why shopify blogs are not indexed after a long period of time

rick liu

Jan 13, 2022
do anyone know why many of my shopify blogs are not indexed after more than one month? i published more than 30 original and high quality blogs about fashion tips but they are not indexed even though i performed the following tasks

a. submit index requesting in google console
b. shared the posts on high traffic home page and even collection pages
c. add the new posts to those already indexed and relevant blogs
d. shared the posts to social media
SE is huge and very slow. It appears that you are doing everything correct.
So be patient and allow them some more time.
Make sure your hosting service provider have good uptime.
You can force indexing via indexing service. Check marketplace, or use indexification, submit every week, you will need to submit multiple times.
Also google search api is working , but I don't know to use it on shopify , I know for WordPress.
Indexing processes are very slow in the last couple of months, and as you run your site in Shopify that's a pretty big platform it requires more time for algorithms to scan and index all content on it. So, be patient and try maybe to submit it again, but also take care that you don't do it too often. Also, wouldn't recommend that you add new things to the site before the existing ones are indexed.
For you I would also request you to please check these following points that might be really very helpful.

Check your robots.txt file.
Check your log files to see whether Googlebot can crawl your blog posts or not.
Check your sitemap structure, it may have some errors.
Check the quality of your blog posts.
Check your internal links and their amount.
Be sure that your internal links can be fetched without JS Rendering.
Be sure that your content is unique.
Be aware that Google doesn't index every web page from every website.
Be patient and also just try to index one of them with the URL Inspection tool to see whether it is about the quality or technical issues.
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