Wholesale Goods or closeouts for local sale.

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    I am looking for a supplier that ships mixed goods, anything that I can sell at the flea market here locally. There are tons online, but can anyone recommend a reputable supplier? I am interested in hats, clothing, toys, home goods and just about everything else. I am really interested in buying whole containers worth of mixed closeouts/returns/open box/cheap everyday items. I just want to use someone that has a good reputation from someone who is doing this kind of thing.

    I have never ventured out and sold a ton of bulk items at the flea market, but its worth a shot. I am regularly selling various items and making $200-$400 on a saturday, but I want to expand into new horizons. I haven't found one item that really sold well, it seems that if I have a good variety I sell more. I saw an asian guy at a flea market while I was on the road selling tons of cheap, new items from kids toys to bb guns and he was selling like mad.

    Does anyone have any experience with selling at flea markets? If so what kind of advice do you have before I start selling new items? I have heard people selling replicas, but I have always been a little leary of this sort of thing..
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    might want to check out liquidation. com