Why to get traffic you need to make new content often ?


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Aug 12, 2008
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Hi good morning to all,

Just want to know please why you need to be 24/24 or 7 days online making each day new content to get traffic ???

so if you make 1 new page per day not enought if you make 100 each different look better ok

but why update all the time all look like spam traffic not real traffic

enjoy your day
Because we all listen to the almighty g00gle. If g00gle like fresh content, we give him just that. Think squidoo, hubpages and social bookmarking sites. What do they have in common? They are large and have lots of new content added every day. Of course the content is created by the users, not the site owner like you would have to be doing.
ok thanks a lot
so every day new new
no option like in blogger can write a message now and sublit later
i can not be 24/24 online

see you
well you should be able to do RSS on blogger too :)
thanks antsaoo
i use rss but what do you mean by rss on blogger please
may you explain

thanks a lot
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