Why fake webcam doesn't work sometimes???


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Dec 25, 2008
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Hai guys.. I used fake webcam for good time with yahoo messenger...But suddenly it stopped working showing black image on my yahoo cam..

I restarted my system, cleared cookies, reinstalled both fake webcam and yahoo messenger.. Still I don't get..Anyone faced similar problem? Please help me.. I lost 2 sales this day as I got struck up with this..
Thank you.
why don't you try uninstalling it first and then reinstalling it.
Make sure you clean the registry before re-installing it.
You do so by
start -> run -> regedit -> ctrl + f -> webcam
clean all the files in the folder of the specific program and then re-install it

It would work
Thx ... but still not working.. any more suggestions...plz
Yeh what software are u using to run a fake webcam on yahoo?
I'm using Fake Webcam 5.1 from Fakewebcam.com
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