Why is Skype so pervasive on BHW?

It's like keeping a landline just for the aesthetic. Honestly, I only use it because my clients do.

If given the choice, I'd pick WhatsApp every single day!
Skype imo is effective. I am not a big fan of WhatsApp, probably because i still miss the Yahoo messenger and the chat rooms :) nostalgia

Plus skype is very secure/privacy and all messages cannot get deleted in one click or the complete chat history getting deleted.
All south asian scammers and low quality "experts" use Skype, thats why.
All south asian scammers and low quality "experts" use Skype, thats why.
That's true.

When I'm not a south asian scammer, I'm a low quality "expert".
As soon as I notice my quality getting too high, I go back to being a south asian scammer untill it gets low and then I switch again.
The fact that Skype is still around it means two things:
1. It is still commonly used
2. Microsoft still has plans with it

To be honest, i like Skype more than Watsapp, but at the end of the day its all down to one's choice.
It's the same question I ask why people are still using Windows for their Desktop. Like, is this even still a thing even while much better alternatives like Linux are available? Using Windows for your daily business laptop/pc? It's like sending post cards with your data. But it's to each their own, I guess.

Skype doesnt have native Linux support and the propriety version available has insane privacy concerns, like recording the mic in the background and recording all keystroke inputs, regardless if not in chat window and so on. Telegram is probably doing similar stuff, but much less as it's code can be verified and is.
Telegram and Discord are the new big boss in town, I don't understand how people can still use Skype
it's a big world and everyone has their favorite flavor.

i prefer telegram, irc, and matrix.org protocol for personal group chats. whatsapp has been increasingly popular for international vendors.

skype's experience went downhill fast was when MS bought them. i use their web portal if needed.

im working with a vendors that use ms-teams, slack, discord....it's all over the place.

remember trillian chat client?
I stopped using skype when they up and deleted me off it for no reason, but meh I just have multiple ways to talk to people to get around cancel culture. If I get kicked one I see what is new in town that I can stomach (IE can make me money or serve as back up coms).

It is sort of like windows. I bet most of you never moved past 7 cuz all the new stuff is a spyware pretending to be an OS, hard to black hat when every place you go is tracking you, is why most (I think?) use linux now a days, to many private distros for them to track/corrupt.
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