Why you're broke and will always be broke?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by dloader22, Feb 26, 2009.

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    I've been noticing a very common pattern lately on bhw and other internet marketing forums in general: Many people would rather be broke than make money while also helping someone else make money. Let me explain...

    People flame someone who's willing to help them get approved by a cpa network just cause he wants them to sign under his affiliate link. Even if he's willing to give them tips, on how to make money with that affiliate they still flame him and generally choose not to sign up under him or just trash talk him. They end up taking no action and making ZERO dollars. I guess most people would rather make $0 than make $100 while helping someone else make $5-$10 from an affiliate referral.

    Well let me break it down for you...You'll always be broke if you don't change that mindset. In fact it's nearly impossible to becaome very wealthy without making others very wealthy. Now you don't have to make them financially wealthy but you have to offer them some kind of value in exchange. You'll never make lots of money on the internet if you're not willing to help others make money or improve their lives in some way shape or form.

    If you start approaching many of the marketing experts with the mindset of giving you'll find out that they are more than happy to reveal to you all their money making secrets. If you are willing to help others make money, learn something or improve their lives, they will be more than happy to compensate you in return. If you go the extra step of helping someone for no reason, they will be more than happy to help you when you need it, especially if you helped them make money in the past, why? Well because you become an invaluable resource to them to seek help from in the future.

    Now go out there ane make some money :)
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    I spent 3 months helping people get into IM from newbie to actually making mininum $50/day through aff networks in return for signing up under my ref links. I now make a decent earning from them and they are happy that they are making money from when they were not making anything and a few of them are very successful now.

    You don't have to teach someone A-Z but don't rip someone off by saying signup here and then don't bother helping them, at least give them a push into the right direction and let them know what is successful for you at the moment and what not to try out and how to keep themselves safe / under the radar.

    I enjoyed the time I spent training them anyway and now JV with a few of them still to this date.
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    it doesn't matter what industry... employee... employer... or self-employed... you are still making someone money... whether it be a manufacturer... wholesaler... retailer... sales executive... or in the above post a sponsor (per se)...

    people just tend to take it out of perspective online because information and 'scam artists' are much more readily available and accessible... it's the responsibility of everyone to play fair and pay their dues... although greed/ignorance/desperation at times get in the way... don't be discouraged by that as there are many examples of people doing the right thing by their "sponsee" (not sure if that's a word)... with most BHW members being a good example (so far anyway) :)
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    Nice eye opener