Will this product review page convert?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by radiopassive, Nov 5, 2008.

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    Hey guys. I've been trying to make a living at this IM stuff for the past couple months without much success. It seems like I'm spending too much time learning HTML/CSS/Photoshop/Site Design and not enough time focusing on copy-writing/advertising/niche research.

    Anyway. I need to know if I can leave this design as it is or if I need to keep improving it.

    Will this design/layout be able to make me $2k per month profit? Ignore the products I have up there. I really need to just know if the design itself will convert reasonably well to know if I should start focusing on niche research/advertising, or if the design won't sell well enough and my time would be better spent on layout/design.

    Thanks a bunch of any input/information.
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    The landing page looks cool indeed :) This should convert quite good, but then marketing also plays a big role. If you are looking to market through PPC, then you need to focus on the keywords and actually keep a close vigil watch to which keywords are converting and which are not. Occasionally you will also need to tweak the page when you find a lot of traffic flowing in, with very low conversions.

    If you are opting for the organic marketing, then it will pretty much depend on the quality of the articles that you post in Ezine and also on the keywords you are targetting. Try thinking out of the box titles like "How to attract more boyfriends every week by using ColonCleanse" or "ColonCleanse helps getting rid of insomnia".

    Convincing content has always converted sales for me. If you are looking for such articles, you can use our content services. (Sorry for the little advertising here. :) )

    Overall, the landing page is pretty neat and should convert well.
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    Unfortunately the only way to know is to throw some traffic at it and test it. If you are concerned that it's "too ugly" to make that kind of money, go create a young female profile on myspace and check out the "my story" type weight loss ads and the pages that they link to. I have it on reliable information there are guys on there pulling down high 5 figures a DAY with crappy one page personal blogs.

    My initial reaction as a surfer is that the site doesn't look like a professional scientific group built it, so I personally wouldn't buy from it. On the other hand I'm a marketer and it takes a REALLY good page to get me in the mood to buy something, so I've kind of lost my perspective.

    I'd say just for your own sanity's sake though. Put up the product you intend to sell and start generating traffic NOW. Once you have some hits coming, you can design a second version and a third then rotate them and test them.

    Someone once said in another forum something like: I let the market tell me what they want, then market the hell out of it.

    He meant testing different products with the same group of traffic sources, but I think it applies here too. Get traffic, start testing.

    IMO it's more important to start than to worry about perfection.

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    Basically the site is not professional enough. It is too wide for starters, 800 is the right width.

    Have a look at other peoples' sales pages, decide which one you think is the most professional and then copy it. That is the easiest way.

    Having said that scubaslick is right. Instead of agonizing over whether it will be successful or not, get some traffic slung at and find out for yourself.
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    The site looks good but it does need to be tweeked. It looks like you user XSitepro to build it from a sales page template. Find you competition look at their page and copy it. Then get Web CEO and scrape their keywords. Above all else you need to move traffic to it.