will a "general" job advertisers site work?

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    hey roomies ...:D

    I'm putting together a site which is not really a
    review site but simply a site that "offers" a few
    different "employment" channels, maybe a handful
    of "job" type advertisers who have job listing and a couple might have
    resume and or coaching options....with a link to each
    of the half dozen advertisers

    that's it not exactly a brain teaser

    maybe just a heading of "a few options for job seekers"

    or some similar wording

    I know I should "target" with one particular "job advert"
    or make a "review site" but I just want to give this a go
    maybe start off doing some classified advertising, then
    maybe some article marketing

    hoping to get any feedback on how something like that
    might work/convert, is the "job market" focused enough?

    or do I need to be very targeted in terms of what the site offers
    more than general job listings and coaching and resumes?

    your feedback is greatly appreciated