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Who's Speaking?

Discussion in 'UnGagged Las Vegas' started by UnGagged.com, Sep 1, 2015.

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    Jul 10, 2014
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    3 Days / 4 tracks / 40+ speakers

    Who?s speaking:

    Duane Forrester (US Search Personality of the Year) Webmaster at Bing
    Rae Hoffman CEO Pushfire and Sugarrae
    Bas van den Beld (European Search Personality of the Year) Founder State of Digital

    Robert Adler President Automated Tendencies
    Jono Alderson Head of Insight Linkdex
    Loren Baker Founder Search Engine Journal
    Akiva Ben-Ezra Founder BenEzra Marketing
    Matt Beswick Founder Hidden Pixel / Co-Founder Aira
    Jan-Willem Bobbink SEO Consultant
    Paul Bongers Senior Business Development SearchMetrics
    Ruth Carter Owner Carter Law
    Christoph Cemper Founder LinkResearchTools / LinkDetox & Impactana
    Len Foley CEO New Horizon Health Inc
    Roland Frasier Principal at Digital Marketer
    Nick Garner Founder 90Digital & Oshi
    Frank Gosch Senior Director Analytics & SEO at Hearst Newspapers
    Jacob Hagberg Founder Initial Effort / Orange Fox
    Robert Hansen Vice President White Hat Labs
    Bill Hartzer Snr SEO Strategist Globe Runner
    Jordan Koene (former Head of SEO eBay) Chief Evangelist at Searchmetrics
    Francisco Leon SEO Team Lead Strategist Shopify
    Max Lopez Founder & CEO Lobo Digital Solutions
    Brian Massey Conversion Scientist
    Debra Mastaler President of Alliance-Link
    Luke McCormack Business Manager Flippa
    Paddy Moogan Co-Founder Aira
    Murray Newlands Founder Due.com / InfluencePeople
    Richard Park Operations PM & Feed Specialist Microsoft
    John Rampton Founder Adogy / Due.com
    Kristine Schachinger SEO Consultant
    Jeremy Shoemaker Founder Shoemoney & Par Program
    Joe Sinkwitz Principal Digital Heretix
    Aleyda Solis International SEO Consultant
    Thomas Smale Co-Founder FE International
    Dave Snyder CEO Copy Press
    Jonah Stein Founder ItsTheROI
    Kaspar Szymanski (former Google Search Quality) Co-Founder Search Brothers
    Jerry West Founder SEO Revolution & WebMarketingNow
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.