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    Long time ago I coded wikipedia scraper. Lately, idea came to my mind: "Let's share it!".

    I changed few things to make it work with new wiki version, added few comments (code is really simple) and here it is.

    What it does? It takes content from wikipedia, delete all needless shit (tables, external links, js, divs, spans etc) and displays it. Simple and effective.


    How to use it?
    1. Extract files
    2. Open index.php in notepad
    3. Change $default_title to what you like
    4. Change the layout (you can use mine but it is crappy)
    5. Save
    6. Upload to server

    I am open for suggestions. What features should this tool have? My ideas are synonyms, pinging... Tell me yours.

    Maybe I will share more stuff if you like it ;)

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