Why do crap pages rank high in google?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Dalun, Sep 26, 2009.

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    I'm looking through some key words and ideas. I decide to check the competition for my keywords on google. one keyword showed up over 40 million related sites. I look through the first three pages of my keyword research and found most of the sites linking to my keywords are crappy and useless. from my quick search, i have found that yahoo answers and posts on forums from other sites show up more than any real information on my keyword.

    Why do crap pages rank high in google? And yet there are people here who do their best and work to get their sites to the front page for their keyword and struggle. When the front pages are full of spam and people selling their products.

    you can check it out for yourselves of these crap pages and sites. here is the keyword i used on google "what to get for my birthday present"

    and another thing i found which kinda pisses me off is that when im searching for some information on google and most the time links to affliates sites and products show up, and just wastes my time looking for revelant info.
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    Because google loves authority shit. Yahoo answers, wikipedia, about.com webmd etc will get higher ranking in google because of the trust factor.

    Because the affiliates work hard to get their site ranked well. They are the people who do their best and work to get their sites to the front page for their keyword. ;)
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    Chances are that these keywords with the crap websites are not exactly profitable. I just looked up "what to get for my birthday present" in micro niche finder and according to their strength of competition score (=4), you can EASILY get a good page rank for it if you can come up with some good content.

    The reason that Yahoo answers and other forum posts show up is because these are websites with high PR scores. I know that Yahoo answers has a PR score of 9! So if you can get your website to show up in there you would be golden! I guess this is why the Yahoo answers techniques posted on here are pretty profitable.