Why all the arguments??

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    Jan 12, 2009
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    As some of you may know i am quite new to BHW, before i kick off this subject i will explain up front i know nothing about making money online, but i have seen some good ideas and i am in the process of trying some out to see what happens, which i won't share as of yet but i will when i find one that works for me, but back to what i was saying i have noticed on here there seems to be a lot of arguments about stupid things for example i have just noticed an argument on one thread were as some one came in created a thread and give us a free download on how to convert traffic, but the only catch was you had to go to his site to download it, now to me that doesn't seem like a problem but to others it does, my answer to that is it's free, be glad that it is being shared with you, there has been others as well but if i went into them we could be here all day, my point is this site is a free site, the people on here work hard to earn there penny's, they give you tips on how to earn your penny's for free, if you don't like something then don't comment unless they ask you for feedback, be happy with what you get, i believe if it wasn't for this site then i would never have even been able to start at this as i would have never had any ideas.

    Anyways that is my opinion, and if the mods think this thread is a bit over the top then by all means delete it but at least it is out of the way and of my chest!!!