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Win iPhone 3G in aff. program of Uploading.com — free filehosting service

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by uploadingcom, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. uploadingcom

    uploadingcom Newbie

    Dec 17, 2008
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    There are contests nowadays everywhere, and we decided to start our own award. So here it is:

    WIN FREE IPHONE 3G at UPLOADING.COM — the best filehosting service!

    It's very simple, everyone can win this cool smart gadget:
    The contest will take place from December 15 to February 1.
    Every webmaster of our affiliate program may participate, regardless of the his/her country of residence of language.
    Our first award has three categories: «The Best Moneymaker», «Referral Overlord» and «Jet-start Beginner»

    «The Best Moneymaker»: Outearn the rest webmasters during the contest preriod and win your iPhone

    «Referral Overlord»: Invite the maximum number of active referrals during the contest period and win your iPhone. By the «active» here we mean a referral who earned at least the minimum sum for payout (30$) during the contest period.

    «Jet-start Beginner»: In file uploading business it often takes certain time for the money streamlets to become an impressive money river. It would be unfair not to give a chance to those who just started to work with us, so here is the category for the daring novices. Join the affiliate program during the contest time and outearn the other beginners and the iPhone is yours!

    Our tops: http://cash.uploading.com/tops/
    Registration in the affiliate program: http://cash.uploading.com/

    So, everything is clear, 3 categories, 3 iPhones - ready, steady! GO!

    * In case one webmaser wins in more that one category, only one prize goes to him/her. In the second category the prize goes to the next webmaster in the list.
    ** In case of impossibility of shipment of the iPhone to the webmaster's country of residence, the price of the gadget will be credited to the master's account.
    The terms of the aff.program as as follows:

    The prices for 1000 downloads of your files-
    from US zone (10$): USA, Canada
    from EU zone (10$): France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Chezh, UK, Austria
    from RU zone (5$): Russia, Ukraine
    from Poland (2$)
    However if your files will show a decent and payable traffic from some country which is not in the list, we can pay for that country too. And we can also increase the rates for you if your files will be downloaded a lot so you can count on getting your special personal tariff which will be even more sweet.
    We also pay 10% of the money earned by your referrals (not at the expense of them, of course)
    and 50% of the sales generated by your files.

    As you can see it's probably the most profitable affiliate program in the file hosting niche.
  2. MrsE


    Nov 7, 2008
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    (making message longer)
  3. andre09

    andre09 Junior Member

    Jul 15, 2008
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    that is a damn nice domain. I will have to check out the speed rates on your site.
  4. justthinking

    justthinking BANNED BANNED

    Aug 13, 2008
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    Good God. This bs is becoming an everyday occurrence.

    OP get out of our forum. And stay out.