Whoever got banned by AC: Hope you have a backup copy!


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Jul 19, 2008
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While alot of newbies are still opening threads asking about AC payment issues. I'm sure alot of you guys have been there, done that and also banned. Especially those of you who had multiple accounts there lol.

Well, I'm one of those people. Last night i had a thought and started searching the articles I've submitted to AC. None of them showed up. I'm now positive that when AC ban you, they also erase all your articles from their database. So that means...

You should have hundreds of unique articles in your harddrive! (if you have saved them... if not... sucks to be you! )

They are not great articles but good enough to be bundled up and selling on DP. I put up a thread to sell some of the health articles I have last night and already got $45 for 20 articles. Not much I know, but those are pretty crappy lol. So I advise you all to do the same...and not let the articles go to waste!
And why are u geting banned ? I want to do this stuff also :)
Do they try to chargeback the Paypal payments if they ban you?
no, they will never try to chargeback you. No need to worry.
Do they try to chargeback the Paypal payments if they ban you?

I am guessing they are like any other affiliate network, where they just forget their losses and move on. People just really need to be smart on AC and they should be OK. You can't change a few words and not expect to get caught. You have to make the articles unique. Hire people to do it for you and it makes a world of difference. I have found some really good guy an girls to do it for me.
I would steal entries from my daughter's diary and sell it to anyone if I could make a wooden nickel by doing it.

On a related note, would anyone like to purchase entries from my daughter's diary?
I think some official from AC is reading our forum

Exactly and also i found a few days ago on AC forum, someone wrote about BHW. He asked a few question regarding Rewriting. content generating and other blackhat technique.
I started to play around with this. I rewrote several articles and changed them up a lot. And then I wrote one from scratch to submit. After a week they denied them all saying it was not unique enough. I haven't submitted since then as I can take the same article and earn money from them anyway. Funny thing was I got an email from AC asking why I was not submitting. I wanted to reply and tell them if they had not kicked me, then perhaps I would be submitting, but instead I just let it go.
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