Why all your sites should have a contacts page

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by sudorank, Jul 18, 2013.

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    So i was doing a little link building and indexing today and received an email asking me to remove a link to a website they are "cleaning up". After a minute or two checking i pretty much know the email is a negative SEO attempt against some local DIY company in England.

    I searched for the company, found out they have rankings for some good keywords in their field and decide to be all "good samaritan" and let this mom and pop company know they are being attacked.


    • Can't find a webmaster email, only customer services. You can guess what response i had to my email, non.
    • Whois technical email bounces back.
    • No webmaster email or contacts listed on the website.

    So basically, because a company cannot be bothered to include a technical contact who might understand my email warning them they are will most likely lose their Google ranking. Ahrefs already show a loss of links on a daily basis so the attack is bound to work now.

    The funny thing is the email domain that sent me the original link removal message is also a sitewide footer link to an SEO company in one of the sites on page 2 LMAO! So basically they have missed out on most likely knowing the culprit too!

    So that's my lesson for today! Always include a webmaster email address on every website you own and keep your whois up to date.

    One day it might be you i'm emailing! :cool: