Wholesale Catalog - Game Consoles, Smartphones, CPU, Laptops & More..!! - PayPal & Escrow

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    Wholesale Catalog - Game Consoles, Smartphones, Computers & Laptops, Video Games, Home Electronics, Theater, printing and servers !! - PayPal & Escrow

    Independent Brokerage Channel, we work with different affiliates to source their products, please take a look at our catalog online or download yourself a copy through the permalink. Must products details and pictures are included;Brands like Apple, Samsung, HP, DELL, IBM Microsoft, Sony, Levono.., We accept complete payments like PAYPAL & Escrow for all products a sample is available at request.


    Download: https://www.catalogmachine.com/mass-technology/catalogs/wholesale-template.pdf

    For our drop-ship service you must complete a contract and pay the $25 annual fee, you must sign and faxed it to us. Other, information is require for drop-shipping goods through this channel, please call us or you may write to me as well.
    Contact: [email protected]
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    Why has this member not been banned? MasstechOutlet, TechTenacy, Rebecca Loper, Willie Saladin, Jacob Sinoco, TheGreatDress (Warrior Forums) are all the same person. I don't see their angle, you pay for something they never deliver but you can just file a chargeback dispute and get the money back. I have never lost any money just wasted A LOT of time!