Will Adword Campaign accept the keyword 'Viral'?

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by sajid_buriro, Aug 22, 2012.

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    I want to run a campaign on accounts loaded with promotional coupons, i was wondering if i am going to run a campaign for a landing page which has direct buy option, with keywords like 'viral' 'facebook' 'twitter' on landing page and also on advertising campaign... my ad will get accepted or declined at once? if it's against their TOS then how can i bring the traffic for my viral script, i dont wanna use search engines, any other way?
    EDIT: also domain name has keyword 'viral' in it...
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    Good question. It is likely that Adwords would allow you to add the keyword "viral" into your list of keywords however if it is not allowed in ad text your ad will show up as "under review". It can stay like this for a while until a real person at Google reviews it.

    The same is true for trademarked terms like Facebook or Twitter. Google may not let you use these in ad text. The only way around this is to reword your ads. Use synonyms or similar phrases. For example if you wanted to say Facebook but Google won't let you, you could say terms like "major social media companies" or "top social media companies" or something that would give people the impression you are talking about Facebook and Twitter. You could also try just writing the ads with unapproved terms and ask Google to approve them manually. Depending on what you are selling they may allow it.

    Aside from that you could try different PPC networks like Microsoft AdCenter or yahoo. You may run into the same challenges. You could also try buying banner ads from other companies. The drawback is that by going with a less well known and well-connected company, you don't get the traffic like you will with Google.

    Here is a good article on the subject,


    Here is an interesting article about a court that ruled bidding on competitors names in Adwords is not a violation of trademark law,


    Hope this is of some use to you,