Why not become Child for a Day?

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    I remember when I was a kid I used to dream of defeating Vishwanathan Anand ( He's an Indian Chess Grand Master who has won world chess championships 5 times in his lifetime). I spent many sleepless nights dreaming of how I will play when I come face to face with my idol. Yes. I was a chess player and went on to win national silver medal. I even got sponsorship of Ratan Tata Trust (Indians would know about this person. He's a billionaire) But, as I kept growing my passion for Chess kept diminishing. Failures were meted differently. I started taking rejections far more seriously. I listened to naysayers and took their stupid talks seriously. And one fine day, I decided to stop playing professional chess. This was the year when I had turned 19. I still remember how confident I was when I said to my friend that I can never compete Vishy Anand in my life. I was a grown up guy and the belief to conquer the world had diminished. I still remember that had I continued to play for a year, then I could have definitely faced Vishy Anand. Winning or losing doesn't matter. I could have fulfilled my childhood dream.

    So, why have I started this thread? Am I a guy who has gone nostalgic, so out of sheer boredom started this thread? No. My only purpose of starting this thread is to remind you guys that there is a child within each of us. Please never kill that child. Please let it come out. Forget how old you're and let the kid lead you for a day. Forget for a day that you have limitations. Forget for a day that you have faced so many failures over these years. Live the life of child within you who always wants to break out from the boundaries you have created. Feel the happiness you get after you unchain the child within you. Dream of doing something impossible. Do you know the best aspect of kids? If they want something, then their entire attention is on getting that thing. They don't think how will they get it because that's irrelevant for them.

    I come across guys who say that I can't make money because I don't have resources, support, knowledge etc.... These guys keep cribbing about their problems rather than thinking about how they can achieve their goal. If they stop cribbing and widen their horizon, then they can realize their true potential.

    So, here's my request to everyone who reads this: Empty your mind. Forget your worries for a day. Forget your shortcomings. Be free. Be a Child.

    God Bless You :)

    Cheers :)
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