Why send crap traffic to non-incent offer?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by bstsystems, Mar 14, 2012.

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    I'm new to CPA, and confused. Everyone keeps talking about faking out account managers and risking the banning of their accounts so they can increase conversions and use non-incentive offers. Wouldn't those networks just shave your profits in direct correlation to the amount of crap traffic that it is causing by incentivizing the traffic?

    If they are going to shave your profit down to the same level as an incent offer, wouldn't it make sense to just set up the locked traffic to go to a regular incent offer, not have to black the referrer, and not risk banning?
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    you should always mask your traffic, incent or not.

    Only pros can pull off crap traffic to non incent offers.

    says you get 100 legit leads a day and makes you 150 a day

    you can probably send around 10-20 craps leads a day and makes a total 180 a day.

    now 150 x 30 days = $4,500


    180 x 30 days = $5,400

    which come in @ just under $12,000/year extra off crap leads

    now that almost $1000 more a month of profits, Now the more you make legitly the more you can send crap traffic (proporinized) and make a nice additional income.
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    That wouldn't be a shave, it'd be a scrub. It wouldn't be at the network level, rather the advertiser. It doesn't matter where you say the traffic is coming from, if it isn't converting on the backend, you will be pulled from the offer or network, depending on the network.

    Also, blanking the referrer on your offers not only looks fishy, but advertisers complain about that as well. I've even seen affiliates blanking the referrer on what they claim to be email traffic. How the heck is someone going to steal your campaign on email traffic unless you were to seed them in? :crazy: