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    Sometime I don't go merely for profits, it's important to contribute and help the society. Here's my 2cent

    ecommerce is going up in the future in nearly all of the countries.

    the problem many people got con, because not most of the people aware of not simply bank in to strangers.

    1. I want to build a site / portal to allow people to research before place their order. The site must be strong in seo, for example when I post 'bill mcdonal', it would return the scammers' record if any.

    2. It would be nice if the portal have rating system, to lets user to 'affirm' the status of a scammer. like 'bill mcdonal' has 132 people said he scam.

    3. it's legal to build this kind of site? because I'm revealing people's privacy (although they r scammers but they r too human beings)