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Why is it so hard to sell? Also I have a PP related question

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by yukinara, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. yukinara

    yukinara Junior Member

    May 19, 2009
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    I'm not talking about what to sell on eBay. It's about HOW to make a long lasting profit. I wa shaving a decent profit from selling, and last year suddenly PP limit my account. I sent every single documents they wanted, and the limit is still there. After 1 full year to recover, my new account start to go well, things are selling, and I'm profiting again


    Today Paypal send me an email asking for my SSN. I know that email is legit because it shows in my account too.
    Now here is the main problem: I used paypal before, and I got kicked out after I gave them my EIN and TaxID ( I don't have SSN). So now, if I enter the same number, they will limit the new account for sure. I have read that Paypal have to report to the IRS if an account reach both milestone: $20,000 and 200 transaction. My account get 150+ transactions and of course, way below that $20,000 limit.

    So, what if I just leave my PP account like that, will they limit the new account? I use PP only for selling on eBay, and all of my items are legit. But last year, they suddenly limit my account for no reason, despite the fact that I did provide all of my documents. So now, I want to switch to Moneybookers and Propay to receive money. The problem is that MOST shipping service on eBay require a Paypal account. I just want to keep that account to pay for shipping, that's it.

    Any suggestion?