Why did BlastBank go down?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by krzysiekz, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Hi guys,

    If you've ever heard of BlastBank (it is similar to Drip Feed Blasts) - they have gone down as of about a month or so ago.

    Does anyone know why? I think i've read the owner posting on a forum somewhere that he had problems with the payment processor (trust PayPal to cause issues) and that the partner who does all of the coding etc was not keen on continuing with the project.

    But, why would PayPal potentially have a problem? I mean, they'd probably be turning over 10K - 20K+ per month, so more than the average user - but isn't this something PayPal would want? That type of turnover is a lot of profit for them for doing almost nothing.

    So, do you guys know of anything about it or why PayPal could potentially cause some problems which essentially seems to have screwed their service up?

    I am thinking of launching a similar (but not so similar) service and I do think that it is much better than both of these above mentioned serivce, and as such I would expect to get probably as many subscribers as them - which then opens me up to the same potential problems that they faced.

    I would really like to avoid these problems, as it seems that their great idea and all of the work has now gone to waste. Are there even other payment processors that are effective, since everyone seems to want to pay by PayPal these days? Is PayPal the only real 'good' choice (good in terms of most buyers have it?)

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