Why SEO and blog marketing not affective?

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    I am doing health related affiliate network now, here are some problems I have met, hope someone can help me. I would thank you no matter what suggestions you gave to me.
    1. SEO, I made some websites,and do SEO for one and half a month and made some sales, but too slow, and at that time, I was doing Click*bank and didn't know it was a rubbish.
    2. Blogging, though I paid much attention to SEO of blog, there is still not much traffic.
    3. Article marketing, because I can get access to a vast resource of materials, I can write articles quickly and can garantee good qualities and originality. But when I submit article, my article just didn't get published, and I am wondering if it was because I wrote my affilite link in the article?
    Though I am hard-workng, doing blackhat affiliate is just a part time job, so I have to choose from the most effective and quick methods.
    Any suggestions, please?
    P.s, If you are doing health related affiliate networks and need cooperation, I would be glad to help.
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