbalance and I was losing a lot of weight. I had to go to the endocrinologist and she said that I need to take some medications. Guess what? Insurance didn't cover much and my dad didn't pay any of it.

    My mom had lost her job at the bank because she got pretty upset with my medical condition that by accident she placed $8,000 in her bank in the wrong drawer. True story, she did lose her job by accidently placing $8,000 in the wrong drawer in the bank. She was in a hurry to take me to the doctor and she made a small mistake of misplacing the bank's money in the wrong drawer.

    It took me 6 months to balance my hormones and the total cost of the medications were $2000 bucks. I had to take 4 different medications! One for testotorene, another for HGH, another for adrenaline, one for estrogen and another for LH.

    I had $500 bucks left. I bought a used laptop with that because half the screen on my old laptop was cracked and it would shut off randomly. My dad wouldn't get me a new one and I needed it badly for Internet Marketing.

    Now you maybe wondering Nevarc, why should I still give you $5,000 bucks? All you have told me is your "sad" stories, so I feel bad for you.

    Here's the truth Nevarc, I'm not writing this essay to win $5,000 so I can blow on something stupid, which most people I'm sure will do.

    In fact, I want something else besides $5,000. You see Nevarc, in your offer, I think you left something VERY important out of your offer...Very important.

    Money can not insure a person success. No it can't. Not possible. I knew of one guy, who was in a close place as me. He had no money for internet marketing and in his FIRST month he made a total of $3500. Yes it's a true story. Check it out here,

    So what do I need from you? Well, you mentioned you have a son coming up. Instead of giving me $5,000 dollars, I need someone who is going BELIEVE in me and replace that fatherly support. When your son will grow up, will you believe in him and give him that fatherly support? or will you just give him money?

    The truth is this: My father never helped in anything. He never taught me how to change a oil on car, tires, sports and he was hardly there for me. He was always at work, he used to cheat on my mom and he used to be drunk all that time. He gave me nothing to show.

    The thing is that I didn't really care whether my father gave me a nice allowance or bought me a nice car. All I ever wanted was some support and positive aid from him. He was never a "dad" for me.

    And no this isn't some kind of lie. I don't want your $5,000, what I need is someone who will coach me and BELIEVE in me.

    That's what I want. All my life, I never achieved ANYTHING. Why? Because nobody was out there for me. No one. I remember everything I started in my life, I always had someone put me down. I remember I wanted to be a singer and I got nothing but negativity. I achieved nothing. Why? Because I was put down.

    I can have all the money in the world, but never can I be successful until I have someone out there who will allow me to see that I can BE SOMETHING.

    All these methods online that you see on BHW mean nothing unless you properly direct it with a plan of action and correct attitude.

    When I was a little kid I remember, I used to see all these parents supporting there children in sports and activities. I NEVER got that support. I was never taught to believe in myself and all the while all these dads were supporting their sons in sports and activities, I never got that.

    Do you want to give your son support and to believe in himself?

    My father actually wanted me to FAIL high school. I'm not kidding. He used to talk all this crap of me failing over the phone to his relatives. He didn't want me to go off to college. I didn't pass high school last year and last summer my mom paid for summer school. Imagine having the most f**ked up father? Do you want such a father for your son?

    Money is just a tool. It is neither positive nor is it negative. It's neutral. It can either do you great harm by buying drugs with it or it can do you great help by using it correctly for achieving your goals.

    If you don't want to coach me and just want to give me money, what will I do with the money?

    Find someone who WILL believe in me and coach me and allow me to have a change in my confidence and self-esteem. That's money well spent in my opinion. My confidence has been shattered and to replace it will do me a million times better than will any amount of money.

    Sure I could buy a car, nice clothes, nice laptop or some other material things. But these things will not build confidence in me.

    I need someone who will stand by me. That's what I need. I see all these "methods" online to make money, but the thing they are missing is for me to believe in myself and help to get out of the shit hole that I have put myself into.

    And you know what? This maybe not answer looking for..

    But you know what Nevarc? It's actually the reality, whether you want to believe it or not. When you have your first son, this what you need to do and this what you will help your son the most. Not material things.

    You can shower your son with the nicest clothes, and cars but if your son doesn't believe in HIS ability to achieve success by himself without handouts, the truth is that he will become reliant upon you and eventually when you can no longer provide for him, he will be stuck.

    Conclusion? I want Nevarc to believe in me and guide me though success. The $5,000 bucks he gives me, I would ask him to take it back and give me his support, knowledge and coaching.

    Because that's the missing puzzle I have had my whole entire life. If you were to just give that, I wouldn't NEVER EVER need $5,000 bucks from you because I will have the ability make it on my own.

    "Teach a man how to fish and you will feed him his entire life"

    That's what I need, not $5,000.

    Sure I could go ahead and use $5,000 bucks to outsource some articles and make money. But how I do it effectively if I don't even have confidence in myself in the first place?

    All leaders need to believe in themselves first. A leader with no initiative will surely fail before he ever leads a group. Because a lack of confidence and faith in oneself will

    Team work is what will make go ahead in life, not materials gains. You have to have a understanding and cooperation with people. Only than can you use your money to leverage yourself.

    My advice to you is to forget the money, and offer me support to get me to believe in myself. Your son will have to believe in himself one day and starting with me will be a learning experience for you and me.

    Keep your $5,000 bucks in your pocket, give me your kindness and positive support. Building the right mental attitude in a person and the right qualities, you will already give them $5,000 and much more because they will form the habit of saving their money and using it wisely.

    That's they only way to give me $5,000.

    What I want is for to not only teach my some way to make money online but also back it up with some support. It will change my life forever and you will give me so much more than your money will ever give me.

    I will remember you as someone who contributed to my success, not someone who just gave me $5,000. When I achieve success, I will give you due credit. Thus my friend Nevarc...

    You can give me $5,000 dollars and more than I can ask for in life by just putting confidence, faith and belief in myself rather than belief in money itself.

    Despite all I've said, if you still want to give $5,000 only and not coach and guide me.

    Here's How it Would Be Spent

    1. Get Coaching from Tyler Ellison. - This is a guy I've known that in Rich Jerk forum. He had a Joint Venture with Kelly Felix (Rich Jerk). Knows a lot about SEO, Copywriting, Traffic, Blackhat, Design, HTML. Nice guy and someone, has already said that thanks to him, he's working full time from home using whitehat long term. -Cost $4,000 bucks. Very cheap for what he gives.
    2. Use $1,000 bucks to get some outsourced workers to write articles for me and buy a AC articles submitter to automate it once I make money from the articles
    3. Once that's done, I will use the SSM bot. Basically all blackhat things on the side. While I'm being coached for whitehat material. I will invest in ********* 2 once I have money. Only stuff that is easy, quick, profitable and automated.
    4. The business model will be for a Dating ebook. The model will be very similar with the business model of I have something pretty compelling but don't wish to name it so it doesn't get stolen. To build the course, I will put it to a test. And I will use the course, myself, get beta testers and go into clubs and try to become a player before trying to establish myself as a authority.

    After acquiring income from Articles, SSM and other blackhat methods. I would save around 80% of the income each month. The money will only go to needed things. Like food, rent or important stuff. Nothing luxury or any type of useless junk.

    5) My whole goal in life is to be a singer and use my internet marketing revenue to fund my singing career. With that said I would spend $10K on voice lessons with Brett Manning, He's in nashville. This was always my dream but I never got a chance as a kid. I will find a apartment for rent in Nashville. But I'm not going to go to nashville right away though. I will first buy his $200 home course and do it myself for 6 months.

    6) I will give money to some charity. Like $20,000 to some kids who don't get enough food and are being malnutrition. Starving kids is not cool. Sometimes I don't have much food to eat myself. And even though $20,000 is a lot of money. I'm a generous guy and a lot of food in the US get's thrown in the garbage.

    7) I will continue working on a whitehat business project. The truth is this and nothing more: Blackhat is not meant to last forever. And anyone who tells you otherwise is completely ignorant. What I see is that whitehat takes time, knowledge and patience. When the money doesn't roll in right way, it gets discouraging. With blackhat, you feel like it's possible.

    8. Once I have my whitehat down- which will be a dating ebook. Continue working on that and keep doing blackhat. Possibly cookie stuffing.
    9. Buy a house only after stable whitehat income, enough savings in the bank and I have learned enough whitehat skills such as SEO, Sales letters, PPC, media buying etc. - House will be a modest home for $300-400,000 and nothing more. No ?mansions?. I will buy a mansion later- once I have enough experience to be able build my income back up again if anything happens to my businesses.
    10. At the same time, college loans will be paid. And in case anything ever happens which is extremely unlikely, I have a marketing degree to fall on. My marketing degree will also help me in internet marketing.
    11. In the process of doing all these steps- these steps are actually a part of a MUCH bigger and ambitous goal. And that is to be a successful singer. I will be working on writing songs, singing, performing in my freetime. Plus I will place in automated businesses which will allow greater time to focus my attention on my singing career. Singing is a passion for me but it requires a lot of dedication that a 9-5 job will take out a lot of time to focus on building a career from it. That's where internet marketing comes. The skills I will learn from internet marketing can also be used to promote my music on the internet. People will call me ?The Internet Marketed Singer...Singer who is a Internet Marketer promoting his Music?... Okay sounds corny, I know.
    12. To make sure I am successful in all my plans, I will use and study the courses in and make sure I have a team of people working cooperatively with me for my Chief Aim in life.
    13. Once I'm a singer. Adopt a orphan as my own child and start my own family.
    14. Start some charity foundation.
    15. Now that's $5,000 well invested to bring you a change for your whole life instead of just spending it on material things that last for a few weeks. :)

    NOTES: I will keep my income a secret from family and friends. People generally always want a piece of your pie. I will probably only tell one friend who will become my business partner and is serious. No bragging or telling people. Just keep my mouth shut and be smart. A lot of envy in people.

    All The Best.

    PS. Coach me on any method in internet marketing.


    Congratulations on the baby boy and thanks for this contest! Really amazing of you... :D

    I would completely and utterly reserve the entire amount of $5,000 for PPC-- testing affiliate marketing campaigns. I've tried some PPC but it's obviously cost-prohibitive for beginners. With my intelligence, clever mind and eye, and dedication to testing, I would guarantee that by the end of the $5k I will have some serious money making campaigns.


    What will I do with 5000$ If I won

    5000$ means a lot!

    First of all 5000$ is a great amount for someone like me who earns money from blogging and resides in Asia (India) which has relatively different economy compared to foreign countries.So this 5000$ will be utilized for benefiting myself as well as my whole family by creating new projects online.

    How will it effect my Online business

    I always wanted to hire a designer,give my thoughts to a programmer so that he can create a tool which I can sell and add some twist to it.Moreover I want to own dedicated servers,hire writers 24/7 and set up atleast 20 niche websites which will be enough for generating healthy income per month.Also I will donate % of money to some trusted organization which helps old needy people because the measure of life is not its duration, but its donation towards humanity..

    What else Can I expect in offline world ?

    From all the niche websites developed by hiring a freelance writer,a coder for creating small useful tools and various ppl under my network,I will have good cash within a few months which will keep me satisfied.I can expect people and parents acknowledging my efforts and the money I generated with good faiths.

    Other needs..

    Currently I am using a 7-8 year old Celeron pc which has very basic configurations..from this money I will buy myself a simple computer which has enough specification so that I can do online task faster and easily.I can assure myself that the money will be used to complete the basic needs and won't be spent lavishly on any irrelevant stuffs as I have gone through the toughest time in my whole life and as far as I know I do understand the value of each penny!


    Just watching your thread about give
    away $5000 CASH from you and I want to give a try for it. ;)

    I don't care whether I win it or not. But, surely if I have that kind
    of money, I will used it to make more businesses and pay all my debts.
    I'm not interested on instant gratification because it only worth

    I have a lot of ideas but most ideas that I have need me some money
    pouring into it ( for ads, hosting,domain, programmer). Well, I know
    for most people, they can start with zero investment, but to be honest
    I want the faster result. The rule that I know is make more money by
    using money. So, I have to make money first before run my ideas into
    reality. For now, it keep safe in my precious ideas book.

    Today I'm really in broke. In my account only have $1.30 for balance.
    All my money had gone by trying one to another e-book and software but
    nothing help to put some buck in my pocket. I also lose my daily job
    due to economic crisis today. But, I have faith to make my success
    through online even I don't get your price. For me, success is a life
    and I know it surely have much value to achieve it in hard way.

    ps: congrat's for your new born baby soon! :)