Why Money Doesn't Come Easily To You.

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    I imagine everyone reading this thread has heard of the Chakras. You know, those beautiful swirling vortexes of light, that look really great on posters in New Age stores. Yes they are beautiful swirling vortexes of light and they do look way cool, but, so what? What does that have to do with my life?

    The Chakras are much, much more than that. They are actually aspects of consciousness. They are pictured as swirling wheels of energy but they are really aspects of your consciousness experience. They are the way in which you experience your life.

    In the original Sanskrit, the word Chakra means "wheel". This is a great insight and it can lead us to understand how our lives can get stuck. Think of a wheel that has gotten out of true and is no longer perfectly round. A little bit out and it slows down. A lot out of true it and travel becomes very difficult or, worse, everything just grinds to a halt.

    Each Chakra corresponds to a part of your conscious experience. The 1st Chakra or The Root Chakra for example, is your connection with the manifest universe, with everything physical. In that role it becomes the place that stores all the laws and codes of behavior of your family of origin, what I like to call "your tribe". It carries the weight of all tribal law, the ancestors, the genetic codes and also the human need for connection.

    Let's look more closely at how this works. Let's say your family had a strong work ethic. That tribal vow might sound like this:

    "We always work hard for what we get"
    "Things don't come easily for us"
    "Good people work hard and don't complain"
    "Don't take anything you haven't earned"
    And a favorite in many tribes "Money doesn't grow on trees."

    We are literally born into these beliefs. We "inherit" them, just like we inherit our height and hair color. Unless these laws are recognized and healed you WILL work hard for what you get all your life. You WILL NOT accept anything that you haven't worked hard for and there WILL BE NO fruit bearing money trees growing in your yard.

    In practice it means you will have a tendency to not act on that investment hunch, create that invention you thought of or start that company you thought could be a winner. You may also do everything yourself and not ask for help. You may even think that people who get wealthy easily are somehow bad and untrustworthy. You WILL sabotage success if it comes too easily or gets too big.

    "If it ain't hard, it can't be good" - Gramma

    Now, look at your life. Do you always find yourself working hard? Did your family always work hard? Have you ever asked yourself, "Why is it always so hard for me?" Guess what? You have a 1st Chakra vow.

    There is nothing wrong with working hard when it is needed, but if you HAVE to work hard you are not free to choose, you have sentenced yourself to a life of hard work, and you will not be receptive to things coming easily, including great ideas that could make it easy for you. Imagine how a deep, unconscious vow like that would interfere with any law of attraction or manifestation work you do. Everything WILL be harder than it needs to be.

    Now for the good news! Because the Chakras are energy centers, they are very flexible and responsive to energy healing. They are more than willing to be reprogrammed. To do that reprogramming I use the Emotional Freedom Technique.

    EFT uses a small subset of the acupuncture points but instead of sticking in needles (not a real do-it-yourself solution) you simply tap on those points with your fingertips. To make it simpler, in basic EFT, there are only 9 points. Easy to learn. Easy to use.

    The taping stimulates the meridian (a.k.a the autonomic nervous system). This fresh energy combined with focused and honest attention allows the system to clear itself of unneeded wounds, vows, limiting beliefs and programmed emotional responses.

    In this thread I am actually only going to use one EFT point, the side of your hand. While this may not completely relieve the wound or vow you will feel a difference. If you want to get all 9 points use google and search for EFT points.

    First let's get in touch with the feeling of the vow. Just say to yourself "I deserve to make a lot of money and work very little." or "Everything comes easy to me". Now watch what happens. Did you feel a reaction, a resistance, a doubt? That is your unconscious vow speaking. It may be a subtle feeling of "That's not possible." It could also be a bigger feeling of "That's just not right or even moral!" It may just be a feeling of tension or resistance. The 1st Chakra is responding to an assertion of your mind that it does not agree with. This works on any affirmation by the way.

    Now tap lightly on the side of your hand, the soft part under your pinkie where a karate guy would do a karate chop.

    Say these phrases to yourself (out loud if you can) tapping as you say it.

    "Even though I don't deserve to make a lot of money and work very little I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway."

    "Even though I believe it is not possible or even moral to earn a lot without working hard I deeply and completely love and accept myself and all my feelings anyway."

    "Even though my family has always worked hard for their money and doesn't trust it when things come easy and I honor my family, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway and give myself permission to let go of this vow."

    Now let's test what happened. Say to yourself again "I deserve to make a lot of money and work very little." Notice the difference? It will either not seem so true or a different objection will surface. In either case the energy shift will be obvious. And don't be surprised if something shows up in your life effortlessly. You have started to unblocked the manifestation channel at the 1st Chakra.

    Now here is what actually happened:

    You spoke your vow, clearly and unambiguously
    You gave yourself love and acceptance (a.k.a. forgiveness)
    You gave the energy system permission and energy to heal
    The system did the rest

    You spoke your truth, even though it was not the truth you wanted to have. And you gave yourself the magic ingredient; self-acceptance and love. The system did the rest.

    The energy system, including the Chakras is so intelligent that given permission, direction and a little help it knows exactly what to do. It heals itself and removes blocks.

    All the Chakras have the ability to record and store wounds, traumas and unspoken vows. But each Chakra is different and only records a certain kind of information.

    1st Chakra - Tribal vows, laws and "truths" of your family of origin including; ethics, class, religion, nationality and cultural beliefs
    2nd Chakra - Vows around getting your needs met, worthiness and deserving, including personal power, sex and money
    3rd Chakra - Vows about who I am, who I must be and who I cannot be
    4th Chakra - The Heart Chakra governs all of our relationships, how we view and interact with others including what we can expect, making boundaries and allowing intimacy and altruism
    5th Chakra - This Chakra is our voice in the world. It possesses the amazing power to create ourselves in the minds of others. It always speaks the truth or falsity of our other Chakras, literally voicing all the unhealed wounds and vows of the other Chakras
    6th Chakra - This is the mind in the best sense of the word; insight, vision, revelation, seeing the big picture, seeing our value, other's value, creativity and innovation
    7th Chakra - Our connection to the divine, the whole, that formless place from which everything comes.

    Now here is the most important thing to get from this thread. If the Chakras are not clear and flowing smoothly, from top to the roots, the ability to realize our dreams and inhabit our life purpose will be stifled. But if they are open and functioning naturally... well... you may just wake up one morning to find a nice crop of money in bloom on that tree in your back yard.

    Credit for this post goes to GP Walsh.

    Maybe I should write a WSO about this. ;)
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    I don't want to pretend I know more than I do, but, is the right way of meditating at the base of your physical self to convince yourself to be ok with working less while receiving more? This seems like flawed discernment of spirit or mental faculty, please explain it.

    I'm pretty sure I've heard in every thought-school(except satanism, i guess), that a hard and severe life is like the way to get freedom, because of the requirement of rightness of mind and a lack of attachment. Granted, it's not the path to an illustrious life, per se, but it is a glorifying life...

    ...Or am I just being a silly foreigner?
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