Why doesn't G just cancel all profile/blog comment links?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by jb2008, Feb 10, 2011.

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    After seeing how profile/blog comment links have recently been 'devalued', I'm inclined to say G is moving towards disregarding them completely, but why doesn't it just do that right now if it wants to fight spam so much? I mean, surely it can't be that hard to isolate what a 'profile link' is and assign no value to it. Currently they are valued at very little that's why quantity is needed, but what about an absolute 0 value.

    G knows blog comment and profile spam is the most popular method for artificial rankings, so why doesn't it just cut that off? Why was it necessary to invent nofollow? Surely G has analysed what Xrumer / SB do and should act against it?
  2. feedooweb

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    Dec 29, 2010
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    Because there are a lot of legitimate links in profiles and comments.
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    because big G says something and does something else...
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    And because they'd be left with nothing. Or more precisely the paid links will return as the major method to manipulate SERPs.

    Don't forget that G's algo is based on links, the more they are, the higher the page is ranked. They have no other means to recognize relevancy automatically. No BLs, no google.

    Blog links didn't just start to work out of the blue. What we see now is a kind of evolution: there are many ways to leave a link and it seems that blog owners are more reliable to weed out the bad ones than for example guest book owners or forum owners. On the other hand the human adversaries try to find out what the algo is using and then utilize that knowledge to confuse it.

    In yet another words, blog comments are the best method for artificial rankings but they still are an even better method to recognize relevant content and put it on top for most remaining unspammed niches.

    In conclusion, if blog links were useless for ranking, there wouldn't be blog spam. So in effect it is the search engines' fault that it even exists.