Why PR n/a can be better then PR 7!?

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    The idea: PageRank is not CONSISTENT as you know with the updates coming out. You may ask, is it useful at all? That I answer with at least just for link selling, trading, website flipping, etc. For me mostly link trading & when I look myself where to get links from.

    Fact is, that most of the time or often the higher PR site's rank better in the SERPs.

    Anyway, what I want to talk about is, look when there's a website with let's say an PR of 6, but it got it when the post was made in a Blog at the time, when the whole website got his PageRank set in one Update.

    Now for example, 2 weeks ago I posted a comment on a big news site. Today I see, it got an PageRank of 7 which is actually the highest PageRank I have come across as a link. It gave my site directly an PR of 3 together with 2-3 others.

    But yeah, shouldn't you go better after brand new articles on Blog's with PR of n/a but they are LINKED from the Homepage for a time, rather than deep inner-pages with an PR of 4-5 when doing High PR Blog comments next time?!

    If this is right, it's a good way to fool a lot of people if you look from Googles-view, isn't it?
    Or did I drinked today a beer to much?

    That High PR Links as Backlinks work done right together with link diversity, we already know.

    Spread Your Thought's ;)
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    If the Domain is HIGH PR (PR 6 or 7), People Go after every page they can comment and get backlink.

    even if has PR or not. We all know its would be treated as an authority backlink.

    and if it gets PR in the next update , then its even better.

    Maybe the beer pullled some Old thoughts back again. :rolleyes:
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    Generally I prefer to get 10 PR0 links from relevant sites than 1 PR7 link.

    It's a matter of keyword difficulty...If you're trying to rank for low/mid difficulty keywords than PR0 links may work well in term of anchor text diversity and diffusion.

    PR7 work to build site authority over time (sometimes long time) to rank for high competitive keywords and spread those link juice to the other pages of your website.
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    I have a blog that I can convert between PR6 or PR7 depending on how many outgoing links I have on the homepage. It was an abandoned typepad blog that has 1 PR8 backlink. So basically that 1 backlink gives it a base of high PR6, low PR7.

    I've owned it for going on 3 years now, and I've done a lot of fun things with it. I've learned a lot of things about watching Google's reaction what I do with its backlinks. I've learned that ...

    A high PR6 blog can make approximately 15 PR5 websites that are 1 page.

    If the blogs have about 15 pages each, then the PR6 blog would make approximately 15 PR3/4 websites with 15 PR3 deep links.

    That the 15 PR5 1 page websites would quickly lose nearly all their PR if the links were removed from the blog and pointed elsewhere.

    That the 15 blogs with 15 pages each would retain a good amount of their PR if the links were removed from the blog and pointed elsewhere (because each of the high PR pages of the site circled the PR around to each other and that circling effect continued long after its links were removed).

    Now this blog is unique in that it has nearly PR7 ... but only 1 incoming backlink (with a nonsense term). It has tons of PR but absolutely no relevancy for anything. I've learned that the PR that comes from this blog, in and of itself, does very little if anything to influence ranking. It doesn't rank just because its PR6/7.

    However, as this blog links out ... the relevancy begins to compound on the websites I link to. The PR7 blog itself doesn't rank for much, but the things it links to (when combined with other backlinking with relevant terms) rank really well.

    PR can do a website a lot of good, but it is only one factor of over 200. I like to consider PR like a souped-up racing engine. It doesn't matter how fast a racing engine can go if it is sitting in a car with flat tires and no gas (the other things that Google considers important, like backlinks and onsite SEO). When everything is balanced, a website does really well.

    I can tell you this much without a doubt, PR is not authority, PR is not relevancy, PR is absolutely nothing except "PR", one of 200 different factors Google considers when ranking a page.
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    @phpbuilt yup! GreyWolf has a sticky thread about PR that covers this.

    Also, I wanted to buy sites from Flippa and analyzed them. Ended up not buying any because all were crap in reality but learned interesting things. Flippers are building networks of 100-400 sites. They interlink them randomly from blogrolls with 20-30 links each. Also they have several "driver/source" sites that did the initial PR push for the whole network. So what they did was boost PR of several hundred sites using only a few source sites and started flipping them. They sell them as high PR sites for $xxx-$xxxx a pop, making high $xx,xxx from all of them, but after a week or so after they sold the site they remove the links and point them to a new domain they just bought. They keep doing this and making bank.