Win a 6 monh old website by driving traffic to a youtube video

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    If there is a contest forum then please move this there...

    So I have this blog i started back in may. its in the photography/designing niche.
    i havent posted for a month or two now and the traffic and rankings have remained solid. I gte about 280 uniques a monyh with absolutely no work. He site you can win is

    I am givig this site to the person who drives the most unique views tio one of my youtube videos. If you win you get the domain, the wordpress acc, and 1 month hosting. The site is yours to do what ever you want with it.

    I am going to run the contest until the 20. dezember 2011. ONLY REAL VIEWS WILL COUNT!

    You can embed the video, put links on your site, facebook, twitter, etc. Or promote it in any other way.

    For you to be credited with the referal you need to tell my from where you are sending the traffic.

    The video you jeed to promote is the newest one at

    let he contest begin!