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Why YOU need to be at the BHW conference In Real Life.

Discussion in 'BHW Conference' started by Apricot, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. Apricot

    Apricot Administrator Staff Member

    Mar 26, 2013
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    BHW Admin
    Station 2E
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    A question we keep hearing from you all is "Why should you go to BHW?s IRL conference?". So here's why!

    - Meet and network with 1000 like minded IM?ers all under one roof for the first time ever!
    - Learn awesome money making methods from real success stories. Nothing textbook here, this is how to do it by those who have actually done it.
    - All tickets are Full Pass, meaning you get to see and go anywhere at the conference. No restrictions, it?s access all areas.
    - Be inspired by some of the most awesome IM speakers on the planet, who will deliver their secrets of success completely uncensored. True BHW freedom of speech. This is no lame conference.
    - Meet the best in the industry as they share the rights, the wrongs, the ups and downs and their ultimate route to online success. These are big hitters in IM, SEO and Social Media.
    - Keynote speakers start the day at 10.30 giving you plenty of time to enjoy the Las Vegas nightlife.
    - Sell yourself, your ideas and your services at The Marketplace or the Exhibition Hall.
    - Tickets include lunches, refreshments, access to the attendee party and to the BHW free bar and networking events.
    - You will probably gain more knowledge and find out how to make more money in 3 days than you would in months online. Tap into unlimited insight and experience. Get ahead of the game.
    - BHW?s IRL conference will be at Caesars Palace from 15th to 17th November 2014 located in the heart of the world famous Las Vegas strip.

    There are also benefits to booking early!

    Early Bird Special Offer Now On. Limited quantity. Offer ends when the first 300 tickets are sold or March 21 - whichever happens first. Snooze you lose!

    Previously there may have been some uncertainty around our conference announcement. Our feedback told us we did not clearly explain the many benefits of buying an Early Bird ticket; hopefully this will be more helpful:

    - Save hundreds of dollars! Early Bird is $895, once the limited allocation is sold out the price will increase to $1495 or leave it really late and the price goes up to $2495
    - Your attendee ticket does NOT include accommodation BUT buy an Early Bird ticket and you will receive a fantastic offer from Caesars Palace. .
    - The Caesar?s Palace Early Bird offer is limited. You will receive the following:
    - From Nov 10 - Nov 20 rooms cost just $129 per night. Why not share? Bring your partner or make a holiday out of it!
    - Free in room Wi-Fi. Usually this costs $15 per device per day. Up to a max of 5 devices saving you a potential $75 per day!
    - No resort fee, saving you $25 per day.
    - These rooms are a short elevator journey down to the conference.
    - BHW Swag Bag with personalised T-shirt. This could become a collectors edition ;)

    Early Bird Full Pass tickets will save you over $1600 in ticket fees and over $325 on Caesars Palace accommodation benefits (based on a 3 night stay).
    That?s more than $1900 worth of Early Bird savings! I think the question you should be asking yourself is "Why am I NOT going to this?!".

    So, GET BOOKING, or you'll miss out!
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  2. Diamond Damien

    Diamond Damien Owner BlackHatWorld Staff Member

    Oct 27, 2005
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    BHW - of course.
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    BHWconference has grown into something better, bigger & more essential to the success of your business.
    We've teamed up with some of the world's most influential and provocative thinkers and we're sponsoring the event which will truly help you maximise your earning potential. It's a unique, no holds barred UNconvention: UNGAGGED - hosted this year by Erika Napoletano.

    UNGAGGED will break rules. Rules you may not know existed but which have constricted every other SEO convention you have ever attended.
    At UnGagged, geniuses who know how to help you profit, will speak without fear of being told to STOP, by the corporates who think they're in charge.
    You'll hear stuff you won't hear anywhere else, ever again. (At least, not until the next UnGagged!)

    Things are changing. And we're excited to be part of the change.
    Looking forward to seeing you at UnGagged.

    Check out the UnGagged discussion here http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/f213-ungagged-2014/
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