Whos Familiar Who Wordpress/Thesis,Amazon Adsense Site Needs Help

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    I have got some issues structuring my site.

    First off,here is what I though of,using post,I will sticky my favourite amazon products,users can then click read more to view just more than the EXCREPT of the items.
    Where I will just limit to 3 posts only.Of my favourite review only.How can I display a self-written article at the bottom of the pages.Btw where can I get reviewazon?

    I have researched the 4 most profitable keyword already.
    Sitemap,how should i go about layout my site.The front pages display the most popular product by post with an article that summaries the entire pages?I thought of having a sections categories and articles for the remaining 3 keywords.As well as displaying relevant products from the 3 categories.

    Is the a plugin from Wordpress that can displays the best sellers based on the categories I am actually in,for amazon.

    As for outsourcing articles.How do I really explain to the write what I really need?Do I need to include a screenshot of the pages and the sections and the types of content.Do I go about explaining,just by naming the keywords I need?

    Here is the plugins I am currently using.
    Amazon Wordpress ShortCode.To display Amazon Products.
    Advertising Manager.Does Any one use them.
    Post Page Associator
    Thesis OpenHook Plugins.
    All in One SEO Plugins

    Can anyone suggest more plugins useful must have?