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Why do people put their link in bio?

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by dragunyhf, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. dragunyhf

    dragunyhf Registered Member

    Jun 21, 2014
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    Hello sorry for the simple question but in fact I have ignored instagram for a long time now but it is (I can imagine) very strong for marketing.

    So I have seen that people usually advertise their pic but they will write

    "Check my link in bio to learn more about this"

    is there any disadvantage in just writing the link in the caption?
    I know it is not clickable but that wouldn't be too bad for me.
  2. uLabs

    uLabs Registered Member

    Jun 30, 2015
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    I wouldn't say there is a major disadvantage of doing this but people would be much more inclined to visit your website if they can easily click on a link. You can't copy and paste captions, so no matter what they'd have to manually enter the address.
  3. envisioned

    envisioned Power Member

    Nov 17, 2015
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    clicking on the bio link is waaaay faster than typing the adress, especially if there are lots of numbers in it or characters, even a youtubelink is kinda complicated. you can't c&p so clicking the bio link is way easier and you'll have way more people clicking a link that c&p a link. : ) and always posting the link from the bio in the caption might not be the best idea. I don't know if Instagram tracks it but I'm pre sure they do.
  4. Dbeck19

    Dbeck19 Regular Member

    Oct 19, 2015
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    If you focus on building a brand and using Instagram as a media pushout app you will build more customers.

    Hence why the successful brands don't put 'click link in bio' as if you build brand the consumer will know where to go.

    Every post shouldn't have a commentary of BUY/BUY/BUY as you're not bringing value.