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    Aug 10, 2009
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    I'm looking for someone who have experience getting leads from CL and making money from them via CU .. I'm not asking for any method /your ad copies and things like that.
    But Wanted to know which is the best set-up for auto replying to emails.
    I'm planing to do Double email reply and link to ''verify'' only on second email ,I will be gettin 3-5k emails/day ,have spare budget of $3k as well for this just in case...posters ready to work and 10hours/day free time - So you will surely get nice Ref. commision from me!

    If you are getting at least 5sales/day on CU and have an hour time to talk to me in exchange that I will register under you Send me PM ( I have account already there but nothing there yet, so will just register new one!)