Why spin if just for the link?

Discussion in 'Associated Content & Writing Articles' started by biks, Jan 2, 2009.

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    I was posting articles I had spun onto article sites the other day...and this occurred to me - why am I making all these variations to my article when I'm only doing it for the link?

    I know Google will toss all the same ones into the "see omitted results" search, but who cares? No one will read this crap, as long as Google records my link as incoming on this external page, I should be happy, right?

    The person with the article directory won't get any benefit of me putting my duplicate article on their site, but the link back to me is still there. Does Google stricken EVERYTHING on a page if it sees it as a duplicate? What if the article is only 1/4 duplicate? EVERYTHING goes? Even the sidebar links that have nothing to do with me?

    Now let's say someone actually uploads one of my articles to their blog, are THEY now "infected" with my duplicate content penalty? My link is still sitting on someone else's page. I should be happy.

    As I mention in another post - what if my author info and anchor text was completely original for each article that I do? Just being associated with duplicate content kills my link?