Why don’t you like XYZ spinner or rewriter?

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    Rewriting my own articles with spintax is a common part of my SEO routine, and it may be for you too. I?ve used some of the more common spinner programs out there, but I?m always frustrated by how clunky and unnatural the interface is. I believe manually rewriting articles with spintax should be just as easy as writing them the first time, if not easier! So I?m going to create a new app to help me, and I?d like get your input so I can make it useful for you, too. Specifically, I'm trying to validate if there is a NEED for this software before I haul off and spend a month or two building it. I'd rather ask around now and get people's thoughts, rather than wonder later why no one wants it. That means if you do want a new piece of software to help you do your work faster and easier, then I need your input!

    Below is a list of popular spinner software titles:

    • The Best Spinner
    • ChimpRewriter
    • SpinRewriter
    • Spinner Chief
    • Duplicate Terminator
    • Content Professor
    • Mass Article Control
    • Instant Article Wizard
    • Get Article Pro
    • WordAI
    • freearticlespinner.com

    Each has their pros and cons. I don?t care about the pros. Instead tell me about the cons! What don?t you like about them? I want you to whine as much as possible! Tell me things like:

    • What don?t you like about the interface?
    • What basic features do you think are missing?
    • What don?t you like about the performance?
    • What don?t you like about the pricing?
    • What other software should an ?awesome? spintax editor integrate with?
    • How often does it crash?
    • Would you prefer that it be a web-based or native app, and why?
    • Why did you switch from this one to another one?
    • Is there another spinner not in this list that you?d like to complain about, too?