Why are my analytics so different between Google,Statcounter & Plugrush?

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    So i'm a bit puzzled by the traffic numbers i'm seeing on a new website I recently threw up.
    The site is only one week old on the current host and 2 weeks overall.

    My analytics are not consistent and are not adding up at all.(see attachments) Google Analytics says my site received 10 uv's on 3/15/13 Plugrush says the site received 318 visits and Statscounter says 451 uv's were received.

    I noticed after I moved my domain to a different host, the original numbers I was getting with Google analytics went down drastically.
    I'm starting to wonder if my site has been penalized, but could that happen so soon?

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    Google has best tools ever from others competitors and its totally free:- Google analytics, webmaster tools, andriod, google has the best search engine in the world, give more accurate results and lots more.

    The question is Does your site rank on any search engine or you are getting the traffic from any other source?