Why Many of You Keep Failing over and Over


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Oct 9, 2013
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The Concept


I talk to a lot of people in IM who are struggling to make it and the one overwhelming quality that stands out in all of them is overthinking.

People overthink, overanalyze and worry about absolutely everything that could ever go wrong in the lifetime of their potential project. They fill themselves with such worry that it sucks all the energy from them and they then can't act.

The few people who manage to actually start a project very quickly stagnate and get stuck on something because they just refuse to do anything short of fucking perfect on their first attempt.

The Backstory


I was having a conversation with someone just now who's in this same predicament. We were talking about some potential projects he could do, and I suggested SEO. He told me that he'd already tried it but couldn't really figure out what he was meant to do or how to rank.

He said keyword research stumps him. I asked what about it he doesn't understand, but he couldn't really give me a clear answer.

I was confused.. He's a smart guy, yet he seems to be struggling with things that aren't inherently difficult and to make matters worse he didn't even know WHAT about keyword research he didn't understand.

After asking him a few more questions I was able to get a clear picture of his mind and why he's struggling with things that people far dumber than him are making $1000's with..

In his mind he has set a goal of "Building an incredible affiliate site, that will rank high in google and make lots of money".

This right here is the problem. This right here is the difference between the guy worth $100million and the guy worth $100.

The guy worth $100million doesn't think like that. Even in areas he is an expert in. With a new venture, the $100mil guy will say things like "Let's get a proof of concept going and see how it does". He'll do a risk assessment on potential investments and projects by looking at the people, the figures and the core idea, but he will definitely not set out to create some perfect product to make a fortune. He will just throw some shit at the wall and see what sticks.

The guy worth $100 on the other hand will want to sit there and draw up a detailed plan, planning for every feature, every detail, every potential problem, how he'll solve current problems, how he'll solve future problems, what he'll do if he can't solve future problems, how he'll solve the problem of solving future problems.. Haha. You get the picture. It gets ridiculous. You've seen it before when guys start asking "What about this? What if this? What can I do if this? Does this work? But how about if I changed this?" ad nauseum.

The Solution


Now, I never just create a thread with a bunch of theory, talking about why this and why that. As interesting as it is to read all that theory-woffle, what we really want are practical solutions we can apply in our daily lives to see real, tangible improvements.

Here's my solution to reduce perfectionism and get more done in less time on your projects.

If you're brand new to something, let's say it's SEO. This is the goal you're going to set yourself :-


"My goal is to create the biggest pile of poop affiliate website in the entire world. I will not make money. I will not rank on Google."

Wax on, wax off. Don't question it. Just do it and you'll understand why later.

Is this your 2nd or 3rd website?

Set this goal.

"My goal is to create a really average affiliate website. My site will get some rankings and make a few $"

On your 4th or 5th?

It never goes beyond this next one.

"My goal is to get a good functioning website up, get some solid rankings and a bit of money flowing in so I can make some decisions later on about whether or not to expand it, which keywords to focus on, and how much to invest in the SEO."

Throw shit at wall. See what sticks. This is how money is made.



Yes, set huge goals for your overall business. Set the goal of building an SEO affiliate business that makes $1mil/year. Definitely. Big goals are powerful.

Napoleon Hill(Think and Grow Rich) does say you should create very specific monetary goals, and he's right, but what he's talking about is more in line with saying "I'm going to build a business that turns over $1 million per year, by the end of 2017", not "My first site is going to be the best site ever, perfect in every way, and make me a fortune."

Thinking you'll get easy success with your first site is a naive and a child-like mentality. "I WANT IT NOW, NOW NOW NOW OR I WILL CRY AND COMPLAIN THAT LIFE IS TOO TOUGH. BOOHOO".

Napoleon and all these other "Think big" writers are actually talking about your VISION, not your GOALS.

Your vision contains 100's of goals.

To sum it up:

Think big with your vision and think small with your goals.

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Great thread Tom! It is is the most common problem I see people dealing with when starting a new venture in for example SEO. They plan way too much and overanalyze it. I come back a month later and they are still planning it or setting the site up. I have showed how I set my websites up in 10 minutes, it is really what it takes for me to set up a site. My first site did great and I had 5 articles up on it after 6 months - it was the most ugly piece of trash ever but at least it was something - which is what most people lack, SOMETHING.
Thanks for this talk, it was really needed to open my eyes a bit.
Also, I love all the pictures on the thread.
Good shit there. You totally nailed it. Even I, after a couple successful sites I still have the same mentality.. Throw some shit at the board and let's see what sticks.. And work from there.
Great perspective you got there, worth every second reading it.

Perfectionism might be something good, but at the same time a curse.
Common sense is not common anymore, it is rare and considered a luxury. When you start to learn to sell you realize how dumb you truely are for ignoring to data mine and mind control your clients. Sure, you can just copy any old sales page ( a proven WF tactic) and get totally crapped on for not knowing anything at all about your customer... or you can know your customer and make them buy from you time and time again.

People fail for a lack of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding about what really drives someone to buy something from you and not the other 500k mickey mouse cookie cutter ecommerce stores out there.
It's because the people are unwilling to act. That is the reason 95% of the time. There are too many varying reasons why people are unwilling to act, but that is the reason. People who try, and fail, normally achieve something. Whether it be at the time of trying, or much later down the line.
Some great points there and very true. I think most people give up at the first hurdle. It's the people who fail and pick themselves backup are the ones to succeed.
Look, the reason people don't do what they know works is because:

- Fear, they fear not knowing what might happen because they never did it before. The solution is just do it and fail until you know the process better than none.

- Too much information, people get paralized for the simple reason that they read a lot about a topic but without order and clarity. This is caused for the fear of trying.

My recommendation as someone who tried a lot of methods:
1. Write down in few lines the concept of the product/service so that you have a clear idea of what you are offering.
2. put yourself in the position of the buyer to understand the process and
3. just do it after planning ONLY the first step.
4. Then you fail.
5. The solution will come automatically as you fail because client's objections are always the same.
6. Profit!
7. Repeat with every product/service possible and become a millionaire!
I've been reading your guides splishsplash and I was stuck wondering when to actually start, analysing every paragraph like a maniac. Probably it is just too hard for me to just build a website since I haven't done it before, but after reading this thread I realized I just need to get over it. I'll be making my first attempt before march.
I've been reading your guides splishsplash and I was stuck wondering when to actually start, analysing every paragraph like a maniac. Probably it is just too hard for me to just build a website since I haven't done it before, but after reading this thread I realized I just need to get over it. I'll be making my first attempt before march.

You might be a little behind schedule then, it's the 24th of March. ;)
Great article that should be mandatory reading for anyone who is striving to make a FT or even PT living online. I am a vendor as well as a coach and deal with this sort of mindset on a weekly basis. I think most people understand it, but many simply don't apply these simple concepts as their subconscious mind is much stronger than the reality of taking action.

The subconscious mind is a "son of a bitch" and something one must master over time (or through hypnosis). Like I said, I think a lot of people know they need to take action and stop scrutinizing and planning over every little detail, but vague game plans and weak subconscious mindsets are the downfall of even the most determined individual, including myself.

Throughout time, I have cultivated my mind to control these thoughts of "worry" and "over planning" but recognize that it will instinctively be there.......I simply need to know when to put it in check.
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