Why do everyone hates the US when it is the best country to live on the planet?


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Jun 19, 2015
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Switzerland is the best country to live in. It really depends on your standards, but Switzerland has them all. Says one whose childhood dream was to reach USA by any means.

I live somewhere in Eastern Europe. When I was a kid, my country lived one of the most delirious communists regimes in history. At that time, what I knew about USA was from the Westerns we've somtimes received on national television for a while. Then I read whatever books I could've put my hands on. When I was 9, I was already telling everyone I will go to the USA, without even knowing what was really going on down there. We were listeting to "American Voice", this radio station that managed to perforate radio waves in my country, and there were those incredible stories about success, and freedom. That was probably the trigger. And my life went on.

A bit over my 20s, I was stunned to hear about some American company hiring people to work on their cruiseships. I knew some English, had some studies, I was fit and a good worker. And I've followed my dream, and went to the interviews. The process was an actual nightmare, with the visa and the money and everything in-between. But I've lived for it. Abandoned my sweetheart, left her in tears, I've done some really nasty shit to get the money I had to pay to the company intermediating cruisehip jobs. Never regretted it, but I will also not be able to forget that nightmare. But I got the job, and the visa.

In 2004 my ship left Europe, crossed the Atlantic and reached Miami. I didn't sleep that night. Just stood out there, watching the waves into the dark. At 5 AM, I have started to see the lights. I was so hyped I had permanent goosebumbs, and I think my color changed a bit. I felt like an accomplished man. For a guy coming from a former communist country, that used to wake up at 4 AM to wait in a cue and buy milk, with very, very limited possibilities, it was something I can't describe. And some right here, who've never been outside poor countries, maybe think that's a dream worth following. Well, every dream worth following, there's something in the journey, not necessarily at destination.

Miami, 2004. Ship docked. At dawn, everything was empty, and sooo quiet. Couldn't bare the wait to go outside and live my dream!

In the afternoon, I have managed to go outside. And my dream started to shatter. Big spaces, almost nobody around on the sidewalks, not so many green spaces, port-people looked depressed. The rest were all traveling in their cars. Nobody really willing to talk or socialize, I felt a coldness I've never felt before. I've felt like in the country of the selfish, although my first opinion would change in the next few years. Everything was so new, but nothing really appealing. Like really nothing to enjoy. I was disappointed.

My journey through US shores, and sometimes inland, has taken me from Miami to New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, even Hawaii and Alaska. The best place was the latter, where I really felt great, and people were... well, a bit different!

Never wanted to "jump", that was the term used by sailors when they would have decided to leave the ship without their passports, and try to establish themselves in the USA. Although this was my dream. I felt lost.

The whole experience taught me... life. But that was it, an experience. Life in the US is NOT easy. It's rough! Unlike Europe where we can still afford to dream, and to read books, and to enjoy culture. Americans I've met were seasoned people, and their lives were hard. I still have friends from that period, they're great people. But, in my opinion, people don't make a country anymore. Its policies do. And, considering people's lives, they have my respect, the country not so much. And that was my favorite place in the world. WAS.

Back to Europe, I've seen almost everything. Lived in Italy for a few years, Germany one year, Austria a short period. Nothing compares to Europe. Seen Spain, France, even Monaco and Gibraltar. And Switzerland, oh boy, such a beautiful land, and such beautiful people! I wouldn't live anywhere else. USA is a dream, just a dream. For some, it can turn out really nice. Others don't make it. It really depends on your standards, as I said.

I don't want to offend Americans or their home country and I apologize if my story offended some of you. But it seems to me America doesn't belong to the people anymore. And looking back, comparing to the rest of the countries, I've seen, never really did. For some, the policies are reason enough for hate.


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Apr 27, 2012
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I think people who hate the USA can't afford to live there. If they had the money and could go there even for a month - they would change their mind.