Why Inner page rank matters for backlink building

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    I am sure this topic has been covered by a lot of different threads but I thought I would revisit the idea since I have a really good inner page rank checker. An inexperienced user may ask well why is this important to backlink building? Well here is my answer.

    When you first begin you webpage/blog you need backlinks, usually it will be backlinks from blogs that you comment on because people still don't know about you. So what you do is find a blog that allows do follow comments and comment on it. Seem simple enough. Well it gets better, with an internal page rank checker once you find that blog you can look up the page rank of all the pages within the domain. This will show you old articles or blog posts that have high page ranks that you would have not found otherwise. You can then comment on those old posts giving you an amazing backlink. For example I found the blog htp://justaddwater.dk

    From there I plugged it in and found a nice PR 6 that has do follow comments.

    So you can see that once you find a blog or web page this tool will make it possible to find all the hidden backlinks you are missing out on. Hopefully we can share a few of those links in this actual post.

    The tool is located here: http://www.theartofemarketing.com/internal-pr-checker

    If I am not allowed to post the link please let me know. Anyways I will be looking for some blogs today and post them for you, so check back!

    If you have any questions please let me know.
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