Who you employ around you [Short Motivational Speech]

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    Everyone i'm sure is familiar with the phrase "It's not what you know, it's who you know". Well that statement is not only extremely accurate, but also has a much deeper meaning than the obvious. Of course it means, that you can know everything about an industry, but without knowing someone in the industry, it would be very hard to succeed. But what about the deeper meanings?

    Think about it for a minute. Lets say you are working on a website that will earn you $3000 a week when finished, but you have to invest $100 every week until you reach that goal. Now lets say you have a needy girlfriend, who won't leave you alone until you take her out and spend your last on her every week. How would you be able to reach your goal like that? What will happen, is you will be stuck at that same dead end job until you get rid of the dead weight.

    Ok, now lets say, it's the same primary situation, but this time you have a supportive girlfriend who has her own job, and even helps you invest the $100 a week. In this scenario you would come out ahead in life by reaching your goals, with the help of your girlfriend (who you employ around you)

    Look at walmart. Why is walmart so successful? Well of course the first answer that comes to mind would be that they have low prices, but thats not the only reason. If you went to walmart and everytime you went, the employees were extremely rude and disrespectful would you keep shopping there? Ok, I know some people might have no choice because of money problems, but 9 times out of 10, if you can afford to shop somewhere else you would. So ask yourself this question again, "Why is walmart so successful?" And the reason would be, because of who they employ.

    Now think about this. What is another word for an employee? The answer is associate. So with that being said, "who you employ around you" actually means "who you associate with". So to sum this all up: To say "It's not what you know, it's who you know" then it is safe to say that who you associate with will either lift you up, or drag you down.

    Just remember one thing. You are in full 100% control of your own future, you just have to make the right life decisions (whether social or financial or whatever kind of decision it may be).
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    Great Thread 2011nfl,

    I agree to this. And I have to say I am very blessed to know some really good people. A portion of those people came from right here at BHW. So one thing to remember is to circle yourself around productive people. But let me add I was shocked at how many awesome people are on this forum and a part of this community. I get pissed when people type " BHW is full of scammers now "
    first, what website does not have some potential for scammers. Haha half the time it is from someone with one post. How the hell they know about the previous and present quality of members I do not know. Anyway back to the main topic. Yeah it really does matter knowing the right people. Sometimes knowing that right person is the only thing needed to go over the top and bring home some good money. Its not all about the money though. In my opinion that is just a bonus of knowing these great people that circle us.

    Good Luck,
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