Who pays most for CPM banners?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by bugschaser, Nov 12, 2008.

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    I'm looking to add a few CPM banners and CPM(?) text links to a site which will be driven mostly by cheap junk traffic. Non Adult.

    My question: Which network (except Google) pays most in terms of CPM and does have a 'user friendly' TOS, meaning it does not ask too much (better not at all) where the traffic is coming from? And if they ask, what do do?

    To stay under the radar, what should be the max traffic and/or income per day when starting? To this end, who can recommend a free but good rotator?

    Lastly, is AdBrite useful here? Or something better recommend? Must accept international clients.

    Thanks. I'm new at BH so I've a lot of questions. But I'm reading daily here ;)

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    just sign up with adbr*ite post a lot buy traffic don't forget to add the Ale*xa widget to your blog / site that way every visit will be counted. visits will be counted even if the visitor doesn't have an Al*exa toolbar. make sure you have a good PR and in a few days money will say hi.

    so in short if you've done the hard work Ad*brite is the one that pays the highest.
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    rightmedia and casale media are good choices. It depends alot of which is right for you. You need to closely look at each ones TOS and see if it fits the methods you are using. Also their min # of imps. and other metrics are important to make sure they don't kick you out.
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