Why does David Hasselhoff's publicist want me to interview his girls for my site?

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    Do you ever get offered celebrity interviews for your sites? When I got the first one I wrote it off as PR spam. But I've been getting these direct offers of interviews with various celebrities promoting there stuff more and more for some of my sites. I feel kind of weird about it. I'm pretty good at generating publicity for my sites but I never really thought of them as being anything special, although I know that they do get noticed by a lot of interesting people. I got this one from the publicist for the Hoff's kids who are trying to become rock stars. Apart from the fact that I think they suck :p why are they approaching me? I'm pretty sure this one is PR spam, which is why I'm posting it. I think his publicist just bought a list and my PR contact info was scraped from somewhere and sold as an "opt-in" email by Vocus or one of those when I never opted in to anything.

    I'm not sure I even know where to begin to handle one of these. I have a studio setup but its not really the type of thing that can accept guests for taping or anything, its a tv studio I built in my basement. And I'm sure there's a certain level of services you need to provide, like catering? I don't even know whats expected or the bare minimum you can get away with. You would think if they are approaching a blogger or website they wouldn't expect much.

    I haven't pursued most of these that come through because I'm thinking they are going to turn around and pitch me some ridiculous fee for the appearance. But lets say they are serious and legit interview offers. Ok, so I can rent a portable backpack camera/sound setup and could arrange to do an interview at some public location, and get one of those portable backdrops made like PopSugar or TMZ etc. So I go tape this interview and put it on the site. Then what. Is there really any benefit? Will these _really_ generate any meaningful traffic or equate to more clicks/more conversions/etc. I am doubtful, unless you are the first with some seriously hot dirt or scoop on something, I guess I'm just not seeing what the real benefit would be in the end after all the expense to follow through on one of these. I mean, for my one site, this actually gave me the idea that it would be more beneficial to do interviews with the non-celebrity wannabes that traffic the site, I think _that_ would connect way more with the demographic and actually get some buzz going. Get them to Skype in, funnel it through VidBlaster, tape a show with them, and drop it out there. Maybe I'm overthinking it, maybe these "celebrities" would be fine with a Skype in interview. I mean, apparently they want to be on my websites right? So can't I just say F you I'm not ordering chicken salad or whatever for you, if you wanna be on my site then you can just Skype in to my show? (This of course ignoring the fact that Skype and VidBlaster don't play nice with each other)

    I've been tempted to follow through on one of the direct contact offers just to see where it goes, but I don't want to start something that might cost me $20k to setup and follow through on, crap I'd need to clear film permits, releases and all that administrative BS.
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    You could probably get away with using the basement studio if you wanted. Sort of a real life 'Wayne's World' studio. But if you really think it wouldn't be acceptable then a lot of hotels and motels have rooms you can rent just for this type thing.

    Basically just one of their regular rooms with the bed removed and maybe a folding conference table in the room. They get used by small groups like like mlm meetings, job interviews, etc. Usually you can rent something like that for the day, half-day or even hour. Just call around and ask and you might find something as cheap as $25-$50.

    Once you find one then you can do as you were already thinking and set up a mini portable studio you can set up and take down easily. It doesn't really need to be all that elaborate. Just a video camera on a tripod and some kind of backdrop with your website name or logo on it.

    If you check into it you might find it would be a lot cheaper to do in person interviews than you might think. You'll need to check with a lawyer to be sure but to do an interview like this I doubt you'd need to get any film permits. Just a standard release for them to sign stating that you have broadcast rights to the interview is probably all you'd need.

    As far as giving them the red carpet treatment, they won't be expecting that from the little guys. Just make sure you have at least some snacks and sodas just to be cordial. The more important thing is to make sure you plan out a basic script for the interview and some good questions to ask.

    Now all that would only be for in person interviews. Unless you live in the same city as these celebrities, I would imagine that most of them would actually prefer to do skype interviews. It's getting more and more common these days for those type interviews.

    If these celebrities reps are just cold calling everyone hoping to find a paid gig for them then you won't be wanting anything to do with it. You're obviously not going to pay someone to interview them, and especially not going to pay for additional perks for them.

    But if they actually are just looking to promote themselves and get exposure for their newest projects, then the offers might be legit. If that's the case then it might be a cool additional content thing to be putting on your websites. If you're getting as many offers as you say then you might think about responding to a few and see what they have to say.
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    I know where you are coming from, one of my sites generates this kind of thing all the time, but my schedule and distance keeps me from taking up the offers. I literally get several invites to parties, red carpet events (with full press pass photo ops) and the like every week.

    I still can't believe i turned down Lady Gaga when she had her first hit!!!

    My advice, don't think so big, use Skype and record the interview, dead simple to do and most are more then happy to oblige.