Why sell high ticket products more? Whats the benefits?

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    With all this changes in the online marketing world and more and more affiliates are involved in this program why not start selling high ticket products? Just take a look at the bigger picture. You sell 100 of 20$ each (lets assume your commission is 50%), thats 1000$ in commission. How much do you spend for your advertising to get 100 visitors to buy your products? How much time do you have to wait before that 100 visitors will make their purchase? Lets say 3months. And you spent 300$ for your advertisement leaving 700$ net in your income. That's not really leveraging. What if you sell say realistic 500$ worth of product (health, money niche, fitness, etc..) same you spent 100$ for advertising for 3months and out of the visitors you get on each month 3 made their purchase (sample figure), so you have only 9 people who bought, so that 4500$ and again your commission is 50% = 2250 less 300 your net is 1950$. Would that be more productive? Yes.. So if you want to learn on how to sell high ticket product you can read article on my site.
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    Selling high ticket products are really profitable bub they are too much hard. you have to be so much conscious and also very expert. the main thing is that you should be patience Which is kind of tough :)