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Win Nevarcs Money Essays Part 2

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Black Hat Seo, Jun 20, 2009.

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    Feb 8, 2008
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    Firstly thanks a lot for organizing such contest and it is very insipiring to see someone actually doing this. And congratulation on your soon to be born baby.

    Here goes my essay :

    I have been making money on the Internet for the past 4 years and just began to take it full time due to the recession currently. It have been difficult for me to get a proper job out there to feed my family (mom and a sister), I lost my dad last year and are the only son in my family. Somehow with God's blessings I started earning good on the internet but although good, it is just enough to support my family and me. I earn around $1500 a month on the internet.

    The reason I am taking part in this contest is not to tell my sad story and try to win your heart to choose me as a winner. Plus I don't need the $5000 for me and my family, all I wanted to do is give something back to the unfortunate people out there. Last year, I lost my dad and my job and it was the worst year in my life. Start 2009 everything changed and God gave me a path in life (online business) and He helped me a lot in getting this year right and I am more than glad and thankful to Him for helping me out and giving me a great start of this year. I always wanted to show my appreciation to God but due to my tight budget and earnings I couldn't do much. If I win your contest, all the money will be donated to charity homes, to those that are not as lucky as us.

    That's my idea on winning this contest and giving it to people that needs it more than me and you. To give you a better idea, why don't you donate it to the charity homes in your place. Their blessings for you and your baby will be great. All of us on the forum are making money and enjoying our lives, but always remember those out there that are not as lucky as us/


    One week ago I came up with a number in my head and that number was 5000. I am completely dependent on the internet because I left the Chicago area to live a simpler life. I moved to a tiny island in the Philippines. Poverty is everywhere in this country. If you want to see people who desperately need money then you can find them in large numbers here. As far as internet marketing goes I am no guru but I'm surviving here. I bath from buckets of water and eat rice on the floor without silverware. I have no problems living like this. I am currently renting an apartment and it costs me about $200 a month. I would say I average about $1000 a month take home and I am living paycheck to paycheck. I have been actively searching for a cheap piece of land I can buy here. One week ago I decided if I could somehow come up with $5000 I could buy a good enough size of land and build a house. I want to build a house thats never been seen on this island. Here is a youtube video of what I will be making.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8XXICP3rKY
    I have never built a house in my life but have already contacted some people who have built these homes. My goal here is to see what I can do to be completley free from money all together. I figure the land should be big enough to build the house and have a small farm where I can grow my own food. I really think that once I have built this home that I can help people who don't have homes on this island and educate them so they can afford to have a roof over their heads.

    I can prove who I am and that my story is very real. I have much of my adventures and experiences here documented through a blog I created. It never pulled in any money because its not really a money making niche. http://www.americanlifeinthephilippines.blogspot.com
    I have been lurking around blackhatworld for awhile now and have never made a single post. I was hesitant to write this to you because I'm not someone who has developed skills that are worth paying for. But in my mind I beleive I should definatly be a candidate for money given to a good cause. I'm alone here and I can't do this all myself. I would have the community here be involved in this project so we can all learn how to build homes. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

    Sorry if I'm not the kind of person you had in mind to enter this contest but you don't know if you don't try..
    If your son is born on the 29th then he will have the same birthday as me.. and congrats on that too..


    well i`m a noob on this shit but i`ve been around on internet money makeing with your money ... il start like this cookie stuff + dedi + xrumer + alot of domains and start spaming :D


    I usually give 10% of whatever income I earn online to charity or needy people. So my first expense is that I will give $500 to charity. Then I thought of buying a Ride-on electric car for my 2 1/2 years old son. So my second expense will be that.
    Later I buy some cosmetics and handbags for myself. :D
    Rest of the money I save.
    (Sorry for my bad english)


    Being a BlackHatter is always my future. Not a dream, I know how to accomplish it. But my formulas ain't worth 5,000$ . I can make that money in few days out of my method. So I won't share with you.

    Just a clue I will be doing => CS.


    Sorry,if my english is bad.:D because iam just 17 years old.if you didnt believe.i can show you my id card.lol i will tell you little about me.I have father,mother and one brother.iam the oldest.My father didnt work .i really hate him . my mother works in property agent.Do u now broker?yeah,just like that.but this job is not Good for her,because my mom cant get money if she didnt make any sales.this is the main reason i learn internet marketing.i want to change my family life and make my mother happy.in 2009,she will 45 years old.i think she cant work in next year or several years again. ANd Do u know?until now,i just can make money from selling link.Buy expired domain with pagerank,write article and submit to reviewme and sponsored review.Every 3 months,i always afraid with pagerank update.i cant make passive income like adsense and afiiliate because i live in indonesia.i think my life will change if i live in USA.$5000 in indonesia is very Big .$5000 usd to IDR(indonesia dollar rupiah) will become 60,000,000. In my Country,1 day life=$1.. I cant imagine if i win your essay contest.LOl but it is okay if i not win because the best part is You will become father .i hope you become Good father.not like my father


    I am a member oof BHW.
    Did you finally see how money make people so kind?? :)
    Congatulation for your first son, it is the best that can be happen to a man, this is the real happiness and not the money.
    My proposal for your money:

    Keep it and spend these for your son. Money doesn't make our life happier but easier.
    If you have money to spend then give these away for kids that starving as a gift of your son, to his name.

    Sorry fir my bad english.
    Have a nice day and again congratulation for the born of your son.
    I wish always to be wealthy and happy.

    Thank you


    Hi Nevarc,

    First, congrats to you on your newborn son! I wish I'm not too late
    for this competition, really hope that I can win this money as I
    desperately need it here!

    Well, here's how I will use the money for:


    First, I'll use $2000 of the money for media buying. I was thinking
    of going into Trafficvance for long time but well, $500 for me in my
    country is a lot, and I do not have so much cash for getting in there.
    I do not own any product obviously, but I will select from the best
    selling CPA offer I join with close communication from my affiliate
    manager. I will also target a few hundred keyword for a start, and
    narrow it down from time to time to the most profitable and targeted.
    So, why do I need $2000 instead of $500? well, this is because I will
    keep trying it until I succeed. and another $1.5k is for backup if I
    lose that $500.

    I will use $1000 out of that $5000 to hire freelance and outsource it
    in website development. I will do some research on what is the most
    popular and demanding website nowadays, and will outsource the work
    here for freelance to develop. After the site is develop, I'll again
    hire someone to market the site, and will for sure goes for web 2.0
    technology. And after the site is popular, I will sell the website
    for more money, I'm confident that this will earn at least $5k or more
    for that.

    I will use another $1000 for getting into cookie stuffing stuff. I'll
    first buy some nice script from BHW, and buy some EPN account from
    there as well. I really love to go into cookie stuffing stuff, but
    had no budget for that at this moment.

    And finally for last $1000, I'll use that as tuition for to continue
    my master degree, I love to study and hope to get a master degree
    here, but again, not really affortable for that.


    I have tried a lot of methods posted in BHW but I never had a chance to be succeed. Doing blackhat but still earning a maximum of $.50 per day in the internet.
    I would like to earn money online for me to raise a capital. And I though blackhatting would be a good way. I have been dreaming to have my own business to help my family and I.

    If I win, I would invest a part of the prize to start-up a successful business. I would let the money grow to make our lives stable.

    And the other part of the prize to help my parents. They don't have enough income to support our family even if we cut our expenses - that is due to debts.

    Thank you for reading my essay. :)


    Ok.Well,firstly i have to say sorry for my bad english.

    Now,what would i do with $5000?

    Actually i have something in mind.I wanted to try a CPA Method a few months ago which required investment and i didn't have any money....The method involves promoting Email Submits using Polls via PPC.I found a nice twist to it and i really want to try it.I'm sure you know what im talking about.Anyway this is one thing that i would do with some of the money.Another thing to do is to promote via AdWords one of my adult website( http://www.FlingDesire.com ) which i think it really has potential.
    Another thing i would do is to start a CPA Incentive Membership Site and Promote it via AdWords.


    I always wanted to start a white-hat business for a long-term income.This is what i would do i had money to invest:
    1.I would put every method i can think of into action to make some money the blackhat way.
    3.I would invest all in my whitehat business.I already know what i want to do but i can't tell you because my idea is really unique and i can't let anyone know about it.

    So,this is what i would do with $5000.I would invest them all and if the methods which i invested in work,then i would buy a car with some of the profits and invest the rest of the money....

    Ok...then...that's all i wanted to say...ooh...and ...CONGRATS ON YOUR SON,NEV!!!


    Regarding your giveaway here is my essay for your consideration:

    "While there are infinite options one can come up with for spending $5,000 my choice is clear: I would immediately invest those funds into your "CPA Domination" program and get to work. Once I had this program up and running out of appreciation I would then return your generosity by finding ways to give back to the BHW community, with a special focus on helping serious noobs get started. Simple as that."

    My sincere thanks to you, and all the best,


    First of all I want to thank Nevarc for this awesome opportunity! This is really sweet for some of us who aren't making thousands online everyday. Even if I don't win I will be excited to see the results of the winner and how he/she profits from the money. But down to business. Here is what I would do with the money.

    First of all I would create some white hat stuff to start getting long term with. I would outsource the creation of some web 2.0 sites, squidoo, blogger, hubpages etc. I would also outsource some articles to be written to promote the product and the web 2.0 sites. I would also create a Wordpress blog for each offer. I would also most likely hire someone to do some bookmarking of the sites too. I would do this with 3 or 4 sites. I'm not sure how much this would cost total but I am guessing $1000? It might be a little more.

    I also am working on writing an ebook. I am almost done and would use some of the results from the stuff above in the ebook. So I would hire someone to write a sales page. I would also need to buy a couple PLR's or something like that to include with the ebook as bonuses. I am still figuring out whether to list the ebook on Clickbank as Clickbank has some problems... But I would probably put it one Clickbank as most affiliates still go there. That costs $49 so that is a little money. So total I guess it would be at max $500 something like that.

    Now that I have got some more long term earning stuff going I want to try the more interesting stuff, blackhat. :) So I have always wanted to try cookie stuffing, but have never had the $500 or so dollars to shell out to buy a flash stuffing script. Even if I don't win I think I will try to JV with someone to try out a cookie stuffing script, but anyway so I would buy a cookie stuffing script. I have a friend that has a pretty high traffic blog and im pretty sure a lot of her traffic uses Ebay. So I would try it out there. I would also try some forum stuffing in different niches. I think I would try and outsource the forum posting. Then have them give me the account name and password and I will insert the CS code myself. So I would try that in several different niches.

    Now what I really want to do is create a big black hat network. So i would buy Xrummer and Doorway Page Generator Pro. I think what I would do is create one main site that would have CPA and I would use the script I bought above to CS Amazon and Ebay. So the site would have 3 income sources. I have not figured out the specific niche, but I would be something that there is a CPA product for, and a niche that is popular on Amazon and Ebay. So I would create my main money page and use some of the tools to promote it. Since I am going to make my money on my money page, I will create a bunch of cloaked pages that will rank high for my keywords and then automatically redirect to my "money page". Then I will use PR Storm and Xrummer to promote the cloaked pages. I will also probably create a site or two that simply is there to receive backlinks and then transfer some of the power to my "money page". I would hire someone to do the keyword research as I really hate doing it. I mean I do it, but for this I would want a lot of keywords. So I believe DoorwayPage Generator Pro is $150 and Xrummer 5 is like $700. So thats about $1000 including keyword research and other random costs. I think I would start off, now dont worry I will definitely branch out and do more, but I think I would start out with creating 2 money sites for two different niches. I want to make sure I dont make a bum niche.

    So I have so far spent about $3000.

    I would have around $2000 left I believe.

    I really need to start building a list. So I think that is what I would start trying to do with some of the money. I would get some PLR products/videos, make a sales page and then get some subscribers. That is the most basic and easiest method I know to get a list going. I would use articles and forums for promotion. So article writing and PLR products and sales pages lets estimate another $1000. I don't think it will cost that much, but I really want to get a nice niche list going. I would then promote my ebook to that list.

    Now my real passion is sports in particular, baseball. So I have always wanted to start some sort of sports blog/website or something. I think this would promote pretty well with Amazon and Ebay affiliate networks. Whether I CS or not. I think I would get a custom template designed to do that say around $100.

    So I would have about $900 left. I wanted to have a little left so that I can outsource anything I forgot to mention above AND so that I can immediately start investing more money into the project that is doing the best. Like if my black hat money pages are doing well. I will create some more. If my white stuff is really taking off I will get some more articles or web 2.0 sites done. I will start in a new niche etc. Oh and I would also like to donate to BHW, which I haven't been able to afford yet. I want to become a Jr VIP and hopefully share some knowledge I will gain if I win.

    I think I would also offer an Xrummer service on BHW once I got comfortable using it so that people who cant afford it yet can benefit. Especially because I would be receiving it as a gift. I would also try to do some CS JV's with people who like me cant afford a premium flash stuffing script. Hopefully that would generate some god profit too.

    So as an overview I would have:
    3 or 4 white hat sites and articles/web 2.0 promoting them for some long term income
    An ebook with sales page, bonus products and a list to promote to
    2 blackhat "money pages" earning money from CS and CPA that have cloaked pages linking to them and Xrummer and PR Storm promoting the cloaked pages.
    A sports blog/website earning money from CPA, Ebay and Amazon
    A list to do JV's with and promote some products too
    Hopefully earning some cash from CS JV's at BHW and my Xrummer service.

    As you can see I have a basic plan of some stuff I would like to get done, but as of right now I really don't have the funds to get it started.

    I want to thank Nevarc again for his generosity to whoever wins!


    Dear friend,
    I heard about this wonderful event in your life and I am very happy for you, being a father of two sons myself.
    I was deeply impressed by your decision to offer a prize because of the birth of your son. This event inspired me
    to compose the music and lyrics of a special song that reflects a loving father's feelings toward his son. The
    music, lyrics, musical arrangement and execution were done by me and the singer is one of my sons.

    Regarding this song:
    If I win the prize and you like the song I will give up the copyright to you, the song will be at your disposal to
    use it as you wish (play it at your son's birthday, share it with friends, give it to a studio/radio etc.). If I
    win a prize I will send you via mail a professionally recorded and edited version of the song, made in a
    professional studio at my expense.
    If I don't win the prize but you still like the song, with your veto right, you can give a second prize or a special
    Please take this e-mail personally, and for the contest only consider the attached document (essay). The
    attached mp3 file is the song I mentioned above named "Daddy Song", also for you personally (the lyrics are
    mentioned in the essay).
    After the end of the contest, please reply and tell me your decision about the copyright of the song.
    Finally, I wish you and your family well


    OBJECTIVE: To create a successful clone of the well known Swoopo bid site.
    WHY?: Because this has not yet been saturated and it can be improved.

    IDEA: The main idea here is very basic. The site would work in a very similar way to the original Swoopo site except
    it would be a little bit cheaper therefore bringing in a larger audience. My idea is not to only allow people to buy bids
    from the Swoopo Clone Site but it's to use CPA as an advantage and give Swoopo members FREE bids by completing
    CPA offers which would be listed on the site once registered. The main idea here is to combine a Freebie Site with a
    Swoopo Site to create the perfect marketing scheme. I am extremely positive that this idea will work and be very profitable
    IF done correctly. Why would people prefer to use the Swoopo Clone Site rather then the original Swoopo Site?
    A. The clone site would be cheaper.
    B. The clone site would offer free bids for completing CPA offers.
    C. The clone site would not only have electronics BUT it would also have many digital items such as Rapidshare
    Accounts which would bring in a hell of a lot of members.

    WHAT DO I NEED?: A partner to help me manage everything. JV.

    $1990 - Swoopo Clone Site Script,
    $702 - A one year VPS from WiredTree,
    $308 - To modify the template a little bit,
    $1000 - Paid advertising,
    $1000 - Backup money which will be needed incase something bad happens.
    Total = $5000.

    WHY ME?: Because this idea is guaranteed to be successful and I've got high motivation to make it happen.

    PS: Of course we could think of throwing in a little BlackHat Methods into this which would generate a really nice revenue.


    Greetings! You?re a busy man, so I?ll keep the introduction short and cut to the chase. My name is Alin, I live in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and I own a bit of land a few miles from the city. My project is about building a house on it, with my father, one that I plan to sell after it?s completed.

    For this idea, I first had a friend research the needs of the average Romanian buyer, along with the usual requests they make and a basic profile of the aforementioned. This has been performed by speaking with a number of individuals that work in this exact field, from the Valea Prahovei area (which is the most villa-intensive, due to the tourists) as well as architects, builders, owners and potential buyers from Bucharest. The conclusion reached was that, usually, our locals don?t want the hassle of supervising the build ? thus investing in specialized companies that tend to overcharge, or buying already-inhabitable buildings ? and, most importantly, they are almost unaware of what they want, in terms of materials and appearance. Many have expressed the request for something unique, but, also for financial reasons, they usually end up buying standardized designs, which are the vast majority of what we have around here.

    Your browser may not support display of this image.

    They sometimes manage to impose their will in terms of color and other small things that cost little money, but make a huge negative visual impact on many prospective buyers:

    Your browser may not support display of this image.

    This one is a Board and Lodging close to the area of our land ? and my friend has mentioned staying in one that looked superb on the inside, but had a weird-looking all-pink exterior, coupled with the fact that its shape looked like a typical peasant?s house, during his research.

    With that in mind, my father and I have created a rough sketch for a house that will blend a series of styles my father has encountered in Prague, the paradise for architecture.

    Your browser may not support display of this image.

    The main advantages are as follows:

    1. My father, an engineer with a background as an accountant, will be the project manager, thus avoiding the overpriced services of a contractor and getting ripped off by the builders ? as well as reducing the hassle with the officials, since this is a bureaucratic country and he?s already familiar with the procedures.
    2. The project will contain a number of elements that are almost unheard off locally, such as stained glass, an interior fountain, a few tasteful sculptures and wall paintings. Aside from that, its selling value will be increased with a number of cost-effective decorations; they?re not easy to do, but actual labor is the only relevant resource, from that point of view.

    In order to start building, we will also need a shed for depositing materials as well as providing basic lodging for the people that are going to work for it. The first actual investment will be in a professionally made blueprint for both the house and the shack; the second being the payments for the paperwork required to get approval for the build. After that, we can go about purchasing materials (cement, reinforced concrete, sand, adhesives, plumbing, paint, glass, ceramic tiles et caetera) and tools (cutting implements, drills, a concrete mixer and so forth) and starting to work on the house.

    The $5000 would surely not cover the entire project, but it would take care of a valuable first step: the blueprints, the paperwork, the foundation, digging a well for onsite water (as well as purchasing a pump) and part of the framing, the final three operations being the only performed by hired subcontractors. We can do the rest of the operations self-financed, in steps, with the help of local laborers. After the construction is complete, appraised (we have a realtor acquaintance that can take care of that) and sold, we will invest in a similar project ? either a house built from scratch or ?flipping? an old one, depending on the size of the investments required. This first one will help us have a clear view on costs, potential problems and requirements.

    This is something that we will perform, eventually, regardless of winning the prize or not, but, if we do win, it would surely remove a good few initial difficulties. You have our respect for your initiative and our best wishes for you, your family and your soon-to-come latest offspring.
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