Will Pay Christmas Cash For Help With Taxi Service Local Schema SEO HTML

Discussion in 'Local SEO' started by MorpheusP, Dec 22, 2015.

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    I have two websites, I dare not mention their URLs here for fear of
    breaking a rule, but they are both taxi service websites and both have
    some schema already. BUT - I would like the deluxe markup with
    chocolate frosting and sprinkles. For this I am willing to pay, a small
    meager amount, like $20 to get started. If the results are good and
    further ongoing work or support can be provided, if the business makes
    money, so will you, my web partner.

    Can you help me out?

    First thing, it seems JSON-LD is the most desirable format, and I did all
    mine in HTML(javascript). Is this going to work?

    I am fuzzy on whether I should list as a local business or as a taxi service,
    or both, as I am trying to do now. Ive run it through a validator and it shows
    some error, it shows the info too, but it doesn't explain the errors.

    Send me your emails or a way to contact with you and Ill send the two URLs.
    I am quite willing to pay for good results via a simple paypal or the
    postal mail, whatever. WHO KNOWS HOW TO DO GOOD SCHEMA?

    Car 51
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    You can PM me and let's talk about this. I think I can help you out.
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