Why is everyone a complete idiot when it comes to stalking laws?

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    Im seriously pissed the f*ck off with so many idiots on the internet and in life in general that are totally confused about what stalking actually is. I made a comment to someone that I will be reporting someone to a gossip paper, and he says the FBI will come and arrest me for stalking. Also a few years ago I once ran a background check on someone by paying for one of the services and someone else said I can go to jail for stalking for doing that.

    No matter how many times I bring up the laws on stalking or cyber bullying to these people they still are confused as f*ck when it comes to what stalking is and what cyber bullying is. Someone not that long ago was trying to get me to believe that cyber bullying doesn't have anything to do with age and if you bother someone online you can get charged with it. But it only applies to cyberstalking persons under the age of 18.

    What is it with stalking/cyberstalking and cyber bullying/cyberharassment that people jump to conclusions so easy about and speak total bullsh*t about? It can't be that hard to actually spend 30 minutes and know what the law is.

    Not only is it nearly impossible to get a real stalker in trouble, but your basically looking at career suicide if you try to prosecute someone that was doing non threatening talk that is protected under the relying information clause since you were providing information and had no intent to harrass.

    Anyone can consider anything harassment but there actually has to be intention to cause harassment for what you communicate to someone to be considered a harassing message.
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