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    Sad but true, here's all the submissions, I guess I'll take a break from my multi million dollar companies to steal all these to make a fortune like all you hater douche bags were claiming I was going to do :) a link to a poll will be added shortly, votes will be by number:

    Look at the bright side, should be easy to choose a winner :)


    Hey Nevarac ,
    I am the most deserving candidate for your $$$
    . I thought a lot about the essay . When i tried to write , it all
    seemed to stupid and looked like just another post on bhw. Here's what
    i will do

    "Rinse and repeat the methods on BHW"

    This seem short? But this is really what i will do. I know , you must
    be asking "Tell mw what you want to rinse and repeat" . Well , it will
    be the top 3 methods. Cookie stuffing , Buying traffic (blackhat
    method) , Blackhat SEO .

    If you as me , I deserve this money (period) . I am not boasting , but
    its my gut feeling. Its just like theories dont work in blackhat. Its
    just like you are sipping coffee and all of a sudden you are hit with
    another blackhat method. I am sure it is all gut feeling there that it
    can be done. Same way , its my gut feeling i will win this money :)

    However , you really started a very good thing by offering money. Now
    moaners got nothing to complain and i promise you , i will keep the
    ball rolling. I am 100% sure i will make money out of this and with in
    2 months , i'll launch same sort of thread.

    regards and all the best

    P.S - I hope you will go with your gut feeling and chose me as winner.
    You know your gut feeling is always right :)


    i cant believe i saw your thread the day it is due lol. like me to procrastinate ;)

    anyway here it is:
    i would go to and find the Philippines section. i would post a job for a content organizer and a content writer (about $500 a month). one would go to, find popular niches and then look for popular books within that niche. then he would go to the table of contents, copy it in a word document, then find articles on the internet for the related chapters and sections (can use more than one table of contents from multiple books). then he/she emails it over to my content writer who sees the organization and rewrites all the articles into one giant 100 page ebook.

    while they are doing that, i can (or i can outsource) create a landing page using seo and some blackhat methods for backlinks to make my page popular. i would sell my ebook on that webpage and post a few articles (that my content guy writes) around places like squidoo. all this can be done in about a week. so that is 4 ebooks a month for $500. selling each for $30-$50 (not including embeded referal links) you could make a profit after selling just a few ebooks. this is all automated but takes a semi large startup cost ($1000.... one month of content and then by the second month, you should be seeing big profits coming in).


    phase two while my content team is working:

    i like playing poker for a living and already have an ebook and page 99% done. i would finish up my site and hire a guy to put in a good looking custom poker theme and some subscription options to my page. i would just play poker (make money on that obviously), record my sessions, and have a monthly subscription. i also like writing so i have a poker newsletter twice a week. one extra day a week i do a product review for an affiliate link LOL.


    with my last $3k or so, i would buy a few sample shipments of ecigarettes from china. i would see which one looked the best and which one didnt. i would wholesale the products i do like and finish building my site around it. i would buy the ecigs for around $20-30 each and sell them for $100-150 each and then make money for life using the nicotine cartriges. i wouldnt even have to sell anything either because i would just have it all be done through affiliates. to start some out, i have a flea market in town soon where i would like to do some sales (as i am good at that). it would get the name out and some life customers who would be reliant on nicotine cartriges instead of cigarettes.


    once i get $20k from that start up money, i will put a down payment on a house and rent out some rooms and i would live in the master bedroom. i always wanted to do something like a poker house where everyone learned from each other and played with each other. there would be a poker table, big screen tv, beer fridge, etc. when i reach this far, i will donate %10 as i would never make money in the first place if it wasnt for other people on the internet helping. of course blackhatworld would get quite a bit but i think money toward cancer research would be best because i want to see it cured in my lifetime (another reason why i think ecigarettes are a great product)


    i really hope you pick this as i am having a hard time right now getting off my feet. most of my time is put toward helping out my family right now and working to pay off all my bills. i put about 10 hours a week in which is good enough for a few websites and ebooks :D


    Why I really could use the 5000 dollars

    Let me start out by saying I?ve been trying to make money online for 2 years now, I just recently discovered Blackhatworld about 8 months ago ever since then I have been making more slowly and slowly money but nothing to write home about. The most I have gotten in a month is around 200 dollars via hostgator using the affiliate program but it sucks I had to wait 3 months just to realize I wasn?t going to receive my 2 thousand dollars because they canceled on the 2nd month and you have to have 3 months of someone buying host gator. I think I have tried most of the popular methods I have 8 auto blogs that make maybe 30 cents a week, I have a membership site that made me 15 dollars last month also I have money from my affiliate networks but I have never received a check because there is 80 in my cj account and it?s been like that for a couple of months now. In my incent reward account I have around 50 for 2 acai berry sales. But no checks so far it?s really depressing me I recently thought of some more methods but they require money to start and I?m having to quit my part time job and get a full time just to help pay for rent. This gets me into the next section of the essay why I want the money.

    Reasons for wanting the money

    I would use the money to firstly to pay of my rent for 3 months, then use it to reinvest into my internet career. Here are a couple of examples of what I wanted to use the money on. Google adwords maybe do a few adwords campaigns on my auto blogs, pro?s say that?s the only decent way to get targeted traffic but I just don?t have the money for that right now. Buy Xrumer and get paid to do some submissions, I was thinking about this idea for awhile because when I had senuke I was getting paid pretty well by people to improve their seo ranking. Get new websites and enter in new niches the niche?s im in right now for my autoblogs aren?t that great and are highly competitive. Examples


    Those are just a couple of my blogs I also have a forex blog and a online poker blog. I also only have 2 more months of hosting left I would use that money to pay for hosting so I could host more websites / ideas. Something?s that ease your mind I don?t have any addictions to anything, unless you want to call being on the internet an addiction. I don?t smoke, drink, use tobacco, drugs I don?t do any of it I have done it maybe once or twice in the past but I resent doing those things. Another thing I will not use your money on is down payments for anything such as car, bike, jetski, I already have a working 98 civic hatch that I had since I was 16 so I don?t need any of that.

    I could think of a million more things but you probably are going to get so many emails as it is please just don?t overlook this one.

    A little more info about me:

    I have been an active member since oct 2008 I am a programmer I program in C# and am a expert .net cracker. I cracked a total of 4 programs including BMD4 and senuke for the BHW community. I am sure there are more deserving people but The state I am in right now I could really use that money. Im 18 years old living in dallas, texas I moved out when I was 17 along with my 2 best friends since middle school. I have been trying to make money using different methods but maybe a maximum of 200 a month I have been getting.

    If you don?t even pick me would you please teach me along the lines of how to make some extra bank for rent, bills, and gas. I?m running out of ideas besides just get a full time job.


    I just saw your contest, i saw an opportunity and i'd like to participate, even if it's a little late.
    I am less then a noob in blackhat, but i have some experience in internet marketing. At least
    theoretical. And i want to start appling my IM knowledge.

    So, let's shorten this because i don't want to bore you. What should i do if i'll win the $5000?

    Two things:

    1. I'll give you back $2500 and ask you kindly to teach me all i need to know to make money by
    blackhating. I mean, take me by the hand in msn and teach me for a month or whatever
    it takes, step by step, the way a blackhater things and what he does to make money.
    I trust you can teach me this because you are making much, much more money then me.

    2. I want to develop a revolutionary wordpress package that will help internet marketers. Unless i
    win, i can't tell you more about this yet. Hope you understand me. So, the rest of $2500 will
    help me develop (outsource) and create a big marketing campaign, that will involve many
    big names on the IM stage. Ofcourse, if you help me, you will have 50% share of the whole profit,
    wich will not be little (belive me, i've made a lot of market research around this).

    So, in short, i think this two ways are a well made investition on my future and, why not, maybe yours.


    What would i do with $5000 dollars?

    If you asked my teenage self this questions 5 years ago I would?ve probably spent it recklessly. Back then, I had no worries and was only out to have a good time. I knew eventually I would have to grow up and become a ?productive? member of society; but really, does working 40 hours a week for your employer (making him richer) and living off the scraps make you a ?productive? member of society.

    During elementary school and High School I was always that kid that got top marks in class yet never even tried and screwed around a lot in class. My teachers were bewildered by my behavior and always asked why I behaved so carelessly. They would always bombard me with questions like: Why can?t you behave like all the other students? You?re a bright kid, your throwing away your future by not giving it your ?100%?.

    I was 19, and all of a sudden I found myself at the University Of Guelph in Canada for Engineering. This experience was different then high school, A LOT different. A lot of the kids around here were extremely rude and were ?competing for the best jobs?. Yes, you heard that right (this was a common excuse to not help a fellow student with homework, apparently all these students are competing for jobs in the future so they basically want to eliminate the weakest links); but you couldn?t really blame these kids for thinking like this. In the school of engineering, we were trained like drones on how to become engineers to work for an employer 40 hours a week for the rest of our lives.

    Eventually, I found that the cost of living in another city with no source of income was too much for me. So I travelled back home to London Ontario, and transferred to Fanshawe College for mechanical engineering at the age of 21 (this year). Then in the month of March 2009 something amazing happened, I stumbled upon blackhat world when I was googling what ?blackhat? was (I saw this term on the DP forum).

    As a child, I?ve always wanted to travel the world. I?ve always wrote this off as nothing but a dream, how are you supposed to get the money to do this? After using the resources in blackhat world I have went from 5$ a day to almost 50$ a day in not even 2 week with NO initial investment (besides a domain name). All of a sudden, I found out you can make money online and it wasn?t even hard.

    So now we are back to the question: What would you do with $5000 dollars?

    To put it simply, I would reinvest this to make more money. During my little time here I learned that there is NOTHING difficult about making money online, all it takes is a little bit of work. Why did I include the little introduction above? To prove a point. As humans we are not meant to sit in front of a desk working 40 hours a week. Go to school, get a job, get a career, have children, retire, die. What kind of life is that? Why does society insist that we live as drones, doing the same routine every single day of our lives? I don?t know about you guys, but I want to live. I have promised myself if I can make $3000-4000 US dollars a month online I will pursue my dream of travelling the world.

    Remember the saying ?Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime?? Well, Blackhat world has taught me to fish already. However, I am saving up that money I am getting selling my fish to buy a new fishing rod so I can catch bigger fish. If I can get $5000, I will be using it to buy the best fishing rod on the market so I can catch the biggest fish I can possibly find. Thanks to blackhat world, my dream of travelling the world is becoming closer to a reality.


    You are very generous for doing this and i thank you,
    there aint many people who would do this who i know.
    I would spend the cash on nursery fees for my 17month old
    and study fees for a course of some sort to better myself and
    make sure my little one has a better future because i cant get a job
    because of my criminal record.(only assaults not an axe murderer or anything)
    Was an angry lil man when i was younger and now its come backto bite me
    in the ass.Anyway peace dude and good luck.


    First of all, i wanted to thank you for the contest, i twas very kind of you. Once again, i?m sorry for the late email. I know that i probably won?t win or even be qualified, but i least i?ll try . If we don?t try, we don?t get anything, right ?

    So, here we go :

    If i had the $5000, sincerly, i would try to invest them to get a steady income every day or month caus 5000$ would be soon over. So, i would get a copy of xrumer 5, as well as premium accounts on rapidshare, megaupload, uploading, then a dedicated private server to run xrumer on it and host websites and autoblogs. I?m not sure about what else i would do, but my goal is to make it $5000/day. It?s hard, but i?ll try. And those first $5000 would help me achieve my goal.

    Thank you for listening to me, hope you enjoyed it and sorry for the mistakes (english isn?t my mother tongue ). Even if i don?t get the $5000, thinking that there are ppl earning that much, give me the courage to try more and more even if i fail. Thanx again.


    --- The Epic Energy Supplement Plan ---

    I've been planning on launching an energy supplement for quite awhile, though due to the lack of starting capital, the project has been pushed back countless times.

    /*The Background - aka "energy supplements? why?"*/

    The US energy supplement market is an absolute goldmine, everyone (more specifically, college students) wants an alternative to the two main sources of morning boosts - coffee and energy drinks (side note if your from the UK: Very few people drink tea here). Most college students don't have the time in the morning (or for that matter, know-how) to brew up a cup of coffee. Not only does coffee stain your teeth and give you bad breath, but most people nowadays (again, more specifically college kids) can't afford to go get a $5 dollar cup of coffee (or for most coffee drinkers now, it would be more like a cup of iced-mocha-frappa-latte-chino double dipped with swirls and whipped cream -_-). If you follow the financial markets, you've witnessed the fall of the great beast that was once starbucks. Energy drinks are in just as much trouble, they are too expensive (about $3 a can) and contain too many calories and sugar for most people to want to drink daily. The big ole corporates have seen this trend as well - but they have gone about it all wrong. There has been a recent ad war between two large companies - one that produces "5 hour energy" and the other that produces "6 hour energy" these are energy "shots", they are essentially condensed energy drinks, but they still cost 3 dollars. The thing is, its still way too expensive and their main vulnerability that I'm going to hit with my ad campaigns is that they are still incredibly unhealthy, arguably even worse for you than energy drinks.

    So here is where I come in -

    My idea is to provide a low-cost healthier alternative to these 3 products.

    "Why don't people just buy caffeine pills" you may ask
    I've done boat loads of research on this topic, with all of the people I've asked about caffeine pills, the majority of them have either thought caffeine pills were really strong and would give them a very bad come-down or think they cost a ton of money (like the rest of the pharmaceuticals in the US (even the OTC ones)).

    I have nearly every part of my plan thought out to razor's edge precision. I'm going to write the costs of all the components of this project and then my marketing strategy (which is my key feature) and then I will finish it up, as this is getting a bit lengthy and you probably have quite a few other essays to read.

    /*The Costs - aka "So what the hell are you going to do with this 5 grand?"*/

    *1.* Get some office space and some ikea tables or desks (so my employees and I no long need to work at my kitchen table)
    Office space is dirt cheap up here, there are a few places by my apartment that are renting office space at about $4/sqft/year
    *Cost: $1000 - $1500*
    *2.* Buy the pills - I did a bit of shopping around, I found a dietary supplement manufacturer in Chicago who gave me a price quote at $4 a bottle (90 capsules each) with a minimum order of 30,000 capsules (a little over 350 bottles). (side note: I've already compiled a kick-ass formula for this supplement that will give the average 180 pound person a clean (non-jittery) energy boost for 6-8 hours)
    So: 400 bottles -
    *Cost: $1600*
    *3.* Buy the labels - The labels will have great graphics and they will also be fda-compliant. Combined, this will cost about $250-$300
    I found a good print shop who will print 500 labels (theres a big price break at 500, thats why not 400) for $0.08 a pop ($40)
    *Cost: $300*
    *4. *Site Design/Domains - The site design will follow the same scheme as the bottles, won't be too expensive.
    *Cost: $100*
    *5.* Marketing - This is where most of the remainder of the money will go - Which is explained in the final section.

    /*The Marketing - aka "So how the hell are you going to sell these?"
    This is where my plan really shines!

    Large corporations spend millions of dollars every year trying to be "in" with the younger crowd. That is one of my key advantages, I have friends in colleges all over the country who all need some extra money.

    You see where I'm going with this?

    Part 1: Social Marketing
    I'm going to ship some of my stock out to my friends all over the country and give them a good discount (the retail is going to be $35 a bottle (about 40 cents a pill)). I'm going to be shipping them out for $15-$20 a bottle, and they can keep a good chunk of money. This may cause a "viral" effect as well, with a good word from a fellow classmate rather than a faceless TV or radio ad. This market just needs to be demystified to the idea of non-liquid energy supplements. This isn't the main strategy though, most bottles will be sold through the website.

    Part 2: PPC
    According to the 2006 ACS census, there are currently 20.5 million college students (undergrad and grad combined). Obviously my little army of sellers can only reach a small percentage of them. This is where geo-targeted adwords campaigns and facebook campaigns come into play. I'd say about 75% of college students in the US have facebook accounts, and nearly every one of them is looking to save money and stay awake during classes. Its going to be a very aggressive ad campaign that will go after the big 3 forms of energy supplements.

    Part 3: The Facebook Affiliate Strategy
    I'm going to start up a two-tier affiliate program specifically aimed toward facebook, I'll have people put my ads (the ads wont look so "addy" for lack of a better word, it will basically be more of a "check it out!" type image) on their facebook page and because its a two-tier affiliate program, I'll push them to recruit more people to do the same.

    Part 4: SEO
    Even though the cpc for keywords related to dietary supplements are generally through the roof, a lot of these terms would be fairly easy to rank for.

    Part 5: The Ace
    Always have an ace up your sleeve - Its sensitive information, so I'm not going to go into this last part, but I have quite the ace up my sleeve that will allow me to sell a huge amount of bottles.



    So, what would I do if I won $5000?
    Well, as I'm just 15 years old I would to begin with, invest a big amount of this cash into internet business as my dream is to become a successful blackhatter and webmaster. But a more important investment for me is my family. I can't really say that me and my family got a stable economy. Neither of my dad or mom works so me and my brother doesn't get new clothes and other life-necessary things that often. Now when I think about it this may be the reason why I'm seeking myself into the internet-business. To make my family's economy stable. My dad is a alcoholic and my mother a drug-addict. I've always been the one that had to take care of my little brother, he is pretty old but due to his small retardness he can't take care of himself. I'm close to crying at the moment I'm writing this, it hurts to meet the uncomfortable truth, aye.


    I don't want to waste your time with an entire essay. I don't want to win you over with stories of my sick family or poor country. I've been a fan of yours on BHW for a long time and have more respect for you than that.

    If I were chosen as the winner of the $5000 I would give the money back to you in exchange for coaching. Duration and schedule decided by you.

    Thanks for reading,


    What I would do with $5000.00 cash if I won:

    If I won $5,000.00 I would create an OOAK Doll site. I would buy my domain name and buy hosting for it. I would then buy all the material I need to make Life Size OOAK Clay babies.
    I would buy all the tutorials I would need to make sure my dolls come out perfect. I'm also an Artist and I have made some ooak clay babies before. But I have never made any life size ones. I would then sell the clay babies on Ebay. I would make a budget and a plan for selling my dolls so I would make a profit and know how much money I need to take out to buy more supplies to make new dolls.

    Another Idea, If I won $5000.00 Is, I would make a blog similar to and I would blog 10 postings per. day. I would use forums,youtube video;s and article directories to get traffic to my blog. Also I would get traffic by making flyers and putting them up at college dorms, malls,laundry matts, stores and so on. Just an idea.

    Another Idea, If I won $5000.00 I would write my book and get it published and find someone to make it into a movie for Hollywood. Just an idea.

    Another Idea Is I could buy many great domain names and flip them. I'm very good at finding good domain names. Just an idea.

    Another Idea is I could build some websites, put domain names I buy with them and flip those. Just an idea.

    Another Idea is I could buy a really nice Camera and take photos and sell them on shuttershock or other sites that pay me for my photos. Just an idea and I love photography and I'm really good at it and I love learning. And I'm open to learn more about photography to get better.

    Another Idea is I could buy a domain name and hosting and build a Membership site.
    I heard these can make really good money.

    So these are all my ideas. If you pick me, just tell me what Idea you think I should stick with and I will do it.


    Okay, So I am not a perfect Black Hatter. If I get 5 K $, I will host
    a 2K$ contest at BHW like your's. And get a nice method.


    This is exactly what I would do with the money if I won it.

    1. Buy Xrummer. All I hear is great things plus I could sell Xrummer services and make the money that I spent on it back within a few weeks to a month.

    2. Buy the ultimate CS script. I'm thinking something with unlimited lifetime updates from a trusted member of BHW. Flash, java, etc. I want it all.

    3. Buy domains. I mean A LOT of premium domains. What do I do with all those domains? FLIP 'em. Set up autoblogs of both regular content and video content and flip 'em.

    4. Set up CPA websites and invest in CPA methods.

    5. Outsource! I want to pay people to work for me, freeing up more time for me to brainstorm and implement new ideas.

    6. Pay the mortgage for 2 months so I can breathe easier and really take action on all this.

    7. Buy a nice bottle of wine (I don't drink, so a bottle of wine should do me just

    8. Invest in EPN accounts.

    9. Pimp the shit outta Google Adwords. I want an insane ROI.

    10. Take my son to the toy store and let him pick any great little baby toy he likes and take the wife out to a really nice dinner. She puts up with me on the computer all day and night, so she deserves it.

    I want to thank BHW for providing the knowledge to help people be successful and Nevarc for providing this competition to get people off their asses and working. I hope whoever wins this contest reinvests it and it jump starts their ability to take action in their own lives. Good luck to everyone. BHW ROCKS!


    What I would do with $5000

    Change all my forum pictures to "I love Nevarc"

    I would donate a bit to BHW and get that "Donor status" woohooo

    I would create a new competition on BHW to win $1000

    I would spend $1000 on SEO on my current site

    I would finally shoot and fly with a few of the methods on BHW, get hosting in place.

    I would save half and brag to my friends saying look what I did, I wrote an email and won some money!

    Once I make $10,000 from my BHW ventures then I will give the $5000 back to Nevarc.
    Once I make $20,000 I will give $5000 to a new member with inspiration

    I would stop waiting for good things like this to come to me


    "Like many, I would invest right away in *********. Being a jobless newly-dad, I lack the funds to invest in such a promising program.
    Once profits from the CPA networks start coming home, I would hire a full-time writer to have a new fresh e-book with 50 articles (with good
    keywords research, every e-book could receive as much as 30 000 - 100 000+ unique visitors a month depending on the niches) every month.
    I would have my writer spin the articles content, probably through JetSpinner and UAW as well to bring lots of backlinks.
    And once I have enough e-books being sold, I would then be able to start a limited entry membership site to show members how to duplicate my
    formula. At this point, I would need 3 writers. 1 for me, 2 for new e-books that members could promote using some of my in-house built tools.

    The goal for me is to provide for my family (who would not?) and to reach my personal goals of developing a strong online business, which will
    allow me to spend all the time I want with my boy. I know I'm presently heading the right way for that, but winning would speed up the process
    by months, if not a year or two.

    What you just started is very cool Nevarc, and if chosen I would make sure to offer the same chance to another black hatter in a matter of 6 months or less.
    That's a promise I make to everyone."
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    Had I written one, I'd say "Redirect it straight back to BHW. All $5000."

    Every single one of these submissions includes something about buying tools/reinvesting, but doesn't that seem a bit selfish...haha. #14 mentions something about donating back once they hit $10k or $20k, but what if he/she doesn't?

    I like #5, however.
  3. crashed

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    Behind the VPN...
    Some people have absolutely no imagination, Nevarc I pity you, if I had run this competition and got these replies I would have cried.
  4. Black Hat Seo

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    All in all it was pretty sad, I should have put up another poll option to push the money to BHW to use for other promos and giveaways.
  5. TheFounding

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    I don't know, Nevarc. #12 seems like quite the literary genius. And a $2000 give back to BHW. That's definitely something else. And clearly they know what the term 'Essay' means.
  6. teenmoney

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    Where is my essay? I sent it to you on February 28th... Well before the deadline
    Thanks :)
  7. richjerkoff

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    I can't believe that in the whole of blackhatworld there are only 15 people who can prostrate themselves before you and write a begging letter. I was too late seeing the original post but I wouldn't have entered anyway as grovelling to anyone is not my style.
  8. Black Hat Seo

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    Did you check the other threads, I pasted everything that was in the Gmail box?

    And it wasn't about groveling, sure looks like it though, it was supposed to be a fun contest, and what we got was a bunch of people begging and people calling me a scammer just wanting ideas, lot of fun huh?

    Christ all I wanted was people to say something like "id use the money to hire 15 content people in the phillipines to rank my weight loss blogs, then id buy a few sites on sitepoint already making some cash blah blah blah"

    Somehow that turned into me looking for ideas on how to make money :) and a bunch of sob stories.

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    I'm surprised you only received 15 essays total since January considering that in the original thread you said you received about 15 essays in less than 18 hours of posting the contest...
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    (215)The Hood(215)
    Tom, I think the threads are broken down into part. I think there are up to about 50 essays in total.
  11. Tom

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    You're right, my mistake, I didn't see he posted multiple threads. My bad.
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    I like #12 very much. You may have not been doing that, but you can't deny that it's a great way to steal someone's idea. Though it's blackhat, it's a good way of making money. That one gets my vote if I have one.
  13. teenmoney

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    Yup same here. My bad Nev
  14. Biscut

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    Geez Nevarc. I don't know how you did it (read through them that is). I wasn't aware of this contest until way after it was over. I wish I did I think I would of had it made.

    I noticed two commonalities while reading these. One is people using the sob story and kissing ass. If they read any of your posts they know how you communicate and should write on your level..straight to the point. Rapport works brilliantly!!
    The second is people are all over the place with ideas, like your going to pick one for them.
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    Apr 8, 2008
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    i dont see my email here :(