WIDGETBOX is biased and flawed

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    I want to share my story and frustration with fellow BHW members , I subscribed to the pro account of
    in hope that by creating some interesting widgets I can increase my site traffic ....here is the story :
    I submitted my widgets twice and got the following reply twice :
    Thank you for submitting your widget to Widgetbox, however, your widget fine-jewelry-stores has been declined.

    Our staff had these additional comments we wanted to share:
    Account subscription level does not affect whether or not your widget is approved. Your widget is an advertisement and we don't list widgets that are ads in the gallery. You can feel free to use your widget unlisted.
    If you find other widgets in the gallery that appear to be advertisements feel free to bring them to our attention by clicking "Report a Problem".
    So I replied as follows :

    I looked around the gallery and found those widgets/ blidgets.. all are ADVERTISEMENTS and point to pages where products are offered for buying :

    If I knew the judging of widgets was so flawed and biased I would have never have gone pro and paid money for a pro account.

    My refused widgets offer interactivity, customization , sideshow ...in case someone would like to share my cause here are the links for the refused widgets:
    Frustrated Widget box Pro subscriber.

    If someone cares to give his feedback I would be very grateful.